tagging tech /john collins/why small kids and expensive electronics don't mix (8.12.2005, 21:11 UTC)
writing this on a very sick laptop which has only two thirds of a functioning screen. my 10-month-old managed to step on my hp pavilion dv 1000 laptop this afternoon which had a small piece of plastic between the screen and the keyboard. check out the picture to see the results. they say bad luck comes in threes. last week my sony ericsson smart phone ended up in the bath, although that recovered. don't think my laptop is ever going to be the same again. what's next?
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tagging tech /john collins/the internet is coming back and consumers are leading the way - accenture (7.12.2005, 17:19 UTC)
met with bob suh, chief technology strategist with accenture last week and the interview will be running in the irish times on friday. accenture engaged in a major piece of research with cios of large corporations this year to try and ascertain the difference between technology investment at successful firms and average and low performing ones. it investing for high performance is a far better read than most of this kind of research (as accenture themselves admit in the notes, global cios are o...
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tagging tech /john collins/just the excuse i need to buy some tunes this weekend (2.12.2005, 17:13 UTC)
apple are celebrating the imminent 100 millionth download from itunes in europe. nice prize (if you forego the robbie williams tickets) and nice excuse for me to go shopping this weekend.
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tagging tech /john collins/rainy day reading (2.12.2005, 17:13 UTC)
it's pissing down in dublin, it's cold and it's looking like a very quite news day so i've been catching up on reading: It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted (the reg) this was one of the issues when i wrote about our abortive e-voting efforts - the dutch developers refused to open up the source code for independent inspection. (thanks to keith for the tip) Sam Walton Taught Google More About How to Dominate the Internet Than Microsoft Ever Did and Taking over the digital...
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tagging tech /john collins/between the devil and the deep blue sea (2.12.2005, 13:11 UTC)
i mentioned yesterday the phone and broadband problems i've been having sporadically for the last 6 weeks or so. in that time i've interfaced with bt telephone support (with suggestions varying from the slightly useful to the totally inane) and also had an eircom engineer come out to the house and poke about. he told me he couldn't find a fault and it could be the various equipment we have on the line - we have a monitored alarm from eircom phonewatch and also a tv ratings box from nielsen. the ...
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tagging tech /john collins/the things we take for granted (1.12.2005, 17:24 UTC)
i don't know how many times i've been interviewing people in the it industry about voice-over-ip and i get the standard line about how much higher standards are expected for voice - you have to be able to pick up the phone and get a dial tone - while with data networks occassional downtime is acceptable. i've had to remind myself of this several times over the last month or so while i've had sporadic landline service with occassional interuptions to broadband. i'm with bt for all my services and...
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tagging tech /john collins/palm appoints irish man to head up global sales (30.11.2005, 21:12 UTC)
Link: Palm Names John Hartnett Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales & Customer Relations. i've been a long time palm fan going back to the palm v in the late nineties although i have to say the company seems to have lost its way a little in recent times following the palm one/palm source split. palm one, the hardware bit, is now calling itself palm again and has appointed a limerick native to head up its global sales. anyone know any other irish-born execs that have managed to rise so high ...
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tagging tech /john collins/getting to grips with 3's take on 3g (30.11.2005, 17:18 UTC)
dropping your phone in a bath is not advisable. that's what i did with my sony ericsson p910i last week, but you can hopefully read more about that in computers in business with this week's sunday business post. fortunately i had another phone to hand to tide me over - the lg u8138 3g handset which 3 ireland had given me to trial (yes i know i had an i-mode phone from o2 recently as well but before anyone starts these were the first handsets i've had on review in years). i'd been playing with ...
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tagging tech /john collins/global ambitions don't mean you have to abandon your roots (30.11.2005, 17:18 UTC)
business objects are a company that has been on my radar for a while. they are the leaders in the business intelligence space which is one of the fastest growing segments of enterprise software. largely i think because it's recession proof - even if the shit is hitting the fan you are going to invest in these products to find out why and what you can do to react. biz objects are also one of the few mega-successful european software companies like sap and sage who have annual revenues of over a b...
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tagging tech /john collins/dri raises important questions about irma's legal actions (29.11.2005, 13:13 UTC)
Link: Digital Rights Ireland IRMA’s Legal Action. seems the digital rights ireland guy are doing something right. according to antoin they've been getting up irma's nose as dick doyle described them as "jumping on the bandwagon - trying to make a name for themselves". i missed this article they published recently on some of the legal issues around irma's actions against "serial uploaders", but it's recommended reading.
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tagging tech /john collins/what google's really up to with google talk (29.11.2005, 13:13 UTC)
Link: Good Morning Silicon Valley: Phone-sex industry thrilled at Google's click-to-call plans. whenever google releases any new product there is just so much speculation about what it means and where they are trying to go. John Paczkowski, as usual, seems to have a lot more insight than most when he looks at the implication of google's click-to-call. you can be sure e-bay has similar plans for skype.
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tagging tech /john collins/just to prove i actually did some work in las vegas (26.11.2005, 01:16 UTC)
my interview with john swainson, the ceo of ca appeared in the irish times today. as i mentioned in a previous post i wasn't over impressed by his keynote at ca world but in person he was a totally different character. not the usual slick executive but still knew his stuff which left me with the impression of an honest, intelligent guy. his work as head of the unit that developed and launched ibm's websphere gives me the impression he could have what's needed to get ca back on track.   al...
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tagging tech /john collins/and the virus writer of the week is... (26.11.2005, 01:15 UTC)
was working on a pc today that didn't have any desktop spam filtering and downloaded a copy of my mail from the last week to it. which meant i saw the version of the sober x worm that i'd received earlier in the week but which was successfully filtered out on my own machine. i got the cia version which in terms of the mail accompanying was of a much higher quality than most worms and viruses - the phone number they give to contact the cia is actually real one (i googled it rather than ringing th...
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tagging tech /john collins/ms to submit office formats to standards body (22.11.2005, 17:20 UTC)
just received a press release from microsoft which says they are submitting the "Microsoft Office Open XML document format" to standards body Ecma International. they say they will also make tools available to allow older office docs to "capitalise on the open standard format", which i presume means there will be some form of file converter. the submission is being backed by apple, barclays capital, bp, the british library, essilor, intel, nextpage, statoil and toshiba. &quo...
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tagging tech /john collins/diploma mill pressure too much for mcsweeney (15.11.2005, 21:13 UTC)
just got the press release from the department of enterprise, trade and employment saying that barry mcsweeney (no dr. this time) has resigned as chief science advisor. not surprised he gave in to the pressure, rte were like a dog with a bone on this, and rightly so too. the guy showed a massive lack of judgement, not to mention a total disdain for the academic system, by buying his phd from pacific western university. of course all the people looking for stronger control of the press forget tha...
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tagging tech /john collins/frys electronics - for all your geek needs (15.11.2005, 17:14 UTC)
couldn't resist a visit to the vegas  branch of frys electronics yesterday - how sad am i? for those not in the now fry's is an aladdin's cave of accessories for the geek lifestyle - everything from hard drive casings to ipod goodies. saw lots of attendees from ca world who were also sneeking out for a gadget fix, as well as a couple of buddhist monks although i didn't manage to see what they were loading their trolly up with!
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tagging tech /john collins/ca's new ceo is certainly a safe pair of hands (15.11.2005, 05:09 UTC)
LAS VEGAS: the keynote from ca's new ceo, john swainson, at their ca world event here was, how shall I put this, a little underwhelming. given the travails that the company has been through in recent times, i would have thought swainson would have been much more upfront with customers about how ca is emerging from the quagmire of fraud and has drawn a line under it to go forward. i get the impression though, that's just not the guy's style. ca didn't opt for an ibm veteran to become their new ce...
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tagging tech /john collins/ca not afraid to back multiple horses in emerging web services (14.11.2005, 05:10 UTC)
LAS VEGAS: interesting overview from computer asscoiate's cto, yogesh gupta, this morning on where ca sees technology evolving and what it's priorities are going to be. the presentation could be summed up as follows. computing and networks are becoming pervasive which makes things more complex for it managers; as a result they are going to need better tools to manage that complexity which ca will provide. areas highlighted included mobility, network convergence and web services/ service oriented...
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tagging tech /john collins/greetings from sin city usa (13.11.2005, 21:11 UTC)
yes, i'm in las vegas as a guest of computer associates for their annual conference, ca world. expect regular updates on security, systems management, storage, and of course whatever else i get up to in this oasis of pleasure in the desert, over the next couple of days. after travelling for 20 hours yesterday to get here, this was the view out of my hotel room window last night.
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tagging tech /john collins/wsj doesn't think much of our tech innovation (9.11.2005, 01:10 UTC)
thanks to brian o'neill for spotting this excellent article in the wall street journal on how microsoft and other us corporations are using irish tax law to minimise their global tax bill. well-researched and in-depth piece as you'd expect from the wsj, but i have to say i think the overall piece gave the impression of ireland as a tax haven where little real tech development is done. that may have been true 15 years ago but is far from being the case now. nortel's galway operation is its global...
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tagging tech /john collins/a lone voice in our entrepeneur mad country? (2.11.2005, 13:12 UTC)
the joys of having 2 young kids - i got around to reading the news review from the sunday times after they had gone to the creche this morning. only three days late. anyway, blogger and journalist sarah carey is undoubtedly an excellent writer, probably far better than i will ever be, but i've often found her choice of subject matter for her sunday columns just doesn't connect with me. her column this week is different. in it she questions the whole cult of enterpeneur and how we are all worki...
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tagging tech /john collins/microsoft vs oracle: let the database wars begin (1.11.2005, 13:12 UTC)
Link: ORACLE UNVEILS FREE DATABASE –ORACLE DATABASE 10g EXPRESS EDITION. interesting this press release arrives in my in-box just days after the invite to the launch of SQL Server, Visual Studio 2005 and BizTalk Server from microsoft's pr company which they are billing as "the biggest Microsoft launch in 2005". ms are bringing a senior exec in to dublin for next week's launch, andy lees, who looks after marketing for server and tools products. i've already been told he's going to...
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tagging tech /john collins/timing is everything when writing about takeover targets (31.10.2005, 13:14 UTC)
Link: Revived O2 takes control of its destiny. paul durman's piece yesterday about how o2 is forging it's own destiny now seems very speculative in light of telefonica's £17.7 agreed bid for the uk, german and irish telco. of course in today's times they aren't saying o2 has shrugged off bidders but instead suggest the revitalised mobile operator could be the subject of a bidding war.
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tagging tech /john collins/local loop unbundling saga moves forward - a little (27.10.2005, 20:31 UTC)
comreg has published its response to the 80 page document that eircom submitted to it on the vexed issue of local loop unbundling, a process that seems to basically have stalled. comreg's response can be summarised as follows: eircom is fundging on the issue of geographic number portability (which would allow for landline replacement by mobile as you could get a local number for your mobile). eircom does not recognise the importance of local loop unbundling eircom has not fulfilled its obliga...
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tagging tech /john collins/ibm continues to open up its patent bank (26.10.2005, 19:26 UTC)
Link: IBM expands free access to patents | Tech News on ZDNet. following moves at the start of the year to offer some of its patents to the open source community ibm, which invests over us$5 billion annually in r&d, is now expanding the scheme to cover healthcare and education projects based on open standards.
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tagging tech /john collins/are intel and hp backing the wrong horse? (25.10.2005, 12:52 UTC)
Link: Intel pushes back Itanium chips, revamps Xeon | CNET News.com. Intel has delayed by months the release of the next three major versions of the Itanium processor, a new blow for the processor family.itanium, the 64-bit chip co-funded by hp and intel, hits yet another speed bump. one has to wonder if anyone other than hp and intel now see this as being the 64-bit platform of choice for the next generation of servers. sun seeming to be doing very nicely with its own sparc systems and amd-bas...
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tagging tech /john collins/politican gives a straight answer - shock (24.10.2005, 15:07 UTC)
visiting the high-tech cluster of cambridge in the uk today as part of a european commission briefing for journalists about the opportunities for small companies to engage in r&d projects. more of that anon. the opening keynote was from barry gardiner - the british government's junior minister with responsibility for competitiveness. one of the things he mentioned in his speech was the small business research initiative, a scheme whereby government departments devote 2.5% of the "extram...
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tagging tech /john collins/hilarious daily mail headline generator (21.10.2005, 13:42 UTC)
check out the Daily Mail-o-matic to see how easy it is to create daily mail headlines. My favourite is WILL CHRIS MORRIS STRIP YOUR MORTGAGE OF ALL DIGNITY? Very amusing until you realise we are going to have an irish version of this lowest common denominator journalism come january.
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tagging tech /john collins/making money from self-publishing (21.10.2005, 11:58 UTC)
Link: How to make money on your news content website. good wiki article over at the online journalism review which sums up the various ways blogging journalists and other self-publishers can make money from their work.
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tagging tech /john collins/EXCLUSIVE: comreg to auction off wireless broadband data spectrum (20.10.2005, 10:53 UTC)
blogging from the international wireless conference organised by investnet at the rds this morning. the news this morning is that comreg is to announce an auction process for its next allocation of spectrum. the spectrum is concerned is in the 400Mhz and 900Mhz bands and will be for what it calls "wideband digital mobile data services". it's believed there has been up to seven expressions of interest which is why comreg plans to move to an auction model rather than its "beauty con...
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