Alive in LimerickJuggler bounced (9.12.2005, 14:18 UTC)
Thursday’s Irish Independent reports on another Limerick Circuit Court case on Wednesday. Frank Scahill (30) was awarded €70,000 by the court for a brutal assault by bouncers from the Old Quarter Pub on Little Ellen Street. On October 8, 1998, 3 ‘security’ men asked him to move on from outside the bar. When he refused he was grabbed in a choke-hold and kneed and kicked I the face and back. He had a fractured hand and nose as well as bruising on his neck and 2 black ...
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Alive in LimerickCaseys' trial continues (9.12.2005, 09:01 UTC)
A Polish witness has broadly confirmed Anthony Kelly's version of events in the the Limerick Circuit Court. After having his credibility torn asunder on Thursday morning by the 3 defence counsel, Kelly's account badly needed to be backed up by an independent witness. The defence hammered away both at criminal past, which they insisted made him a dishonest person, and at his less-that-exact recollection of events, which clashed with his Garda statement and what he told a doctor while receiving ...
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Alive in LimerickLimerick Circuit Court (8.12.2005, 16:10 UTC)
I had a bit of time on my hands today so I dropped over to the courthouse this morning. My timing was great because just as I entered Court Number One, Anthony Kelly was starting to give evidence against Patrick Casey, in his 50s of Clonlong Halting site, Southill, and his sons Simon (27) and James (25). Of course, Simon and James have been in the news before. Anthony looked a little forlorn as he made his way to the witness stand on crutches.Limerick CourthouseOriginally just Simon was charg...
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Alive in LimerickScary, me arse (7.12.2005, 16:38 UTC)
Clearly these guys have never been to Limerick.
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Alive in LimerickSir Terry (6.12.2005, 13:14 UTC)
Limerickman Terry Wogan has received a knighthood today at Buckingham Palace. Unlike Bob Geldof, Terry’s knighthood won’t be honorary. He’ll actually be known as Sir Terry Wogan. Though back in June this year, when the Queens Birthday Honours were announced, Terry Wogan was originally awarded an honorary knighthood, he recently went to the trouble of becoming a British Subject so he could get this ‘honour’. His 1997 OBE ((Order of the British Empire) was honorar...
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Alive in LimerickMeet the parents (6.12.2005, 08:25 UTC)
Monday's Irish Times included a piece on the weekend's ramming of a Garda car in County Clare by Limerick youths. The two older suspects, Gerard Casey (24) and David Bridgeman (19), were released on bail. They had to provide a surety of €500 and an independent surety of €5,000. They also have to stay out of the county of Clare, are under 8pm-8am curfew and must sign on twice a week at Henry Street Garda station. But Gardai opposed bail for the unnamed 14-year-old arrested with th...
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Alive in LimerickSomething for the weekend (4.12.2005, 15:07 UTC)
Moyross saw another shooting this Sunday morning - that's 3 in 7 days. At around 4am, 2 shots was fired at a family home in a Moyross estate. 4 people were in the house at the time, though no one was injured. Two people were seen running from the are shortly afterwards and a man in his 20s armed with a semi-automatic pistol was arrested by Gardai and questioned at Mayorstone Garda station. Meanwhile, 3 people from Southill have been arrested and charged in County Clare after a bit of a crime...
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Alive in LimerickA changed man (4.12.2005, 13:04 UTC)
Limerickman Pat Scanlan (45), a convicted drug-smuggler, is hoping to get temporary release from Mountjoy Prison so he can run a double marathon for children’s charities. Pat wants to run from Ballybunion to Limerick (52 miles) on December 17. If he doesn’t get temporary release he plans on using the same tactic for his “Run for Hope” he used back in December 2002. Then he raised €10,000 running a marathon consisting of 628 laps of the Limerick Prison exercise ya...
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Alive in LimerickDrive-by granny (1.12.2005, 12:05 UTC)
Jimmy Woulfe in the Irish Examiner reveals that the driver in the drive-by shooting in Delmege Park, Moyross, Tuesday evening was a Limerick grandmother. She drove the car, while its believed her son was the gunman.Gardai released a photofit of a drive-by-shooting suspectShotgun pellets fired from the car wounded 3 teenagers. Two men and a woman have been arrested under section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act.. The Delmege Park shooting is thought to be part of an ongoing feud locali...
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Alive in LimerickMore witness amnesia (30.11.2005, 09:18 UTC)
Another trial collapsed at the Limerick Circuit Court yesterday, when several witnesses failed to identify the defendant in court. Kevin Sheehy (34) was on trial for assault causing serious harm. It was alleged that Sheehy stabbed Liam Kelly (39) a father of four during a 21st birthday party at…wait for it…the Garda Club on Sexton Street back in October 2003. Sheehy, from Ash Avenue, Carew Park, allegedly slashed Kelly several times with a Stanley knife, injuring his hands, the ba...
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Alive in LimerickTuesday Blues (30.11.2005, 08:25 UTC)
There were two serious shootings in Limerick City Tuesday evening. Seanie Keane, brother of jailed gang leader Christy Keane and the murdered Kieran Keane, was shot 4 times last night shortly after 7pm on Oliver Plunkett Street in St. Mary’s Park. Seanie, in his 50s, has wounds on his arm and back and is in a serious condition but is stable. The gunman, armed with a handgun, rang the doorbell of Keane’s house and followed him though the house as Keane tried to escape. 2 men in th...
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Alive in LimerickKnock knock (27.11.2005, 11:08 UTC)
A man was shot in the chest early Sunday morning in Moyross. The man, in his 20s, was shot at his front door in Delmege Park, Moyross after someone called to the house. Despite being shot in the chest, his injuries are not life threatening. Apparently the shooting victim discharged himself from hospital and is refusing to talk to the Gardai. Now I don’t live in Moyross and I’m not currently involved in a vicious local feud. Still, if someone called to my door at 1.45am I’m...
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Alive in LimerickThose new UK drink laws (26.11.2005, 16:39 UTC)
The Daily Express, that English righter-than-right-wing newspaper, ran a piece this Friday on the new UK 24-hour drink laws. As is the norm in these feature pieces, they do little case-studies on how individual people are dealing with the new pub opening hours. Unfortunately they decided to feature Tom McCarthy (49) a self-employed plasterer from Limerick. Tom was queuing outsde his local, the Figure of Eight bar on Broad Street in Birmingham at 9am when Sarah White, a Daily Express journalis...
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Alive in LimerickExpensive baby powder (26.11.2005, 15:38 UTC)
Limerick City has seen 2 shootings in the past few days. On Tuesday night an occupied house in Kileely was fired on at around 11pm. Late Thursday night it was the turn of the Lee Estate on the Island. Shortly after midnight someone fired a shotgun at the front window of a house on the estate. No one was injured in either shooting. The shootings seem more harassment or warnings than anything else. No one really expects to kill anyone by firing a shotgun at a house. Shotguns are the ideal we...
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Alive in LimerickWhat's my age again? (24.11.2005, 10:34 UTC)
Thursday's Irish Independent has more on the story broken by the Examiner on Tuesday. Gardai want to extradite a Limerick suspect arrested London recently. The suspect was arrested for possession of a handgun. He's suspected of ordering James Martin Cahill to kill of Brian Fitzgerald, the nightclub doorman. Gardai believe that this man left Ireland for England with Cahill immediately after the shooting. Cahill, of course, is now in jail and fearing for his life. He has indicated that he's...
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Alive in LimerickNo white Christmas... (24.11.2005, 09:32 UTC)
Limerick Gardai are doing their best to make sure we don't have a white Christmas this year.On Wednesday evening 4 kilos of cocaine (worth around €250,000) were seized at Colbert Station in Limerick City following a suveillance operation. Two women, aged 24 & 26, were arrested but later released. Oddly enough the women were held for just 5 or 6 hours by detective in Roxboro Garda station before being released at around 11 Wednesday night. A file is being sent to the Director of Public P...
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Alive in LimerickTaxi-driver closes the Icon...almost (22.11.2005, 15:04 UTC)
Yesterday's Irish Independent reported that the Icon nightclub and Smyths Bar have lost their liquor licences, though this will probably be appealed to the Circuit Court.A taxi-driver, Jason Bourke, lodged an objection after he was wrongfully barred from the club last April after an incident with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Bourke, from St. Patrick's Road, also alleged that one of the clubs owners Tony Enright contacted him & asked him to withdraw his objection or there would be trouble ...
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Alive in Limerick'Mr. Big' arrested (22.11.2005, 11:38 UTC)
Today’s Irish Examiner reports that another major Limerick crime figure, a man in his 40s, has been arrested abroad, this time in London. While I thought the man from Kilrush and Jim ‘Chaser’ O’Brien were the senior figures apparently this guy really is Mr. Big. Just when I thought I knew something about local crime it turns out I know feck all really. While Jim O’Brien was widely known and the identity of the Kilrush business man is an open secret, I have to ad...
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Alive in LimerickThere was an old woman who lived in a shoe... (22.11.2005, 09:38 UTC)
The Irish Independent features a story that’s been doing the rounds for a few months now. Jacqueline Quinn (42) and her partner Joe Morey (49) currently live in a 2-bedroomed private house in St. Laurence Park, Garryowen with their 12 children and 1 grandchild. They were housed in St. Mary’s Park (and still have a tenancy agreement there) but have lived in Garryowen since that house was burnt down.Jacqueline's current Garryowen homeJacqueline appealed on local radio yesterday for a...
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Alive in LimerickFrom the archives: James Mulqueen (21.11.2005, 11:35 UTC)
On June 29, 1998, a Monday evening, James Mulqueen was shot in his right leg in a house in O’Malley Park, Southill. James, then 20, from Aster Court, Keyes Park, Southill, was not seriously wounded and had the shotgun pellets removed in hospital.Shortly afterward, James left the area and moved to London – probably not a bad thing to do if people are trying to shoot you.Keyes Park, SouthillOver in London, James lived on Barking Road, Plaistow, East London and hung around with a Limer...
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Alive in LimerickComeuppence? (18.11.2005, 14:03 UTC)
The Irish Times today features Raphael Mullally, the man who organised and paid for the abduction and beating of an innocent Liberian man but received just a 3-year suspendend sentence after paying €30,000 compensation. Raphael has lost his liquor licence after 4 locals on Father Russell Road objected the the renewing of the liquor licence for his Russell's Bar. Locals objected to the noise from smokers outside the bar. Mullally replied that he had spent €44,000 building an outdoo...
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Alive in LimerickThe Kilrush-Limerick Connection (18.11.2005, 08:37 UTC)
No shootings in Limerick yesterday…but a Fianna Fail Councillor, Stephen O’Gorman, was shot at in Kilrush, County Clare. Situated nearly 50 miles west of Limerick City, the town of Kilrush has a bit of a crime problem for a population of just 2,700 or so. Back in August Kilrush saw an outbreak of violence and arson. Back in November 1996, a whopping 1.75 tons or £16 million worth of cannabis was seized in Kilrush. That was connected to Colin Lees, a drugs smuggler in Norther...
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Alive in LimerickHere, there & everywhere... (17.11.2005, 18:35 UTC)
Stephan Ring from Greenfields, Limerick has had a busy week. On Tuesday Stephan was appearing in Limerick District Court charged with larceny and was sentenced to 4 months. On Wednesday Ring appeared in Tullemore District Court charged with robberies in Athlone, Tullomore and Thurles. He stole €2,000 in cash as well as cheques from a doctor's surgery. He was sentenced to 11 months. The 11 month sentence runs concurrently with the 4 month Limerick sentence.
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Alive in LimerickA good idea? (17.11.2005, 09:27 UTC)
Willie O'Dea, Irish Minister for DefenceAnd the first photoshopped version... Mexican StandoffThanks to le Comte de Saint GermainAnd another...Thanks to Richie Moshpit for letting me post this.
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Alive in LimerickLimerick Leader buys All-Ireland medal (16.11.2005, 14:21 UTC)
The Limerick Leader has bought an All-Ireland football championship medal won by Limerick Commericals' player Malachi O'Brien. The newspaper group, recent taken over for the second time, paid 3 times the guide price of €8,000, eventually going for €31,000. The medal was auctioned in Sotherby's of London this morning. The first Football All-Ireland final, the 1887 Gaelic Fottball final was actually played in 1888, between the Limerick Commercials and Dundalk Young Ireland's from Lo...
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Alive in LimerickJim 'Chaser' O'Brien (16.11.2005, 08:34 UTC)
The major Limerick 'drug baron' arrested in Belgium recently is Jim 'Chaser' O'Brien (41) who has a house in Annacotty. His nickname comes from Chaser's Pub in Pallasgreen, a pub O'Brien once owned. O'Brien also owned the Henry Cecil bar and night club which closed down after the horrific murder of Georgina O'Donnell (20) by Mark Cronin who accidently shot Georgina while aiming for his wife in May 1998. The Henry Cecil closed shortly afterwards and was sold. The building itself collapsed in...
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Alive in LimerickJohn Paul Leamy & 'Chaser' (15.11.2005, 17:31 UTC)
It turns out that the 26-year-old shot last night was John Paul Leamy, brother of Eric Leamy who was stabbed to death back in 2001. John Paul was shot in the arm shortly after 1am this morning by a lone gunman near home on the Lee Estate. Back in April of this year, Liam Keane was in court charged with threatening to kill John Paul Leamy, and pointing a gun at him. It was November 2003 when Liam Keane had charges of murdering Eric Leamy dropped after several witnesses changed their stories. M...
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Alive in LimerickBacklog... (15.11.2005, 10:00 UTC)
I take a break for a few days and it all builds up...FridayAnthony Kelly (44) was shot in O’Malley Park around 9:15pm Friday evening. He escaped with pellet wounds to the legs. I think most of us have lost count of the number of times a certain Southill family have tried to kill him now. He survived attacks in March, April and September of this year. Anthony Kelly: more lives than my catSundayFor the third time in 4 months, Limerick’s State Solicitor has spoken out about witness...
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Alive in Limerick(Toy) Gun attacker goes free (10.11.2005, 14:50 UTC)
The Limerick District Court had some light relief this week when charges of assault and threatening with an imitation firearm were dealt with before the court. Kieran Dunne (28) from Colbert Gardens, Janesboro was alleged to has entered Rasher’s Bar on Upper Gerald Griffin Street in October 2004 and threatened publican Donal Mulcahy (40) with what looked like a machine gun. Mulcahy chased Dunne out of the pub with a baseball bat, eventually rugby-tackling him to the ground. It was only ...
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Alive in LimerickMunster v. New Zealand, 1905 (9.11.2005, 16:23 UTC)
The 1978 victory by the Munster rugby team over New Zealand is unlikely to be forgotten in Limerick. While no one would doubt the significance of the historic win, it wasn’t the only time Munster played the All Blacks. The other fixtures weren’t quite as successful:1954: lost 6:3 at the Mardyke in Cork in the snow1963: lost 6:3 in Thomond Park, 1973: drew 3:3 at the Markdyke1974: lost 14:4 at Thomond ParkBut of course the one that’s remembered is…1978: won 12:0 at Thomo...
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