Number6's BlogJust another day (15.2.2006, 12:11 UTC)
Sitting here in the lab, suppose to be in a physics lecture but i feel all icky, so i think i’ll stay here. Jesus, it’s roasting in here! Heading off to Petersburg (The outdoor education center) tomorrow for the Gaisce. 7 of us, not a lot in all honesty… but it’s better then nothing! Man, I’m tired. I want this day to be over!
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Number6's BlogMonday (13.2.2006, 20:09 UTC)
Listening to: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Cannon Well, my bloody PC (lovingly called Coras) died lastnight. It’s not as if I used the damn thing much, it was a buggy as fuck. I have a feeling that it is the memory… but the motherboard is knackered and apon further inspection I noticed that a few CPU pins were bent like a slash-hook! Getting some sweet new stuff from Komplett… a stop gap measure until I move into Cuirt Seoige (where I’ll be building a HUGE media center box), which should be soon. House party here I come \o/ Currently going through the news, for topics to discuss tomorrow on the Radio. Intersocs is going well so far. Don’t know if any “frinkers” are on it yet, but only time will tell if the users actually want to use it. Ordered a few WestWing Box sets from ebay today, and with my 25e voucher I got a nice discount on MS Flight Sim 2004 : A Century of Flight. My new(ish) system better damn well run it.
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Number6's BlogDamn (12.2.2006, 23:58 UTC)
Completly forgot that I had one of these things! Be sure to come back, more to come during the weeks and months. Nick
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Number6's BlogYummy beer (26.7.2005, 12:26 UTC)
I got my beer keg yesterday, and it is now chugging away, making bitter for me. Hmm 40 pints of goodness
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Number6's BlogHospital & GP visit (15.7.2005, 17:55 UTC)
Went to the hospital to see my “other” psychiatrist. Cathy is her name. We talked for about 15 mins, just general how are you type questions. “Have I had any major depressive episodes again”, “How’s life at home” “Are you eating well”, “Have you done any drugs lately”, “Any side-effects”. On the side effects side of things I’ve been experiencing dizzyness (due to low blood pressure caused by the Lustral) and tiredness - also due to low pressure. As well as the sexual side effects :/ She was very open with me, and read out my chart to me, and explained anything I didn’t understand. She was very happy with my progress and asked me if I wanted to stay with her as my psychiatrist as an out patient. I kindly declined, as Dr.Rachel is my psychiatrist. She said I have Severe depression (hence the high doseage of Lustral - 150mg) as well as depression induced anxiety. She was more then happy to discharge me from her care but told me to visit my GP for a check up. I went for a bite to eat with Mom in the Forge, I had a lovely salad and got some product information about Valium from the local chemist. I then went to the local GP, Dr.Tom Dr.Tom is a lovely GP, in my mind he should have become a psychiatrist - he has that caring attitude about him. We talked for about 15 mins about Italy, and I gave him all the information we collected over there. He took my blood pressure, which was very low but nothing to worry too much about. He wasn’t happy with my ALT tests (liver enzimes) which was 59, but again nothing to worry about. He said it probably wasn’t serious, as it was the only one raised - “Probably caused by all the pills you’ve been on recently, including the pnumonia”. He suggested that I call back to him after his holidays and get a SMACK 20 blood test done… just to be sure that the ALT levels didn’t raise. He wrote me a letter for college, saying that I missed a lot of college being sick, and with my depression he suggested that I repeat the year (Dr.Cathy also gave me a letter to that effect) and gave me a repeat prescription for: Fybo Gel - A fibre supplement Nexium - A super version of rennies antacid tablets Rhinocort - For my sinuses All which should cost me nothing under the Drugs Payment Scheme (which is why I asked him for the Rx). Speaking about the DPS, I’m still waiting for the card to come.m It’s been over 2 months and still no word from them. Both of my chemists(Home and City) said that was very odd. I went to my “local” chemist here at home, but he told me not to get my Rx filled there, I was to stay with the same chemist as it would save me having to fill out forms. Which I did. I’ll get my Rx tomorrow, their not vital like my “happy pills”. Peace out, Nick
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Number6's BlogValium (13.7.2005, 18:02 UTC)
I feel a lot better. Calmer, no more heart palpitations. It feels like I’m floating on a cloud of serenity. It does feel odd to change from a state of utter panic to utter calmness, but it’s nice here. I feel warm (although this could just be the lovely weather) and at peace with myself.
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Number6's BlogItaly and rant (13.7.2005, 17:50 UTC)
I’m back from Italy. I got a new suit (currently getting altered) and a 250gb external HDD for 75e. I’m well chuffed. I stayed in Verona, went to the open air opera in the collesium (sp?) and had a lot of italian food - which I’ve gotten a taste for now. I love pasta! I completly forgot about this blog for a while, before my psychiatrist recomended writing down my feelings and thoughts. So I’ll start with today. Today: My ex girlfriend tried ringing me, as did her friend. As I told her, I don’t answer private numbers anymore. I was curious, more afraid really - I had a panic attack and am still feeling uneasy. I’m not going to ring or text her back, I burned my bridges. The phone call and texts actually put me in a very depressive state, which I’m still in right now. Yesterday: Went to see my psychiatrist, she’s a very nice woman. When I was in hospital she used to ring me and see how I was. She refilled my prescription, which would have cost me 200e but the pharmacist just took 85e (Drug Payment Scheme) even though I don’t have the DPS card right now. I spent a bit of it on dinner and a few pints, and I’m thinking about spending the rest on a 250gb internal hard drive for my big computer - lovingly called Córas (Irish for System). Christ, that panic attack is still going on. I’m contemplating taking a Valium or Xanax Oh yeah, I got Valium for the first time, instead of Xanax. It’s slower acting and a lower dose but it’s still a good tranquiliser. Took a 2mg Valium tablet, effects still haven’t kicked in yet I talked to my psychiatrist about the depression awareness week I plan on running in NUIG She won’t be speaking, but she’s finding me speakers. I hope it to be an informative series of lectures. I’ll post a blog on what being on valium is like later, when it kicks in. Nick
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Number6's BlogDeath (13.7.2005, 17:35 UTC)
It’s always strange, the feeling I get when someone close to me dies. I feel nothing for a long time, then erupt in emotion. Delayed shock I guess.
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Number6's BlogEbay Addiction (23.6.2005, 15:40 UTC)
It’s offical. I have an ebay addiction. I’m after spending over 200e on ebay for clothes. I’ve bought 3 suits: 3 Ties: A pair of shoes: 2 Coats: Those suits better fit, or I’ll go crackers. Also, I’m going to Italy on Sunday with the parental units. It means that I’m gonna be missing the boards beers up in Dublin But it does mean fine wine, and even finer food. I hope to catch an opera while I’m over there too. I’ll post pictures when come back. Hopefully it’ll be a good trip, but with the parents and the kiddies… I’m not too sure. N
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Number6's BlogJust out (15.6.2005, 15:59 UTC)
Well, I’m just out of hospital after checking myself in on Thursday after severe depression and suicidal thoughts. I was released today, so GO ME! Appologies for not being online before that, but we had no net access in the Psyciatric unit of UCHG. I’m out, and I feel better. Hopefully I wont have to go back there again, but I liked that place and felt safe there.
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Number6's BlogGreetings (8.6.2005, 17:21 UTC)
Wellity wellity wellity. I’ve finally gotten my subscription, and I think I shall waste my first journal entry on ****e. Seriously. I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe depression, and am currently taking medication to sort that out.
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