Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
Conor's Bandon BlogThis week we’ll be mostly buying Lego and Carlsberg (6.2.2006, 21:44 UTC)
And maybe some of their bacon for a change.
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Conor's Bandon BlogCully & Sully Fish Pie (5.2.2006, 20:49 UTC)
Whatever I wrote about their Chicken and Leek pie - ditto! Cheesy, Spuddy, Creamy, Fishy, Yummy. Technorati Tags: Cully & Sully
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Conor's Bandon BlogDinosaur or Giraffe? (5.2.2006, 20:44 UTC)
Serious argument in our house this dinner-time. Fionn’s toy, is it a Dinosaur or a Giraffe? Let the people decide: Technorati Tags: Toys, Dinosaur, Giraffe
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Conor's Bandon BlogThe IT Crowd - Oh no no no no no (5.2.2006, 11:15 UTC)
If I told you that the title of the programme should have the letters “Sh” at the start, you’d probably think I wasn’t very funny. Well that’s how funny “The IT Crowd” is. I wanted to give up after ten minutes but lasted to the end for the same reason people rubber-neck car crashes. My six year old son reads me funnier knock-knock jokes from his “My first book of knock-knock jokes” than Graham Linehan came up with for this embarassment of a c...
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Conor's Bandon BlogCheck out (4.2.2006, 09:55 UTC)
Donal spotted the other day. I’m listed along with a bunch of far more interesting blogs. Check them out. If you know of any that are not listed, let them know. Anything vauguely Corky will do. Shur I’m a blow-in posting to a web-site in California and I’m on it. Technorati Tags: corkblogs
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Conor's Bandon BlogThere goes my Blogging by Telegram money-spinning idea (1.2.2006, 13:08 UTC)
Will I ever get the my timing right? “What God had wrought” courtesy of JWZ
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Conor's Bandon BlogStructured Blogging Plug-in Review (31.1.2006, 22:25 UTC)
Structured Blogging Plug-in for Wordpress Year: 2006 Version: 1.0pre13 Author: Platform: Linux Category: Publishing Publisher: Price: Free Rating: 3 out of 5 How about this for a bit of recursion - I am reviewing the Structured Blogging Plug-in for Wordpress using the Structured Blogging Plug-in. I think the basic idea of it should suit a lot of the posts on this blog which tend to be reviews. Installation was a breeze and it seems t...
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Conor's Bandon BlogPostie Plug-in now works with Vodafone MMS e-mail (30.1.2006, 23:05 UTC)
Big big thanks to Dirk over at Economy Size Geek. E-mails with picture attachments sent from my Nokia on the Vodafone Ireland network to this blog were not working with his plug-in. He says that the format from Vodafone is crazy. But he got it working! He is an absolute star for putting all of that effort in to get his code working for one user. Now I just need to get a phone that can take decent pictures… Technorati Tags: Wordpress, Postie, Economy Size Geek, Vodafone Ireland, MMS, ...
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Conor's Bandon BlogDavida Tapas Bar - Reason enough to stop in Bandon (30.1.2006, 19:13 UTC)
A few Saturdays ago, myself and the worlds most understanding wife headed out to the new Tapas Bar in Bandon. I know, I know, you don’t often hear the words Tapas and Bandon in the same sentence, but bear with me. Davida is in a fantastic location on Patrick’s Quay in Bandon looking out on the little river (the Bride?) rather than the Bandon itself. There are a few tables out the front for the warmer days and there is a heated area outside at the back too. The room is dominated by th...
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Conor's Bandon BlogDanano’s in Derry - Nice Italianish food with incredible value (30.1.2006, 13:55 UTC)
Eating out in Derry on a Saturday night without a booking proved to be a bigger challenge than the NI Peace Process. Eoin’s unique understanding of local restaurant booking dynamics (all that chemical engineering process training didn’t go to waste) meant that most places quoted us up to two hours waiting time at around 8pm. We put our names down in a few spots and retired to the pub for some pints. Smoking ban down South, yadda yadda, changed my mind, yadda yadda, stinky clothes fol...
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Conor's Bandon BlogMickey D’s - From not bad to bloody hell (30.1.2006, 11:55 UTC)
We pop in to McDonald’s in Roscrea on most trips from Bandon to Cavan. It is about half way and the kids are usually starving at that stage. It’s a wee bit small and parking is a hassle but it is one of the best run ones in the country. They have one of those “helper” people permanently on the floor mainly doing clean-up but also offering to mind kids if you need to order the food or go to the loo. The food is fine and the place is always spotless. On the way back from Lo...
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Conor's Bandon BlogBandon to Derry - Nearly Mizen to Malin (30.1.2006, 11:23 UTC)
We finally did it. Up to Derry to visit the Pierce’s. On the way up we over-nighted with Mary in Cavan and then arrived at Saturday lunchtime. Incredible location looking out over the Foyle. Great weekend. On Sunday we braced ourselves for the return journey. There were three options - some bizarre route via Tuam suggested by AAIreland, via Dublin suggested by Eoin or back the way we came via Cavan. We plumped for the latter but I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has other sugges...
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Conor's Bandon BlogThe all-time worst cup of coffee I have ever tasted (30.1.2006, 11:15 UTC)
Congratulations to Myer’s Maxol Garage in Mitchelstown. Without doubt the most disgusting, undrinkable excuse for a cup of coffee we have ever bought. I have to wonder if they are using mud in the machine rather than coffeee beans. I’ve had some pretty dire coffee over the years. What some Greek cafes did to Nescafe when I was there in 1988 should be banned under the Geneva Convention but they were better than the thing we had yesterday. As for the toilets - I think the Monkey’...
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Conor's Bandon BlogI am the grim reaper for Texas Heroes (24.1.2006, 21:12 UTC)
I just had a comment posted to my old blog by Kim on something I wrote about Bill Hicks back last May. She was stunned that I saw him live about a year before he died and wanted some details. It is odd timing that she posted now considering I’m just back from Austin. But I was also thinking about Bill when I was over there. I was in the airport and spotted some Stevie Ray Vaughan CDs. I’ve liked him for years but wouldn’t be a fanatic. Having said that, the man was a genius wit...
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Conor's Bandon Blog“Cully & Sully” Chicken & Leek Pie - Thumbs up from 2 to 37 (24.1.2006, 17:58 UTC)
I got back from the US on Sunday after a tortuous routing - if our feet didn’t actually touch the ground in St Louis, can we say we have been there? I was pretty much all beefed out (hope to god that is not some awful double entendre) after a Texan week. Catherine had spotted the Cully & Sully ready-meals in Supervalue and grabbed two to see what they were like. As neither of us had the energy to cook, I decided to give the  Chicken & Leek Pie a twirl. The pies come in a pla...
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Conor's Bandon BlogAnd it burns burns burns, that ring of fire (23.1.2006, 22:05 UTC)
I couldn’t resist this bottle of Hot Sauce in departures in the airport in Texas. I’m sure it is the equivalent of a Yank buying an aran sweater, Shillelagh and some inflatable shamrocks in Shannon, but I don’t care. Technorati Tags: Texas Hot Sauce, Johnny Cash
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Conor's Bandon BlogGuest Blogger Review - La Maison Troisgros (19.1.2006, 12:35 UTC)
My old friend and classmate from college Dee Burke read my review of The Four Seasons and sent me her review of La Maison Troisgros in France. I asked if she’d mind if I posted it here due to the drooling all over the keyboard that resulted when I read it. She said sure. So, for the first time in the five years this blog has been in existence - a posting from someone other than Mr Creosote: Peter had heard of “La Maison Troisgros” for the first time when he did a management cou...
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Conor's Bandon BlogSalt Lick BBQ Driftwood Texas - Can I have a franchise please? (18.1.2006, 12:31 UTC)
We brought the rain with us from Cork and it lashed down as we were driven out to the Salt Lick BBQ which is, as they (and probably Ned Flanders) would put it “a heck of a long way out yonder”. It is also in a dry county where the sale (but not consumption) of alcohol is illegal. I think many of my Irish readers have probably had some sort of aneurysm reading that last sentence. Imagaine trying to create a dry county in Ireland. Well maybe in Leitrim after the last person leaves. Joe...
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Conor's Bandon BlogThis week we’ll be mostly driving the AssKicker 40000 (17.1.2006, 00:26 UTC)
Last time in Texas I was in a compact car. I was nearly crushed to death several times each day. This time, it was going to be fire with fire. You lookin’ at me? I said are you lookin at me? UPDATE: Goddammit, Baz was right. It is a poxing mini-van not an SUV (the sliding door is what gives it away). The locals were gentle with me and said it was kinda a minivan-SUV hybrid until one of em goes, “yeah, for soccer moms”. The shame, the shame. I may as well be driving a prius.T...
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Conor's Bandon BlogI picked the wrong day to start carrying a concealed 357 Magnum (16.1.2006, 16:57 UTC)
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Conor's Bandon BlogDammit they were out of Lincoln Navigators (16.1.2006, 15:02 UTC)
Yer, I want dat wun: So we only got a massive SUV instead of a planet-sized one on our arrival in Texas. We’re here for the week and I hope I keep my wits about me and take plenty of Nokia Crap-cam pictures. The first one will be of our town runabout with three rows of seats and what sounds like a V6 under the bonnet. I spun the tyres when taking off gently from some traffic lights and squealed them every time I turned a corner. Nice coincidence too - today is Martin Luther King day and l...
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Conor's Bandon BlogThe Seasons of my mind (14.1.2006, 14:46 UTC)
We didn’t have a “formal” family holiday in 2005 - a week in Rosslare with the extended family was it for us. As year-end approached, weariness grew. So we threw caution to the wind, threw the children to their granny and headed down from Cavan to Capital City for some pampering and unashamed luxury. Stop reading now if you are offended by the profligate spending by people of their own money when there are still starving babbies in Biafra who don’t have a hand knitted sc...
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Conor's Bandon BlogEircom Broadband 11 hour downtime. What exactly am I paying for? (13.1.2006, 11:50 UTC)
Few useful words for Network Operations in Eircom: Active/Passive Clusters, RAID, RAC, Multi-Pathing, Redundancy, 24*7*365 Network Monitoring, investment, SLA. €33 per month ex-VAT for this? Next time Eircom, maybe don’t double the download speed, just halve the price. This wasn’t just me, this was, in their words, “the Cork region”. Can anyone who has business broadband with Eircom in Cork confirm if they were down from midnight to 11.30am this morning? Are you goi...
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Conor's Bandon BlogTesting Postie Plugin from GMail (13.1.2006, 05:16 UTC)
Dirk, who has written the most excellent Postie plugin for Wordpress is putting a ton of effort into tracking down why I can't send an MMS picture message from Vodafone to the blog using his plug-in. We are now testing other mail clients to see if they work. This one has a picture ...
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Conor's Bandon BlogSmooth n Easy Upgrade to Wordpress 2.0 and Connections Reloaded (10.1.2006, 05:16 UTC)
If anyone who worked for me ever attempted a double simultaneous software upgrade, I'd fire them. But as I'm the boss of me, I can do whatever I like on my blog. Last night I upgraded the blogging software to Wordpress 2.0 and moved the Blog Theme from Connections to ...
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Conor's Bandon Blog (10.1.2006, 05:16 UTC)
------=_Part_2318_4186238.1136850162047 Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit A Vodafone Video/Picture message for you You have been sent a message from Vodafone mobile +353 87 9790297 ...
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Conor's Bandon BlogMy annual fitness frenzy from Jan 4th to Jan 5th is now thankfully at an end (5.1.2006, 17:18 UTC)
After walking quite quickly from the car to the office today in order to burn those extra 4 calories, I suffered slight dizziness at the bottom of the stairs with the thought of walking up them. Luckily I came to my senses and can now happily slob out for another ...
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Conor's Bandon BlogDiner won’t be dining at the Diner again (4.1.2006, 01:12 UTC)
Ach, I hate giving bad reviews of places. I genuinely want every place I eat in to dazzle me. A few months back a new place opened in Bandon - "Jack O'Dwyer's Diner". It caught my eye instantly ...
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Conor's Bandon BlogMr. Yoest’s Ten Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter (3.1.2006, 13:23 UTC)
Sibéal may only be two years old but I'm already preparing for her teen years:Mr. Yoest's Ten Simple Rules for Dating My DaughterTechnorati Tags: kids, daughters, dating
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Conor's Bandon BlogUmmera Smoked Eel - From Ballymore Eustace to Bandon (2.1.2006, 17:14 UTC)
I have promised to blog the Ummera Smoked Eeel since the day I got it and I actually ate it about a week after receiving it in December. Before eating, I scanned all my cook books and the general consesus was that brown-bread, lemon and maybe horseradish were the things ...
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