Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
musingsFrank Is In Hospital - fecking eejit (6.2.2006, 14:20 UTC)
Ok, yes still no cartoon. Sorry but that eejit Frank is after getting himself hospitalised. He's now lying around, making doe-eyes at all the nurses, without so much as second thought for his duties to the website. Shocking. And yes I'm serious. Frank's in hospital. Apparently he's ok now, just waiting on some test results, but he might have to stay in for a couple more nights.
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musingsThe Not So Funny Cartoons (3.2.2006, 17:45 UTC)
According to the Copenhagen Post, Jyllands-Posten printed the now infamous cartoons '...after reports that artists were refusing to illustrate works about Islam, out of fear of fundamendalist retribution. The newspaper said it printed the cartoons as a test of whether Muslim fundamentalists had begun affecting the freedom of expression in Denmark.' Well, I guess they got their answer. Job done. Thank you very much.
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musingsNo Cartoon - Frank Is Sick (3.2.2006, 12:26 UTC)
No cartoon today. Frank is sick. Very, very sick. Or so he says. We've no buffer of cartoons made up either because we're a pair of procratinating arseholes. Sorry but it can't be helped or, well yes, it could. But there you go. We'll try sort something out soon.
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musingsSpecial Dilbert Alien Idol (1.2.2006, 13:28 UTC)
Recently, Mike Belkin started a kind Comic Strip Idol search for an artist for his syndicated strip Unfit. With a little help from Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, he got over 80 artists responding - amongst them Krishna from PCWeenies. You can have a look at all the entries and then give your thoughts at the Dilbert blog.Bob Byrne of Clamnuts and Shiznit, em, fame has a great post up on Make Comics Forever detailing everything he's learned in the last five years.I have a certain affinity with toda...
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musingsSnapping Shirley Temples Knitting (31.1.2006, 14:51 UTC)
Thay call beautiful art made from knitting. Gruesome might be a little more apt. I like it. For bloggers - Snapshirts allows you to generate a word cloud from your blog and put it on a t-shirt, using our good friends Spreadshirt as it happens. A word cloud, in case you didn't realise and I sure as fuck didn't, is a bunch of popular keywords drawn from your blog (or a literary manuscript). A very good screenshot of Shirley Temple from Baby Take A Bow - just because.
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musingsGod Is Back (27.1.2006, 18:07 UTC)
Off topic and bound to offend/annoy/incite but God is back. That's all I have to say.
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musingsRent A Radical Toy Ed (27.1.2006, 15:25 UTC)
There you go, Ed Godsell, a man who has heard the chimes at midnight apparently, makes his much pleaded for guest appearance in a BifSniff Funny Cartoon. Apparently, one of the first orders of business after the Disney takeover of Pixar was to cancel production of Toy Story 3 because sequels should only be made if there's a really great story that demands it. Toy Story 3 was been made by Disney and not it's original creators Pixar before the takeover. What confuses me about this whole thing is ...
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musingsBaiting George's Disney Takeover Job (26.1.2006, 15:54 UTC)
It could almost make your head hurt if you thought about it too much. BiznicheMedia launch a linkbaiting competition and then get attacked for blatantly linkbaiting, which of course is what the point was in the first place. Disney has bought Pixar, the animation company behind Toy Story and The Invincibles, in a deal that essentially makes Steve Jobs a major shareholder in Disney. Chris Penn's body was found in his Santa Monica home on Tuesday but no one has a clue how he died. Police have ru...
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musingsMarking The Beginning Of My Totalitarion Liberal Fascism (25.1.2006, 18:31 UTC)
Frank's posted up some info on where we stand on acceptable/unacceptable blog comments. Some of them have proven to be not to liking of some of our visitors. Like I give a fuck. Some folks have decided we've been overreacting to certain comments recently and maybe we have, maybe we haven't. We've never stifled debate on it and I've never been one to walk away from a pointless argument-just-for-the-sake-of-an-argument. We could have ignored them all. We could have deleted them all. We didn't. We ...
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musingsTorturing Metrosexual Cinemas For The Ladies (19.1.2006, 14:39 UTC)
I've just been reading over at BoingBoing, how some large cinema chains in the States are refusing to show Steven Soderbergh's new movie Bubbles because he's doing a simultaneous DVD and Cable TV release. John Fithian, president of the National Association of Theater Owners, argues that 'if a high-profile Hollywood name like Soderbergh, director of Sex, Lies and Videotape, Erin Brockovich and Traffic, is trying simultaneous release, there is too great a danger of the strategy becoming acceptabl...
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musingsDrunkenly Hustling Votes (18.1.2006, 18:03 UTC)
I haven't blogged in a few days, so I thought I'd better drop by, in case anyone of you were worried I'd been scooped up by the CIA or something. We're running fourth place in The Best Of Blog Awards at the moment. The Hot Librarian has steamed ahead of everyone else, with Dead Guy the nearest challenger. So remember to get in there and vote for us. We've even made it easy for you. I think you can vote once every twenty-four hours but there's seems to be some confusion.Brilliant, an Australian m...
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musingsMost Humorously Ringing Frank's Criticism (13.1.2006, 16:02 UTC)
Today's funny cartoon is a triumph for teamwork and Skype. Teamwork because, as Frank mentioned in his notes, it took a lot of back and forth to finally thrash out the right angle for it. And Skype because it saved me from ringing Frank's neck everytime he hummed and hawed at one of my suggestions, which meant I didn't have to go on the run and we ended up with a much better cartoon.Heres Robert Scoble holding up one of our Death & Penguins t-shirts at that geek dinner thing Frank attended befor...
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musingsMary O'Rourke Gone Wrong (10.1.2006, 17:09 UTC)
I know I don't often post twice in the one day but I found a really interesting piece about the media reaction to Mary O'Rourke's 'worked like blacks' comments. It's astonishing that a member of the Seanad should be able to make such remarks, refuse to apologise and be let off so lightly by the mainstream media. I could be wrong but I can't imagine it being tolerated in any other Western European country. You'll find a link to a video clip of the speech here. O'Rourke is actually trying to play...
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musingsFrank's Funny Four Eyed Theme Post (10.1.2006, 15:06 UTC)
It's probably a bad sign for me that Frank is doing posts inspired by posts I don't even remember doing. Seriously, every time he mentioned me I had to follow the link to find out what he was talking about.Saw this on BoingBoing and just had to link to it. It's just so incredibly hard to look at.We've had a bit of hassle over the latest funny cartoon and I keep meaning to do a couple of serious posts addressing both issues raised. Well, kind of. I mean the second issue raised wasn't really an is...
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