RaiméisInternet supplier row (9.12.2005, 12:32 UTC)
I’m having a bit of a tussle with my internet supplier, I was wondering if anyone had some advice. I currently have a 2Mb ADSL connection which I changed to recently. Anytime I do a bandwidth speed test with a number of different websites (most US based but usually this one) I get a result of approx 1.2mb/s so I complained to our supplier. They gave me the URL for their speed test and the result was 1.7Mb/s which they claim is perfectly normal for a 2Mb connection. Thing is, when I pr...
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RaiméisNew Irish Language Search Engine (8.12.2005, 07:03 UTC)
I’m delighted to be one of the first to announce the release of a new Irish language search engine, Aimsigh.com. What makes this search engine so special is that it only indexes Irish language documents. It also includes some advanced features special to the language such as ignoring mutations and dealing with non-standard spellings. The full archives of lists Gaeilge-A, Gaelic-L, and Seanchas-L have also been properly indexed in a standard encoding, which Google have failed to do, whic...
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Raiméis.EU TLD (7.12.2005, 14:12 UTC)
The .eu top level domain is now available. Sacre-bl.eu !
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RaiméisThe ultimate getaway vehicle (7.12.2005, 13:54 UTC)
My sense of humour can be a bit odd at times, anyway when I saw this it raised a bit of a chuckle. I was reading the news about the bank employee accused of the Northern bank robbery when I spotted the ad on the right, the ultimate getaway vehicle [image 65kb]. I bet he wished he had that now.
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RaiméisWikipedia tightens rules (7.12.2005, 09:29 UTC)
But did they go far enough? Following a complaint by journalist John Seigenthaler over false allegations that he was somehow involved in the Kennedy assassinations Wikipedia have decided to tighten its rules. They now require users to register before posting new articles. However people can still edit existing articles without registering which is totally stupid really. Wikipedia is a fantastic resource but when it comes to certain subjects it becomes useless because it’s so easily abus...
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RaiméisHyvää Itsepäisyyspäivää (6.12.2005, 16:51 UTC)
I suppose I should mention that today is Finnish Independence Day (Itsepäisyyspäivää). They’re fairly proud of their independence these Finns. They had a parade in the city centre with all the usual flag flying, military vehicles and a fly-over of some Air Force aircraft. I would have taken some pictures only I was in bed trying to get over a wicked hangover. We’d bit of a session last night ya see. Finland
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RaiméisFirefox acting the bollox (2.12.2005, 18:10 UTC)
I don’t know what I’ve done to Firefox but it’s using a lot RAM at the moment. Anybody else have similar problems? I’ve heard that some Mac users are having problems also but I think that’s because of an existing bug. I’ll have to do a bit of investigating.
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RaiméisDigital Cameras (2.12.2005, 09:45 UTC)
I’ve decided to invest in a digital camera, hopefully this weekend, but I’m absolutely clueless on what to look for. Anyone got any recommendations? I have only three requirements, it must be compact not SLR, it needs to be good quality (4-5m px?) and it must be cheap! Any ideas?
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RaiméisAnother winter snap (1.12.2005, 13:25 UTC)
  Any closer and this guy’d have a nice dented bonnet before the end of the day. This usually happens when the temperature rises a bit after a large snowfall, the whole volume of snow slides down the roof. I can just hear the thuds now as the snow falls. This can actually be dangerous enough at times. Depending on how the temperature has been changing the snow might be quite hard and if it’s falling off a 3-4 story building in the centre of the city … well lets ju...
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RaiméisI’m offaly offended (30.11.2005, 23:50 UTC)
I was just checking my site stats, checking where youze all are coming from and just noticed that someone found Raiméis by searching for “ira bollox” on Doogle. Doogle adds an extra word when you do a search and the actual keywords which give me a #1 placing are “ira bollox Offaly”. I guess I should be offended, I don’t want someone thinking I am from Offaly.
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RaiméisFeckin winter. (30.11.2005, 08:48 UTC)
   Just took a couple of quick snaps out my office/cubicle/corner window. Feckin winter. Edit: Which reminds me, the macamobile needs new winter tyres.
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RaiméisFirefox 1.5 online! (29.11.2005, 23:41 UTC)
Firefox 1.5 has just been released! Unfortunately the Irish version is not out yet, it was due to be released at the same time but it hasn’t been cleared by the relevant pers in Mozilla as far as I know. Hopefully we’ll have it soon. You’ll notice that they’ve also done some work on the website! gaeilge, firefox
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RaiméisNew Irish blogger for Slugger (29.11.2005, 23:06 UTC)
Slugger O’Toole have a new Irish language blogger, Cathal O Foirreidh. Mick had previously mentioned to me that perhaps I could contribute some Irish posts to Slugger [since I spend so much time there anyway] but with my remedial Irish there was never a chance, so I’m delighted to see Cathal taking this role. If all his posts are as good as his first then we’re in for a treat. gaeilge
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RaiméisYaILP: Yet another Irish language poll (29.11.2005, 10:42 UTC)
A telephone poll carried out on behalf of Foinse [an overhaul of that website is long overdue lads!] shows the public is split over whether or not Irish should be a compulsory subject in schools. The poll revealed [registration cheat] that 65% of people under 34 think that Irish should remain a compulsory subject but support drops to only 26% for those over the age of 34. The positive support for the language doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s in line with what we saw before, but wha...
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RaiméisBruce Lee 27th November 1940 - 20th July 1973 (27.11.2005, 12:59 UTC)
On this day, November 27th, in the Year of the Dragon (1940) Lee Jun Fan was born in a Chinatown hospital in San Francisco. His father and mother travelled to the US as his father, Lee Hoi Chuen was performing with the Cantonese Opera Company. Lee Jun Fan, otherwise known as Bruce Lee, would go on to become one of the most celebrated and influential martial artists ever. Bruce Lee is best known for his film Enter the Dragon and his role as Kato in the TV series The Green Hornet, but he also s...
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RaiméisCraving Bowie (25.11.2005, 20:00 UTC)
I’ve had an awful craving for some David Bowie recently, not any of his newer stuff, I need the golden oldies. Problem is I can’t bloody find my Changes Bowie tape anywhere which only makes the craving worse. I was reading an Irish book earlier (ok it was just a phrase book for parents) and came across the phrase “déanaimis rince” (let’s dance) and that was enough to start the craving again. Now I can’t get that song out of my head… Déanaim...
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RaiméisGreats Passing on… (25.11.2005, 19:14 UTC)
As you probably know soccer legend George Best has died in hospital at the age of 59. I won’t waste much time on him because although he was probably the most talented player to ever come from this island he was given a second chance at life with a liver transplant but pissed it away. Many people don’t get a second chance. Another sad death is a legend of another kind. Pat Morita, the man who played Kesuke Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies, died yesterday at his home in Las Vegas ...
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RaiméisJadotville soldiers honoured (24.11.2005, 09:40 UTC)
I’m delighted to read the news this morning that the Irish soldiers who fought at Jadotville in the Congo are finally being honoured by the state today. Willie “Bad motherfucker” O’Dea is to unveil a commemorative plaque at Custume Army Barracks in Athlone at 4.30pm with the CoS of the DF, Lt.Gen. Jim Sreenan. The Siege at Jadotville was shamefully swept under the rug, the men who fought there branded cowards. In truth those men fought with courage and honour and deserv...
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RaiméisIreland slide again in FIFA rankings (23.11.2005, 12:24 UTC)
The ROI soccer team slid further down the FIFA rankings following our failure to quality for the world cup. We’re now lying in 23rd behind great soccer nations like Iran, Costa Rica, Greece and Japan! Sad! The Scots have managed to climb one place to 61st, Wales have also moved up one to 72nd, the N.Irish up three to 101st (they’re still not Brazil) and the English remain the same in 9th place. The French, the langers, are in 5th place, they don’t deserve that.
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RaiméisGerry’s Browser Review (23.11.2005, 09:30 UTC)
Gerry O’Sullivan is doing a review of the browsers he uses. It’s something I had intended to do but never found the energy. So far he has reviewed Safari [Safari home] and Camino [Camino home] (both Mac only) and i’m sure there’s more to come. Btw if you’re a Mac user Microsoft actually recommends that you find an alternative to Internet Exploder. Regarding browser options, there’s quite a few available and worth checking out. The best (that I have trie...
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RaiméisReview: Gaelic Games Football (22.11.2005, 22:41 UTC)
I’ve finally gotten my copy of GGF and had a chance to review it (1 night). Before I start I think it’s important to note that there’s no point comparing the game to the best of the best football games (Pro Evolution Soccer 5 or FIFA 2006) after all GGF is produced by a tiny company* for a very limited audience and did not get a fraction of resources dedicated to it of PES5 or FIFA. Speaking of FIFA, I currently have FIFA 2003, this is probably EA Sports’ 8th (at least...
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RaiméisWhat’s in it for me? (22.11.2005, 12:24 UTC)
I’ve been sitting on the following post for a week or two and wasn’t going to bother posting it at all until I read Gerry’s post on ‘Identity Crisis‘. He raises a very important point that (re)unification would be as painful for nationalists as it would for unionists (by “nationalists” I presume he means all uz green coloured Irish, personally I wouldn’t describe myself as a nationalist). The NI constitutional question always follows the same line...
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RaiméisHappy anniversary to me (22.11.2005, 09:31 UTC)
I work as a lap dancing assistant which basically means I get to wipe the sweat of a lap dancers pulsating bosoms and punch out guys who get too touchy feely (i’m actually a qualified exotic dancer but choose to work a less stressful position). Today I am 5 years and 2 days in the job which means I should get a small pay rise … which is small consolation for the fact that our club is closing down at the end of the year. We’re part of an international chain of adult entertain...
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RaiméisLatest Nonsense (21.11.2005, 09:28 UTC)
I have added a new plugin which shows the latest Raiméis activity in the sidebar. I have only tested in in Firefox & IE6 on Windows, if you have any difficulty with it please let me know. (this thread will be removed in a couple of days)
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RaiméisCroke Park to host Notre Dame - Navy Battle (20.11.2005, 18:38 UTC)
Last Thursday Notre Dame & Navy (American Football college teams) signed a contract to continue their annual battle for another ten years, keeping going the longest running college football rivalry in history. And it’s been confirmed that the teams will play in Croke Park on September 1, 2012! The last time they played in Croke Park was in 1996 when Notre Dame beat Navy 54-27. I’m not an American Football fan at all but it would be pretty interesting to see a live game. It&...
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RaiméisKeano Quits! (18.11.2005, 13:31 UTC)
That’s it. Roy Keane has left Man. United. A statement released by United has confirmed that Keano, after twelve and a half years 480 appearances and 51 goals with the club, has left with immediate effect, he won’t even see out the season. Shite! But what an asset Keane has been to the club, an amazing player & captain he has given so much to United and is surely one of the main reasons they’ve had so much success in the past ten years or so. He’ll be a hard man ...
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RaiméisNo GGF yet… (18.11.2005, 07:01 UTC)
My GGF still hasn’t arrived yet and i’m quite cheesed off about that. It would have been nice to have it for the weekend. It was shipped on Thursday last week, how long exactly does it take to send a package from the UK to Finland, does it really need more than 8 days? It’s less than 3 feckin hours by plane and maybe another few hours to/from airports, so what happens the rest of the time? Bastards. Update: It arrived this morning (21st), full critique coming in a couple ...
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RaiméisFirefox & Thunderbird testers needed (17.11.2005, 09:49 UTC)
It’s getting horrid close to the official 1.5 releases for Firefox & Thunderbird. The Irish localization teams would appreciate some feedback on the latest versions of their work. You can get 1.5 RC2 versions of Firefox anseo and Thunderbird anseo. It’s available for multiple platforms just make sure you download the Irish files (identified with ga-IE). You can send your feedback to the official mailing list, make sure to highlight what platform you are testing on. Mac test...
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RaiméisDealing with comment spam (17.11.2005, 09:38 UTC)
Comment spam can be a bit of a problem. Although it doesn’t look like I have a problem on this blog, I do, the moderation system I have here prevents spam from showing up on the blog but my inbox is treated to a healthy dose of spam on a fairly regular basis. I’ve managed to cut down on it recently by closing some old threads which were the target of some heavy spamming. Spam is a massive problem on a guest book which I run on one of my other sites (the ssi-developer domain has a ...
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RaiméisGoogle Base Launched (16.11.2005, 08:41 UTC)
Google Base has finally launched. According to Google: Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content that we’ll host and make searchable online. Basically if you have any type of content which you want to make available to others you can submit it to Google base. So if you have a car for sale or want someplace to put your poetry GBase is the place for you.
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