best binary option brokerItaly's autumn of discontent (2.11.2005, 06:31 UTC)
Consider: According to Eurostat, the EU's statistical agency, 42 percent of Italians would risk poverty, were it not for welfare payments.
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Semantic BitsMeg Whitman (2.11.2005, 05:48 UTC)
Meg Whitman, originally uploaded by Ina galway. This is Meg Whitman.She is the empress (Chairman and CEO) of ebay and the most powerful woman in business according to's list of the 50 most powerful women in business 2005.
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Semantic BitsAmbiesense (2.11.2005, 05:41 UTC)
Ambiesense, originally uploaded by Ina galway. STUDENTS at a Scottish university are to have their lecture notes sent to their mobile phones in a pioneering bid to replace paper handouts in classes. Dr Ayse Goker, from the school of computing at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, is planning to run a trial of the system in her lectures next year. The system, called AmbieSense, uses hi-tech chips in lecture rooms that are capable of beaming information to mobile phones nearby. If...
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Semantic BitsWikipedia (2.11.2005, 05:34 UTC)
Wikipedia, originally uploaded by Ina galway. Entries from Wikipedia, the popular free online encyclopedia written and edited by Internet users, may soon be available in print for readers in the developing world, founder Jimmy Wales said Monday. He said content from the Web site may also be burned onto CDs and DVDs so computer users in places like Africa, who lack access to high-speed Internet, could consult parts of the reference work offline. Some 350,000 people have contribute...
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Semantic BitsFeedalot (2.11.2005, 05:27 UTC)
Feedalot, originally uploaded by Ina galway. There is now a RSS feeder for mobile phones called Feedalot.It even has Firefox extensions. Feedalot
Link | Clicks: 0 BlogglesMore updates on the way (2.11.2005, 04:38 UTC)
I'm going to be moving all the stuff I wrote previously on the basic operations of how to use the system over to this part of the system. Initially I had put them seperate but I think folk have had a few difficulties in this area.It's not going to happen overnight I'm afraid as I'm still really busy with system updates/template editing but I'll hopefully have them available again soon.In the meantime if you do get stuck, head over to the ForumYou will need to join, (Blog users only - Anyone else...
Link | Author: nomad | Clicks: 0 BlogglesAsteroid? Collision Path? (2.11.2005, 04:30 UTC)
An Asteroid is supposedly on a 'Possible' collision course with earth but NASA reckon they have it covered. I actually saw this in the paper today and have just found the story at Yahoo... Read on scary stuff or what?NASA has outlined plans for dealing with an asteroid a quarter of a mile wide that astronomers believe is on a near-collision course with Earth. The agency says there is no need at present to dispatch a radio transponder to the asteroid, but adds that it will be keeping a close eye ...
how to invest in Volkswagen shares in Pakistan
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Best of Both WorldsDonald, Donald, Donald. Out, Out, Out. A follow ... (2.11.2005, 04:12 UTC)
Donald, Donald, Donald. Out, Out, Out. A follow up to our post about the Gitmo hunger strikers. Here's the transcript of a Pentagon news conference on Tuesday where this issue came up. We listened to the news conference live and the text doesn't do justice to Rumsfeld's cavalier attitude to the problems at Gitmo, but it's a start: Q Can I follow up? Do you approve of the forced feeding of detainees who are on hunger strikes? SEC. RUMSFELD: I guess -- I'm not a doctor and I'm not the...
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Smeggles MeanderingsThe meandering faults of Internet Explorer (2.11.2005, 04:03 UTC)
Sighs deeply - will they ever fix this mess of a browser? I've given up on it myself ages ago and only use it for updates when I really need to which isn't often really. I'm talking about that idiotic Internet Explorer by the way.The thing is even if I write css correctly for Internet Explorer it still decides it's going to do it's own thing. I try my best to write xhtml/css which I.E. 6.0 is supposed to read correctly. Note the operative word there is supposely.Now other webmasters think I'm be...
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Robert SynnottCheap and Frugal Lesbian Supplies (2.11.2005, 02:17 UTC)
Found on USENET: Cheap and Frugal Lesbian Supplies. On misc.consumer.froogle. Worth a look.
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Pushed: Mach 2Thimbles on Thumbs! (2.11.2005, 01:50 UTC)
And march!Recently I've been having a literary crisis. I mentioned Gravity's Rainbow a couple of days ago and after 100 pages of nonsense I have given up. Not that it was bad, no, it was just crap.So I've gone back to the tried and tested nonsense - Terry Pratchett and other such silliness. Am I destined to stay stupid?Don't answer that. You bolloxes.On the bright side... I was playing with Maebh's cello a bit while aboard the Rock. It's quite satisfying to make noises on. Unfortunately without ...
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An tImeallAn tImeall #35 : Ag Baint an Fhéir Ghoirm (2.11.2005, 01:28 UTC)
Podchraoladh na Seachtaine: The Bluegrass Preservation Society, Gassaway, West Virginia. Dhá shliocht anseo: ó eagráin 45 agus 49. Táim mí-shásta le Odeo mar phodghabhálaí! Ag filleadh ar iPodder Lemon Speam agus gadaíocht na bhfocal faire. Bígí ar aire do ríomhphostanna ó "PayPal" nó "Ebay" - mar dhea! Táim buíoch do Caoimhe a dhein an t-ábhar seo a bhlagáil cheana. Comhairle Paypal: "NEVER give yo...
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World Art News at£7 Million Rembrandt Fake? (2.11.2005, 01:21 UTC)
A £7 million masterpiece by Rembrandt could be a fake, an art expert has claimed. Self Portrait As A Young Man, dating from 1629, has hung in Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery for the past 50 years. But renowned Rembrandt art expert professor Ernst van de Wetering has claimed the artwork was probably painted by a pupil in his workshop and not by the Dutch master at all. He described the painting as "primitive" and said it shows "a fundamentally different pictorial approach from that of Rembra...
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the personal monkey of jebussomething fishy going on here.... (2.11.2005, 01:19 UTC)
"She Creature" is on Channel 4. Channel 4 is fast becoming the great tv station that it once was. Rufus Sewell and a crazed psychotic sexy mermaid "somewhere in Ireland", 1905. As advertised on Blizzard of Odd the other week. Somebody really needs to start a community where cool people, like me, are kept informed on what special gems the television has in store for us. What if I had missed this? I'm in a bad enough mood most of the time without finding out about the crappy gore films that I didn...
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Free StaterUS Democratic Party rediscovers its cahones (2.11.2005, 00:49 UTC)
Courtesy of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. About bloody time, too.
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The Community At LargeWhy David Hasselhoff Should Be Your Only Idol (2.11.2005, 00:43 UTC)
Or, why when aliens arrive they won’t hesistate to blow us all up. Why David Hasselhoff Should Be Your Only Idol.
Link | Author: danger | Clicks: 0
.: make the bad men go away :.OOoooh! (2.11.2005, 00:43 UTC)
Let me be the first to say: snazzy :)
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.: make the bad men go away :.And Damn... (2.11.2005, 00:42 UTC)
If the new doctor who isn't outstanding. The alien invasion two parter is frickin riveting! I can't tear my eyes away from the damn show... Fabulous stuff! And Christopher Eccleston is a damn hero!
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Thinking Home BusinessSometimes I Just Don't Want to Play the Survey Game (2.11.2005, 00:38 UTC)
I have this impression, which I can't substantiate with empirical data (other than the empirical data that I have this impression), that every online marketing 'guru' says that surveys are a great marketing tool. The argument goes something like this: people love completing surveys; surveys are easy to whip up and there are tools online to make them easy to run; you get a lot of information which you can re-cycle as a report, an article etc; by publishing the results, say in a newsletter, y...
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Free StaterThe United States is a disgrace to the civilised Western world (2.11.2005, 00:37 UTC)
Latest good news from Gitmo: "U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler last week ordered the government to provide medical records on Guantanamo prisoners who are being force-fed and to notify their lawyers about forced feedings. The judge said detainees' lawyers had presented "deeply troubling" allegations of U.S. personnel violently shoving feeding tubes as thick as a finger through the men's noses and into their stomachs without anesthesia or sedatives, with detainees vomiting blood as U.S....
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M. Ellis Conroy's OM&TR | LinklogRemake/Remodel [Macro] (2.11.2005, 00:27 UTC)
Remake/RemodelIn which I introduce a fancy redesign (again!) and celebrate another birthday.
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Michele Neylon :: PensieriCyrano de Bergerac - eloquence at its best (2.11.2005, 00:27 UTC)
My addiction to DVDs is documented. I know, as I was the one who documented it. I have a mental list of films that I really want to own. Some of them are self-explanatory, as they are simply great cinema, others are more ecletic and are on my list for any number of reasons. A fond memory. A smell. An experience. It could be any one of those reasons or something completely different. Cyrano de Bergerac was on my list. I now own a copy which I picked up on I could probably have picked...
Link | Author: blacknight | Clicks: 0
Twenty Major - still smoking in Dub ...This new transport thing (2.11.2005, 00:14 UTC)
So the government announced a massive investment in transport across the country yesterday. We're going to get a corridor, some more trams and a metro about 50 years after everyone else. All this will cost, at this moment in time, €34bn and the completion date is 10 years from now. It's all too little, too late as far as I'm concerned. If you had told me in 1965 that in 2005 we wouldn't be going around in space-ships, or at the the very least superpowerful hovercraft of some kind, I'd hav...
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United IrelanderUI's Irishness Test (2.11.2005, 00:11 UTC)
Very soon, immigrants who apply for British citizenship will have to take a 'Britishness test' where they will be expected to demonstrate a broad knowledge of life in the UK. I came across these 10 sample questions on the BBC (hat-tip N.Irish Magyar ) and I actually got eight out of 10 right (don't mock!). I have to say, I think this is a great idea and it got me thinking - there should be an Irishness test. So, I've come up with one. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you... United Ire...
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United Irelander1921 Treaty talks were a boozefest (2.11.2005, 00:10 UTC)
Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith were drinking excessively throughout crucial Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations in London in December 1921, according to recently-published memoirs of former Irish government minister and Nobel Peace prizewinner Sean MacBride. MacBride was a lowly courier at the crucial talks, which led to a British commitment to withdraw and the setting up of the Free State. Says McBride: "My colleagues did far too much drinking, everybody, Collins included. Ther...
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United IrelanderLove Ulster - The tour! (2.11.2005, 00:09 UTC)
Oh happy days! Those fun-loving, kind and caring scamps from Love Ulster could be going on tour ! Believe it, baby! Apparently Love Ulster are going to be rocking venues around the North as well as in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and my own home town of Dublin. I may actually have the opportunity of seeing the folks from Love Ulster live! The bands are meant to be crazy and I've heard Dawson Bailie is great a cappella. We might even see those 2,000 groupies make the trip down. Boo ya...
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United IrelanderTry not to laugh... (2.11.2005, 00:08 UTC)
This clip has been ripping through the internet so I just have to post about it... The Laughing Interview I'm not sure if this is real or not but I do know one thing - it's pretty damn funny!
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The Community At LargeHetracil (2.11.2005, 00:05 UTC)
I just started treatment for my Homosexuality with HETRACIL. How long should it take for HETRACIL to start working? The first goal of treatment is to relieve the symptoms of Homosexuality that are disrupting your life. Silly. Hetracil.
Link | Author: danger | Clicks: 0
solitaryman666's BlogProtected: Halloween Weekend (2.11.2005, 00:03 UTC)
This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:
Link | Author: solitaryman666 | Clicks: 0
Disillusioned LeftyGlobalisation & the Nation-State (2.11.2005, 00:02 UTC)
Anthony O'Halloran, writing in Saturday's Irish Times, argues that globalisation does not destroy the notion of citizenship. It's a stance contrary to what, up until the start of this year, I was most familiar with. Reading through John Pilger's The New Rulers of the World, Paul Kingsworth's One No, Many Yeses or Greg Palast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, I was convinced that corporations had too much power over our identity and the way in which we are governed. Neo-liberalism, in my eyes, ...
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