Dave's RantsMy iTunes Signature (10.12.2005, 01:28 UTC)
Via Neil comes the iTunes Signature Creator. Mine contains 30 songs from my collection try and name them all, I’ll post up the results later! Right-click here to download this signature. (On Mac, control-click.)
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Dave's Rantslinks for 2005-12-10 (10.12.2005, 01:18 UTC)
Laser Etching Macintosh Powerbooks. I so wished I could do this, well I’d need a Powerbook too! (tags: mac apple diy via:makeblog powerbook cool) Google: Ten Golden Rules The Ten Rules that Google uses to manage their employees! (tags: google business management technology) The Biggest Market Crashes in History Very interesting article. Of course what interests me the most is that the world has survived every single one. Keep that in mind next time soneone tells you the ...
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Argolon SolutionsInquirer Open Source Database Roundup (10.12.2005, 01:06 UTC)
The Inquirer has a nice round-up of most of the players in the Open Source Datbase Market. Over the past few years, we have dealt with a lot of different customer DBs and here are a few thoughts based on that experience. Overall what we have seen is an inexorable move from Oracle to SQL Server at the high end and a move from commercial DBs to Open Source ones at the low and mid-end. If you have ever used the tools which come with Oracle compared with those for SQL Server, you understand why no...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comTitian Fails To Sell (10.12.2005, 01:05 UTC)
A painting by the Italian master Titian failed to sell at auction Thursday, despite bidding that reached $6.5 million. Bidding for "Portrait of a Lady and Her Daughter" was less than the minimum price required. The Italian master began the painting, which is believed to show his daughter, Emilia, and one of his grand-daughters, but never completed it. After his death in 1576, one of his less-skilled pupils reworked the canvas to tell a biblical story. It was retitled "Tobias and the Angel" and...
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Argolon SolutionsTurbogears - Well worth a look (10.12.2005, 00:51 UTC)
We recently had to do a very fast turn-around proof-of-concept for a Web-based Dashboard/Portal/UI on a reasonably straightforward relational schema in SQL Server. As this was to be a throw-away development, we decided to leverage it for some internal training and feasibility study. We try to avoid buzzword bingo and don’t jump on every new technology/toolkit just because the usual suspects over at Slashdot are raving about it. Hence we’ll probably get around to looking at Ruby-on-...
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United IrelanderEnglish get kind draw (10.12.2005, 00:48 UTC)
Well the draw for the World Cup has been made and the English have been handed a pretty good draw. They have found themselves in Group B and the group looks like this: England Paraguay Trinidad & Tobago Sweden The English media will no doubt hype up the Sweden encounter as it's Sven-Goran Eriksson going up against his own country. All in all though, I think England have gotten a decent draw and I think they have a great chance of topping their group. The real question howev...
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Random Repeditive RamblingsStupid trains... (10.12.2005, 00:41 UTC)
Today was annoying. 9.30 Get up, print off stuff for doctor, skip breakfast10.00 Leave the house, start walking to train station. Halfway there remember that I forgot to put on a nicotine patch. Not a good way to start the day. Manage to get a breakfast roll and eat some of it.11.00 Board train. It's crowded, I get a seat. I sleep a bit and read on my way up.13.55 Arrive in Dublin. Go straight to hospital for my appointment.15.50 Leave Hospital. Now have a prescription for more drugs. A new one ...
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Argolon SolutionsEnterprise readiness of Jython? (10.12.2005, 00:36 UTC)
In our first Python post we mentioned that there can be push-back on the usage of Python in solutions for customers, particularly if the entire system is to be built in Python. An interesting alternative which can gain more customer acceptance is Jython. This is Python reimplemented in Java and it provides features which are compelling both from a technical perspective and customer acceptance perspective. To the customer, Jython can be viewed as simply another part of a Java based solution wh...
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Dave's RantsUnions Get Their PR Stunt (10.12.2005, 00:21 UTC)
So at this stage you’ll have seen the reports about the marches today. We’re supposed to be impressed because 80,000 or so people skipped off work to go on a march. To be honest I couldn’t give a toss, there’s hardly a person in the country who doesn’t think that what’s happening to the Irish Ferries workers is fair but that doesn’t mean that I support a march who’s purpose is to increase the power of the Unions. Recently the Unions have been crit...
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Maman PouletFriday night cat blogging (10.12.2005, 00:12 UTC)
Nothing special this week, just hanging out in the kitchen with me and the mobile phone camera. He looks so grown up now. He has stopped biting, well almost!
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Argolon SolutionsOpen issues on Python development (10.12.2005, 00:11 UTC)
As mentioned in a previous post, we have been having great success recently using Python as a develoment language for both customer engagements and our own internal long-term projects. There are however, some areas where we have to make decisions in its usage. The first is quite simple - development environment. The options are currently quite limited: The PythonWin IDE, Eclipse with PyDev or “Insert Name of One True Editor Here”+ CLI. At the moment we are mainly using the Eclipse...
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Mountainbiking Association of DublinSunday 11th December (10.12.2005, 00:04 UTC)
Sorry for the delay guys.....wasn't sure if i would be working on sunday or not. I'm gonna go for a brief spin. up kilmashouge then over the the club course. a quick lap then i'm off to hit the books :( Anyways, 10am at YH.Everyone is welcome! it will be a chance to have a look at the championship course! Nigel087 9335 403 poloholemint@gmail.com
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Argolon SolutionsThe power of so-called scripting languages (9.12.2005, 23:46 UTC)
We have always been big fans of development languages which have traditionally been referred to as scripting languages. Going back over 10 years, we created some very useful tools and automation systems using TCL. This may seem like an odd niche choice, but for us, at the time, it had some major advantages. It was cross-platform, it could easily interface to hardware systems like serial ports and it had a great third-party tool called FreeWrap which allowed one to create executables and not r...
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Eircom LeagueImportant dates (9.12.2005, 23:32 UTC)
Thurs 1st December 2005 – Wed 22nd February 2006: First Transfer & Registration WindowSat 28th January 2006: eircom League AGM, Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, LimerickMon 13th February 2006: Announcement of eircom League 2006 Season FixturesFri 10th March 2006: Start of eircom League 2006 SeasonFri 9th June 2006 – Sun 18th June 2006: Break in eircom League season due to World Cup Finals in GermanySat 1st July 2006 – Mon 31st July 2006: Second Trans...
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Holy Shmoly!Cork City Council wins Golden Spiders Award (9.12.2005, 23:27 UTC)
The Cork City Council website has won a Golden Spider Award! Well done! Only, don’t view it in anything but Internet Explorer. It looks crap in any other browser. (Thanks Adam!)
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Maman PouletWinter food... (9.12.2005, 23:26 UTC)
A cook rather than a chef, I heard Diane on Today with Pat Kenny this morning and this book will be on my list for xmas. Can the cookery book shelves take the strain!?!
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Ordinary life in a f*cked up worldWorld Cup News (9.12.2005, 23:11 UTC)
DEAR BLOGSo England are in Group B of the world cup, and face Paraguay, Sweden and Trinidad & Tobago in their first matches. It't not a bad group, infact none of the groups are real bad. Only 181 days to go! Had the carpet fitter call round, and I am going to very busy this weekend. I have to remove all doors, remove the old carpet and underlay, and those metal things inbetween rooms. I also need to start laying the cables for the sound system on the floor so the carpet goes over the top of it, ...
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Football CornerWorld Cup Draw (9.12.2005, 23:07 UTC)
Here is the full draw for next year's World Cup in Germany: GROUP AGermanyCosta RicaPolandEcuadorGROUP BEnglandParaguayTrinidad & TobagoSwedenGROUP CArgentinaIvory CoastSerbia & MontenegroHollandGROUP DMexicoIranAngolaPortugalGROUP EItalyGhanaUSACzech RepublicGROUP FBrazilCroatiaAustraliaJapanGROUP GFranceSwitzerlandSouth KoreaTogoGROUP HSpainUkraineTunisiaSaudi ArabiaMy favourites for the World Cup: BrazilMy dark horses for the World Cup: EnglandBest group: Group E
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Gerry O'Sullivan's BlogIvor Falls On His Sword (Eventually) (9.12.2005, 22:58 UTC)
I'd love to have heard the phone conversations between Bertie and Ivor Calelly yesterday. The Taoiseach must have had smoke coming out his ears on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Biffo had just presented a give-away Budget with goodies for all those lovely middle-class voters (and he kept away from the Dutch Gold and the oily rags to keep the proles happy too), so what could go
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Iced Coffeeeinstein graffiti 2 (9.12.2005, 22:29 UTC)
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Gerry O'Sullivan's BlogM50 Bomb Alert (9.12.2005, 22:29 UTC)
When I heard about the Gardai intercepting a bomb at the toll bridge on the M50, the first thing thing that came into my head was this. Gardai have released a sketch of a bearded elderly gentleman they would like to question, and who they believe may be able to help them in their enquiries...
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DjMagra's stuff 'n' stuffChristmas Number One?! (9.12.2005, 21:56 UTC)
Well, I wrote about it over a month ago, and I’m now watching the JCB song being performed live on the Late Late Show, and, like myself, Pat Kenny reckons it could well be Christmas Number One! Given Rick O’Shea, Marty Whelan, Shane O’Donohue, Ronan Collins, John Creedon and even Jo Whiley also think so, I think I’m in good company!!
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Piaras Kelly PR : Public Relations ...Digital Rights Ireland - on the up and up! (9.12.2005, 21:52 UTC)
The downside of being at Les Blogs earlier in the week was that I missed the launch of Digital Rights Ireland. All went well with their launch and they are now going from success to success. I was waiting in the reception area of NewsTalk 106 earlier today with a client, when who walked in but TJ McIntyre, a spokesperson for Digital Rights Ireland. I’ll be tuning in anyway for Emmet Oliver’s Down to Business show, but it will be good to hear what TJ had to hear since I missed the...
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In Fact, AhUlster 19 - 10 Saracens (9.12.2005, 21:43 UTC)
I've been looking forward to the Heineken Cup all week and it's started with a thrilling game at Ravenhill as Ulster put themselves a step closer to getting out of their pool. Over the past few seasons Ulster have appeared laboured among Europe's finest. Their achievement of being the only Irish province to win Europe's elite club competition has looked more like a millstone around their neck than a confidence booster. Slowly the tide seems to be turning back in their favour. They have a wealth...
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Tom Raftery's I.T. viewsYahoo! purchase of Del.icio.us confirmed - who is flocking next? (9.12.2005, 21:41 UTC)
Well, the post I made last night about the Yahoo! < -> Del.icio.us rumours was confirmed this evening when Del.icio.us made the announcement of the takeover on its blog and Yahoo! posted the news also. All day today I was doubting my source ‘cos no-one else picked up the story but, no, it came good. It is a great feeling to scoop a story like this by about 24 hours ahead of everyone else on the Internet. Michael Arrington and others are following up on the story now. The real question ...
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Piaras Kelly PR : Public Relations ...First round in battle between Dublin’s freesheets is over (9.12.2005, 21:36 UTC)
War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man - Napoleon Hill The figures are out and Herald AM has drawn first blood. Independent Newspapers’ freesheet distributed 66,047 copies, while Metro Ireland only gave out 55,196 copies. While Herald AM may be claiming a victory, it is worth noticing the difference between the pair in terms of how many locations each was distributed from. Herald AM had an average distribution network of 114 lo...
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The Dossing Times4th Level Education Budget plan. (9.12.2005, 21:20 UTC)
This was annoced in the Budget on Wednesday. Part of the plan is to stop 3rd levelinstitutions pitched against each other across all key disciplines. To me that seems to be saying that only one university will cover a topic. If this is true then I have to disagree with it. This is going to set back research in this country. My background is in physics so this I’ll stay in the physics sector for this argument. PhD students do not come out of thin air. They mainly come from the CAO system. ...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blog"Day of protest" - usual public sector union nonsense (9.12.2005, 21:04 UTC)
Anyone notice the attendees at todays Day of Protest consisted of the usual suspects? Interesting post here. Nice to see that the public sector unions feel that they can discommode the working public when they feel like it. Why don't they hold this on a Saturday and give up one of their free days? With a working population of 2 million in this country, why don't we highlight the fact that 19 out of every 20 workers didn't attend?
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The Monkey's TypewriterFreudian Slip? (9.12.2005, 20:43 UTC)
Thanks to the eager eyes of one of my loyal readers, I have updated my previous posting. As many people will know, the Irish Minister for Justice is not, as I wrote earlier, Malcolm McDowell but, of course, Michael McDowell....
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Balrog1916 can unify us (9.12.2005, 20:23 UTC)
I see the issue of next year's Easter rising commeration has been raised in the Dáil. Bertie Ahern has come in for critism for announcing the the celebration at the Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis. Both Enda Kenny and Pat Rabitte felt that it should not have been announced at such a partisan venue and wile its not exactly the most important of issues, I would have sympathy with their arguement. The government has established an organising committe and invited the other parties to become involved...
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