Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
DonalSylvia Saint at Cyprus Avenue (5.2.2006, 12:32 UTC)
We went to see Sylvia Saint at Cyprus Ave on Fri (cheers for the ticket John) along with Arm The Elderly, Skylight and another band who aren’t named on the February listing of Cork Gigs so I don’t know who they are. The place was jointed and even though the support acts had to endure the usual I’m-not-jumping-around-until-the-main-act syndrome of the crowd, Arm the Elderly got them going and the place was hopping by the time Sylvia Saint got on stage. As with the last time ...
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DonalTrack your comments (5.2.2006, 11:04 UTC)
I just signed up for the CoComment service which tracks comments you have made on other blogs. Sounds like a good idea, instead of checking posts you’ve commented on, this will let you know when others comment on it. You can also get an rss feed of these. One thing I can’t do, as it involves Javascript, is to get the comment box for my site. Maybe Matt or Donncha will see fit to allow this one little exception of Javascript . By the way, it is still in beta so there are some invi...
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It looks like is a spin-off of, correct me if I’m wrong. But at the moment, it’s a fairly exclusive listing. There’s me, Donncha, and Conor’s Bandon Blog so far. And I’m still hurting after Conor’s Londonderry usage a few days back… We need a few more on this. Offhand, we have Gavin’s Blog, Holy Shmoly (Donncha again!), John (who doesn’t post much but should put more of his photos up), Munster Pubs (well they do dr...
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DonalJohnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special (31.1.2006, 23:05 UTC)
Orange Blossom Special just came in the post yesterday from Amazon.  On the advice of a Johnny Cash fan who had this album on vinyl, I did a quick search last week and as it was less than €10, I couldn’t resist. This album recorded in 1964, and re-released in 2002, has the Bob Dylan tracks “It ain’t me babe”, “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” and “Mama, you’ve been on my mind” which JC carries out to perfection.  A...
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DonalCork Big Jazz Band (31.1.2006, 21:46 UTC)
Or is it the Big Cork Jazz Band? Or even the Big Band of Cork Jazz? They were a little unsure themselves of their name but on their first night of what looks to be a regular slot of jazz in the home of one of the world’s prominent jazz festivals, this group of fine musicians didn’t disappoint. As I mentioned last week, this gig was in Cyprus Avenue, which is just above the Old Oak. Not a bad venue, but I was wondering how the 20-piece jazz band would fit on stage. In the end, I coun...
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DonalYu Ming is ainm dom (28.1.2006, 14:47 UTC)
I saw this film on TG4 a few times a while back and it’s good to see it online. It’s about a Chinese student who comes to Ireland and tries to speak to the Irish in our native tongue. Well worth a watch. (via)
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DonalDrop it like it’s Hoff (27.1.2006, 10:38 UTC)
Check out this great site full of David Hasslehoff images.  Found via.  
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DonalMeteor Mobile (26.1.2006, 18:57 UTC)
After moving to Meteor over a month ago now, I have no major problems with the service. Sometimes the reception isn’t that good but generally it’s fine. Their cheaper service really makes it worthwhile. For example, you can get 5c calls to other Meteor mobiles, or free texts to other Meteor mobiles. I’m going with the 5c calls because you can use them at any time of the day which is nice. All you have to do is top up by €20 every 30 days and you get your free texts/5...
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DonalNew Jazz Night in Cork (26.1.2006, 18:22 UTC)
Next Monday, 30th January, sees the beginning of a regular jazz extravaganza at Cyrpus Avenue. The Cork Jazz Big Band are a 20-piece jazz band and it’s only €5 to get in so even though Monday night isn’t the best for heading in town, you don’t have much to lose. At €5, you’re only giving each member of the band 25c each and that’s assuming that the conductor doesn’t get paid! Rickard is hoping for a conductor anyway.
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DonalIt’s only a whale! (26.1.2006, 18:05 UTC)
One of the funnier forwards doing the rounds these days.
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DonalPandora - Online Music Station (24.1.2006, 13:45 UTC)
After browsing through some blogs last night I came across Pandora.  Essentially it seems like another Launch product but I much prefer this, it seems much cleaner and my initial reaction is that the interface much more user friendly.  The music played is based on the output of the Music Genome Project and depending on what artists/songs you say you like, they find other music with similar attributes.  Great idea.  I’m using it for free although there are warnings ...
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DonalCork County Council & Potholes (22.1.2006, 23:50 UTC)
Don’t those two words just go together so well? Looking at the state of the roads in Cork you’d understand why. The following is a crater found on Rathcooney Rd, just up from the Fox and Hounds pub in Cork. If you went into this at speed, your car would be wrecked. And if you went into it while a car was driving towards you, who knows what would happen. One car did drive up on the ditch to get around it, others have to drive on the other side of the road to get around it. Time ...
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DonalPatricks Bridge, Cork - C64 Style (20.1.2006, 14:54 UTC)
See how your image would look like if it was on the C64.   (Via)
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DonalWordpress - Almost Spring 1.1 (18.1.2006, 13:56 UTC)
Almost Spring 1.1 by Becca Wei is the new theme I’m using on Wordpress and I must say I’m impressed.  I like the layout, the simple colours used, and most of all I like the fact that the search function uses a nice script to give you a drop-down menu of possible results as you type.  This is similar to the Gmail address script, possible answers appear as you type.  Click here to view large. 
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DonalParis - Musée d’Orsay (18.1.2006, 00:00 UTC)
Paris 2006, originally uploaded by docaoimh. One final shot from the Paris weekend. I’m really milking that trip now so this will probably, most likely, be the final post on it (fingers and toes crossed…). The full set can be found here.
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DonalSome Flickr Changes (17.1.2006, 16:44 UTC)
Flickr change dated 11th January (no permenant link to actual post ) now lets you use the widget to go to the set/pool/photostream simply by clicking “browse”.  You can also click the “more” button on either side without having to open the photos page.  Much neater - nice one Flickr.  
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DonalClock Tower at Gare de Lyon (16.1.2006, 23:43 UTC)
Paris 2006, originally uploaded by docaoimh. This picture was taken late-ish at night on our last night in Paris. We stumbled home soon after this, after enjoying expensive Parisian beer! I cropped the picture to just show up the 2 clock faces as the rest of it was very dark.
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DonalFlickr photo booth (16.1.2006, 16:49 UTC)
What better way to get ridiculous photos of your night out than crammed into a photo booth in the nightclub and have it uploaded directly to your photostream?  That’s exactly what a nightclub in San Francisco has done according to this post on the Flickr Blog.  As Flickr becomes more widespread, this kinda thing might become more common so you can wake up the next day and see how drunk you were the night before.  The only problem is that quite a few of your co...
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DonalInterestingness on Flickr (16.1.2006, 13:46 UTC)
Interestingness, originally uploaded by docaoimh. Photos of mine that made it into the Flickr Explore page. Created using scout function on the ever-useful Flickr tools page that I blogged about a while back. The first one made it to number 6 on the 10th of January . Click on the picture to get the links to the individual pictures. Update: John has 9 photos that made to the Explore page, as does Donncha.  Nice one lads! 
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DonalBalls! (16.1.2006, 00:20 UTC)
  The Break, originally uploaded by docaoimh. About 15 of them (16 including the white but only Donagh would be that pedantic ). Pool at the Mardyke this evening. Nice place plus if you pick up one of the Whazon brochures you get 2 hours for the price of one using one of the vouchers . By the way, their site doesn’t open fully in Firefox
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DonalSylvia Saint - Supporting the Sultans (14.1.2006, 10:22 UTC)
Sylvia Saint, originally uploaded by docaoimh. This is a picture I took at the Sultans of Ping gig a few weeks back. It probably came out better than any of the Sultans pics because the crowd was still at that early-gig self-concious mode where everybody hangs back. Plus the fact that the gig was bloody deafening! If only the crowd wouldn’t get in the way of my taking pictures! Pesky people. Some info on Sylvia Saint as I can’t find their website.
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DonalSam Brown, your thoughts? (13.1.2006, 16:32 UTC)
“Do you realise your horse is gay?” - A short quip from Sam Brown, an Oxford student (well, graduate now, let’s give him that) from Northern Ireland landed him in a spot of bother.  I just have a quick question.  What you think of these?  Are they gay?                                   ...
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DonalMy CDs (13.1.2006, 15:07 UTC)
During the Christmas break, I finally put my CD list together and put it up on my blog here.  It seems like a bit of a pointless exercise but over the years I’ve lost a few cds so now I have a permanent record that will hopefully be kept up to date.    Feel free to browse through and let me know what you think.  I’m also working on a gigography but it’s proving a little trickier.
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DonalParis - Hotel de Ville Ice Rink (12.1.2006, 13:45 UTC)
Paris - Hotel de Ville, originally uploaded by docaoimh. Whenever you go to an ice-rink there are always some who stand out for falling around the place, and those that can fly around the place and stop properly.  Above is one of the “good” ice-skaters at the ice-rink at Hotel de Ville taken last weekend in Paris.  I wish we had a proper ice-rink in Cork… Full set of pictures are here.
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DonalThe Roaring Forties on the Late Late Show (12.1.2006, 10:51 UTC)
Ok, that headline is a little misleading but now that I have your attention, here’s the story.  The Roaring Forties are a swing jive band that are absolutely fantastic and deserve to get more recognition.  Pure Cork Boy has initiated a campaign following a call on the bands gigs page for them to be put on the Late Late Show.  So click here to mail your favourite TV personality and kindly ask him to put the Roaring Forties on your favourite Friday night show!  ...
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DonalPublic Transport - The Video (11.1.2006, 19:43 UTC)
I normally do not make much use of public transport these days, simply because it is not dependable whatsoever, but that’s another issue.  Just back from Paris where the Metro was great, it got us everywhere with little fuss.  However, for those of you who use public transport on a daily basis, I found a little ditty via Global Eyes from people who are just slightly more miffed at public transport than me, in particular the London Undergound.  Check out the site of the creat...
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DonalParis - A weekend in January (11.1.2006, 19:09 UTC)
Paris 2006, originally uploaded by docaoimh. I’m recently back from a weekend in Paris. We did all the touristy things, up the Eiffel Tower, saw some history at the Musée d’Orsay, went to both Notre Dame and Montmartre, walked the Champs Elysées, clambered up the Arc de Triomphe, watched a street entertainer and drank mulled wine and ate waffles avec confiture near the Centre de George Pompidou. All in all it was a great weekend. But, the highlight has to have been ice-s...
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DonalHappy New Year 2006 (1.1.2006, 14:53 UTC)
Cork 2005, originally uploaded by docaoimh. Happy new year to one and all. After a few false starts the fireworks got underway last night. Cork’s local radio Red FM had music synchronised with the fireworks but unfortunately the fireworks people had the dreaded “technical difficulties” so it took a while to get going. It was worth it in the end though, in spite of the pouring rain and the cold! Thankfully the weather today is much better so hopefully it’s a sign of thi...
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DonalCork Fire Brigade (31.12.2005, 15:33 UTC)
Cork Fire Brigade, originally uploaded by docaoimh. Pictured yesterday evening in front of the Cork Fire Station. Taken on long exposure, you can see the red light of a car going by at one stage.
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DonalCork City Lights (29.12.2005, 14:02 UTC)
Cork City Lights, originally uploaded by docaoimh. The picture above is Oliver Plunkett St., Cork. Taken yesterday evening at around 8pm. Some more pictures from last night.  The sales are on in force at this time of year! Lights on the South Mall. Lights on Patrick St.
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