CultureSlutsCultureSluts Podcast #15 (20.2.2006, 10:49 UTC)
Get it now! with CultureSluts 15!We're in Filmbase today talking about Jessie's Dave Fanning RTE 2fm interview and our pal Brendan. We go through the emails hearing from Pat from Cane 141 and we talk about the "Choice Music Prize" which is on at Vicar St. on the 28th of February. Finally, Jessie goes to great lengths to defend her common name before giving the rundown of upcoming gigs. Enjoy your Monday!
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CultureSlutsCulture Sluts Dave Fanning interview postponed (15.2.2006, 18:01 UTC)
If you missed Dave Fanning's show yesterday, fear not, Jessie's Culture Sluts interview was postponed to today! It seems that yesterday being Valentines day, the radio folks were more interested in playing anti-love songs than hearing about the new-fangled-thing we all call podcasting. Sooo... tune in NOW! and you just might catch it. You can stream it as well!
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CultureSlutsCultureSluts on Dave Fanning's 2fm show tonite! (14.2.2006, 17:29 UTC)
If you get this message in time, tune in to RTE 2fm tonite from 6-6:30pm to hear Jessie talk about podcasting and the Culture Sluts with Dave Fanning... Ah the notoriety!
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CultureSlutsCultureSluts Podcast #14 (13.2.2006, 10:58 UTC)
and we're back - with CultureSluts 14!In the Market Bar again, we talk about what we've been up to including our company Wildlight winning the Digital Media Award for best mobile content, the Film Festival Rotterdam, and Jessie's video podcast The Light Show.We do a bunch of shoutouts to the Frappr map, read some of the emails and get another audio comment from Brendan.Time is spent revisiting old subjects such as the best place for pints in Dublin, defining the best local ethnic restaurants, Jett Loe & Letter to America's nominations at the Blog awards, Love Action's latest gigs, as well as general upcoming events & gigs such as The Buzzcocks & Human League and the Jameson Dublin Film Festival.New segment for all you Irish-o-philes, Steve gives Jessie an Irish word of the week.We end with the track 45rpm from another great Dublin band, Stagger LeeThanks once again to our sponsor Pravda Bar!
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CultureSlutsCongrats to Jett Loe for Irish Blog Awards nomination (6.2.2006, 11:19 UTC)
Big Congrats to Jett Loe over at Letter To America for his multiple nominations in the first Irish Blog Awards. Go Vote for him now !!
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CultureSlutsWildlight wins Digital Media Award! (3.2.2006, 16:14 UTC)
Our company Wildlight won the Digital Media Award for Best Mobile Content! Excellent!
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CultureSlutsCultureSluts Podcast #13 (23.1.2006, 13:41 UTC)
How yiz folks, here 'tis - CultureSluts Podcast #13!We're still in catch-up mode, so it's another long-un coming in at exactly an hour! We're in a lunch-cast at Ron Blacks in Dublin (from the same group as our sponsor Pravda Bar) with a special guest, Jimmy Costello of Grasp Media.We say hello to the folks on our Frappr Map, discuss Jessie's status as an Irish podcast babe, go through the mail bag, talk to Jimmy about the local musical talent including some of our favorites such as Humanzi, The Things, Channel One, Twin Kranes, Mainline, The Zealots and Sick Boy. We also discuss international talent such as Sufjan Steevens and talk about the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival. We also go back to our on-going thread of networking sites such as mySpace & Friendster. We talk about Love Action's upcoming gigs which include the All American Rejects, Nine Black Alps and Terry Hall of the Specials. Much discussion revolves around our early impressions of music & how it's always evolving, including what our parents listen(ed) to... (shout outs here to Jessie's Dad).Don't for get to give us your feedback - and join the Frappr!
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CultureSlutsHow does iPod know?!?!?! (18.1.2006, 11:24 UTC) Link | Clicks: 0
CultureSlutsCultureSluts Podcast #12 (13.1.2006, 12:22 UTC)
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CultureSlutsCultureSluts Podcast #11 (27.12.2005, 19:26 UTC)
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CultureSlutsCS xmas update... (27.12.2005, 02:31 UTC)
Happy Holidays folks! Now that the main day of stress is over, I've got a second to apologise for the COMPLETE LACK of updates. I've been trying to upload the latest podcast for days now... there mustn't be very good broadband in California! As soon as Starbucks opens again after the holidays I'll be there using the 'ol T-mobile WiFi. Expect it tomorrow! I promise!
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CultureSlutsFilming a demo of the Wildlight Channel for Tv3 (12.12.2005, 22:54 UTC)
Today in TV3, filming a segment for their breakfast show on Mobile Video. We were demo-ing the Wildlight Channel.
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CultureSlutsgettin Love Actiony with Shaun Ryder! (5.12.2005, 02:51 UTC)
What a night!!! Instead of DJing before Shuan Ryder, Sue & I ended up DJing with him for the entire gig. Don't worry, the whole event will be discussed at length in the next cast.
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CultureSlutsCultureSluts Podcast #10 (1.12.2005, 17:27 UTC)
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