Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
Jason - Roe (dot) com - Gets new Logo (1.2.2006, 20:20 UTC)
I was recently asked to design a new logo for as you may know this site is maintained by Michele Neylon. The previous logo was also designed by me however I always found it lacking something. The rework was a fairly simple one, a crisp clean logo that had the same theme as the [...]
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Jason - Roe (dot) com - BLOGCommon Websites Mistakes (31.1.2006, 02:21 UTC)
I was reading an interesting article on Michele Neylon's blog regarding a company who are relying on 3rd parties to make changes to a website. This seems to be a common mistake that companies make when getting a website developed. In my opinion this highlights the cost saving aspects that can be made by investing in a content management system when getting your website developed.
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Jason - Roe (dot) com - BLOGSmart Telecom blocking SMTP mail port 25 (30.1.2006, 19:01 UTC)
Smart Telecom has implemented a new policy on blocking outbound connections to SMTP mail servers. This policy affects all customers and means that smart users will no longer be able to send mail via private mail servers. Smart telecom insist that the use of the in-house SMTP server is available to all customers. A representative from [...]
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Jason - Roe (dot) com - BLOGSMS Marketing Explored (30.1.2006, 18:27 UTC)
As the popularity of mobile phones grows it seems that SMS marketing is going to be “the next big thing”. As such a lot of the Irish mobile phone providers seem to be allowing the SME market to take full advantage of this marketing medium. Many smaller Irish companies have come onboard to [...]
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Jason - Roe (dot) com - BLOGElectric Vehicles, The way of the future? (2.12.2005, 14:08 UTC)
I have been reading a lot on the internet about the pros and cons of electric vehicles. It seems that the focus has always been “The ultimate electric car!!”, for obvious reasons there are many advantages of using electric cars because they can be cleaner and cheaper to run. The downfall however as with most new [...]
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Jason - Roe (dot) com - BLOGFreecycle, Changing the world? (2.12.2005, 14:00 UTC)
The Freecycle Network is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is run by a local volunteer moderator (them's good people).
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Jason - Roe (dot) com - BLOGFirst Post - About Me (2.12.2005, 13:49 UTC)
I'm a Freelance Developer / Designer by trade, with over 4 years experience, working on a diverse range of projects for some of the leading Irish organizations and Institutes (Microsoft, Company Registration Office, Company Law Review Group, Mountjuliet, Interxion IRL).
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