Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
Irish Flight NewsShannon airport to introduce incentives to attract new carriers (2.2.2006, 13:43 UTC)
Improved incentives aimed at attracting new transatlantic carriers are set to be introduced at Shannon airport. Aer Lingus has already said it will continue its services to New York and Boston from Shannon, once the stopover ends later this year. Shannon Airport director Martin Moroney admits a drop in transatlantic services is likely, “Over the next three months we will be finalising as much as we can with each carrier what their plans will be for the future. They probably are waiting...
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Irish Flight NewsSideStep enters Irish travel market (31.1.2006, 13:30 UTC)
Online travel search engine SideStep has launched in Ireland. Sidestep works by scanning a range of sources including online agencies, consolidators, low cost carriers, major airlines, hotels and rental car companies and then presenting the user with a series of offers. SideStep doesn’t actually sell the holidays or flights itself, but transfers the user to the site in question. SideStep has signed up with Aer Lingus and Ryanair. In all, SideStep searches more than 100 travel sites for...
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Irish Flight NewsRyanair drops plans for seating choice (31.1.2006, 13:27 UTC)
Ryanair has dropped plans that would have allowed passengers to choose their seats when booking online, according to Michael O’Leary, chief executive of the airline. Read full story
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Irish Flight NewsRyanair to charge for checked-in baggage and enable web check-in (25.1.2006, 13:26 UTC)
Ryanair will introduce a range of changes from March 16 next. They said that all passengers travelling with hand luggage and in possession of an EU passport will be able to check-in on the web at and by-pass all check-in and airport queues. These passengers will also be given priority boarding, eliminating boarding gate queues. Also, Ryanair is increasing each passenger’s luggage allowance from 25kg to 30kg. For all passengers travelling with checked in luggage, a fee o...
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Irish Flight NewsRyanair to reduce fares by 9% (25.1.2006, 13:24 UTC)
Ryanair are to reduce all their fares by 9% or EUR3.50 from March 16, 2006.
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Irish Flight NewsFinding the best priced flights (22.1.2006, 21:42 UTC)
With more and more low cost airlines appearing on the scene, it is becoming more difficult to remember who flies where. Skyscanner is a great site in helping you find the right airline for the route you want to fly. It also shows you graphs of prices so that you can zone in on the cheapest prices fast. Definitely worth a look !
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Irish Flight NewsChoose your seat carefully (22.1.2006, 21:40 UTC)
Nowadays when you can choose your own seat on flights, it is important to be informed as to which are the best and worst seats to choose. SeatGuru will show you plane layouts for each of the main airlines and the legend shows which seats are the best and which ones are to avoided. Here’s an example of a British Airways Boeing 747
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Irish Flight NewsFlight connections to be fast-tracked in Dublin Airport (22.1.2006, 21:05 UTC)
Hundreds of thousands of airline passengers stand to benefit over the next few years from a new arrangement at Dublin Airport, designed to fast-track passengers who transfer to connecting flights. The Dublin Airport Authority is close to agreeing a new system with Aer Lingus and other long-haul carriers that will allow passengers making a connecting flight to remain airside – inside the departure security checks. The new system is expected to be in place by the middle of February. Under...
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Irish Flight NewsEU ruling on Ryanair row (22.1.2006, 21:03 UTC)
RYANAIR customers could face fare increases following the European parliament’s decision to give airports sole responsibility for the transfer of disabled passengers but to make airlines pay for the service.,,2095-2003574,00.html
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Irish Flight NewsKnock airport records 42% growth (22.1.2006, 21:02 UTC)
Knock Airport recorded its most successful year ever in 2005 with passenger numbers reaching over 530,000 an increase of 42% on the previous year’s figures.
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Irish Flight NewsAer Lingus €330m deal with Airbus (22.1.2006, 20:51 UTC)
AER LINGUS is to sign a $400m (€330m) deal for the delivery of four Airbus A330 aircraft. The deal also represents a significant coup for the European plane maker in its tussle with Boeing. The first aircraft will be delivered in the final quarter of this year, with the remainder scheduled for 2007. Final details have yet to be concluded, however it is expected that the deal will put Airbus in prime position to conclude a much larger deal with Aer Lingus on its new generation A350 at a l...
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