Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
Adam Maguire's BlogSite News (6.2.2006, 00:13 UTC)
Just to point out a few minor changes to the website that I’ve just made; As mentioned yesterday I managed to get a digital copy of my college newspaper, The Dhúlaigh Reporter and have now transferred the relevant pages to jpg format and uploaded them to the site. You can find the entire News section of the newspaper (which I designed) here (click Page Layout). You can also find images of the hard copy of articles I wrote for the publication on the relevant article pages; featured h...
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Adam Maguire's BlogThe President hates Northern Ireland? (5.2.2006, 18:25 UTC)
Iain Paisley has claimed that Mary McAleese, President of the Republic of Ireland, hates Northern Ireland. ‘I don’t like her because she is dishonest… She pretends to love this province and she hates it.’ The comments were made at the DUP conference yesterday and according to RTE were off-script. Given the efforts made by McAleese in the past these are extremely harsh comments to make but are not to be unexpected from Paisley and the DUP at this time; their language ha...
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Adam Maguire's BlogDanger as fundamentalists take hold of ignorance (5.2.2006, 02:58 UTC)
It would be nearly impossible for you to have missed this story; last October a Danish newspaper printed a cartoon featuring the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Over time the issue has snowballed and last week tensions exploded following a reprint of the cartoon (and similar cartoons) by other European newspapers, who claim to have done so as a sign of solidarity in the name of free speech. Many see this as one of the many incompatibilities of Western and Eastern culture. Islamic countries don’...
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Adam Maguire's BlogLondon’s LBC Premium Podcasts (4.2.2006, 20:18 UTC)
It was always going to happen but now London’s LBC has started to charge for podcasts. To be fair the full podcasts of their shows were never available, I came across the station when I found The Iain Lee Show Podcast, which consisted of about 15 minutes of the best bits of the day. For an admittedly small £2 a month you can have access to the full length version of most LBC shows, archives of LBC podcasts, Online exclusive shows and special editions of shows also. In my opinion LBC ...
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Adam Maguire's BlogGood old Gmail (4.2.2006, 19:39 UTC)
When 1GB mail first came along many people scoffed; sure it was a huge benefit considering we had all become accustomed to 6MB, 4MB, 2MB mail etc., but most people tried to figure out why we’d ever need that much e-mail storage space. To be fair, and while I am not the worlds biggest e-mailer I have only hit the 1/4GB mark after having an account for nearly 2 years; that’s a measley 10% of the total storage space available at present. However; the e-mail client has prove its worth t...
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Adam Maguire's BlogPublish the alleged Al Jazeera bomb memo (2.2.2006, 23:57 UTC)
It has been blocked from traditional publication by the UK governments use of the Official Secrets Act, but if this pledger is to be believed you can have a hand in setting it free by showing your support at this PledgeBank page. Only 5 more people are needed at which point 100 people; myself included will publish the censored memo (if it indeed is genuine) via whatever publishing tools at our disposal. For me that will be on this blog and probably the Politics forum of If you’r...
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Adam Maguire's BlogMcGuinness blasts the IMC, but are the IRA lying? (1.2.2006, 18:37 UTC)
As reported by Slugger, Martin McGuinness has blasted the IMC report (pdf) and branded the body the non-Independent Monitoring Commission (inventive). Calling all statement it has made in its report against the IRA as politically motivated he remains convinced that former members of the RUC Special Branch are the ones handing down this information. He also asked for clear evidence to be produced, saying the public deserved no less. It is debatable that his comments would have been less critical...
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Adam Maguire's BlogWrite To Them - Ireland (31.1.2006, 17:56 UTC)
This seems to be doing the rounds on blogs and forums at the moment, so I’ll add my voice to the appeal; John Handelaar is looking for 15 people (he has 10 so actually only needs 5 more) to give their support to his plan to create an index of all the TD’s in Ireland and most importantly, offer a way for those online to contact them with ease. For an idea of how this system would work, check out, a website which does the same for the UK and is the inspriation for Hand...
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Adam Maguire's BlogThe DPP have answers to give (24.1.2006, 15:47 UTC)
Today saw the sentencing of Wayne O’Donoghue; the killer of 11-year old Robert Holohan. Handed down a sentence of 4 years for manslaughter, O’Donoghue can expect to be free by 2009, having already served a year in prison. Sadly, this is not a fair verdict, nor was it a fair trial. In court today, Majella Holohan, Robert’s mother spoke about the circumstances of the death of her son. Why was Robert in Wayne’s room at 7:30 that morning when he was supposed to be at a frien...
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Adam Maguire's BlogSocial media and it’s failings (22.1.2006, 21:56 UTC)
Social media and citizen journalists are being heralded by some as the beginning of the end for traditional media or at the very least the most important step of a huge revolution within it but just how much of a threat is this new industry to its older counterpart? Will it destroy what we know today as the media or is it unlikely to even leave a scratch? Citizen journalists are in an undeniably interesting situation right now. They work alone and are under no pressure to deliver, except for th...
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Adam Maguire's BlogIrish Blog Awards Nominations almost closed! (22.1.2006, 21:20 UTC)
You only have a matter of hours until the nominations are closed over at so if you (like me) have left it late then get clicking now! It only takes a few seconds and you’ll be helping to promote Irish blogging and all the wonderful Irish blogs out there. Let’s hope this ceremony will be the first of many to come.
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Adam Maguire's BlogWhere now for podcasting? (31.12.2005, 19:35 UTC)
Piaras Kelly raises an interesting question about the future of Podcasting in his latest blog, that which was so hyped in the year almost gone. Like most new creations that receive massive hype, Podcasting, while constantly growing, has failed to prove itself as a challenger to the throne that Radio has held for so long but was it ever really a threat? Going back to the point I raised in a previous post about social media and citizen journalism, podcasting is more likely to become a tool of tra...
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Adam Maguire's BlogFrank Connolly and his trial by media (27.12.2005, 21:26 UTC)
For those of you who don’t know the situation regarding Frank Connolly and Minister Michael McDowell, Gavin’s Blog sums it up quite well here. As it stands neither side of the argument is without fault. Frank Connolly has refused to say where he was during the period that the accusations are based, saying that once the DPP forwards a case against him he will state his defence. Michael McDowell on the other hand has admitted to passing on information to an Irish Independent journalis...
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Adam Maguire's BlogSky News Ireland to simulcast on Sky One (26.12.2005, 19:41 UTC)
Digital Spy has a short piece on the decision by BSkyB to drop the Malcom in the Middle from its daily 6:30 slot on Sky One and replace it with Sky News Ireland which will broadcast alongside itself on Sky News. There has been nothing but negative rumours floating around about Sky News Ireland since it launched a year and a half ago. Naturally, Sky have been quick to dampen any suggestions that the venture was a financial disaster but this move seems to be more of a desperate scramble than a wi...
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Adam Maguire's BlogThe future of print (24.12.2005, 03:12 UTC)
Recent talk over on Slugger got me thinking about the future of newspapers in Ireland. It is a long argued point that ever since the advent and growth of the internet traditional media, particularly print, was destined to die out. This argument isn’t confined to the last decade, though. With the creation of every new medium it is assumed that space must be made and the older incarnation will inevitably make way for the new. With radio many felt that print was past its peak. With the wides...
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Adam Maguire's BlogWhere to start in the Irish Media (19.12.2005, 22:43 UTC)
Below is a 10 step guide to help you find your way into the Irish media. I would like to point out that I speak as an outsider as I have not yet made any serious attempts to get my career started; these are just general tips that I’ve picked up on my way and most are generally common sense. They are certainly things that I will be working by when I finish college in just a few months time. Know what you want. The word ‘media’ is a pretty vague one, especially in this age. It ...
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Adam Maguire's BlogSomething to listen to (5.12.2005, 13:10 UTC)
Short notice, I know, but if you get the chance tune into Kic FM at 2 until 4 where myself, and my good friend Aidan will be hosting a music show. Expect it to be extremely scattered and random, but hopefully entertaining. If you’re as fortunate as I am and live in Wolverhampton tune into 87.7 FM, and everyone else can just log onto (Radio stream may not work in Firefox) and have a listen E-mail the show and tell us what you think too!
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Adam Maguire's BlogNew Blog (29.11.2005, 23:54 UTC)
Well, the first step towards creating my new blog (and a proper one at that) is now complete as you can see. If you wish to view my old blog you can do so here. I’ll be tranfering the posts from there to this blog very soon, as well as updating the template. Stay tuned for a full return to blogging.
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