Seo CookbookImproving Search Engine Results with Careful Titles (13.2.2006, 00:12 UTC)
If you are careful and choose the right keywords in your article title you will get a lot more traffic. Christopher Knight’s article on writing good titles, from an SEO perspective, gives some very useful insights into how the right choice of words can make all the difference. If nothing else the core argument is worth remembering: MYTH: Most people will read your articles because they came to a website and started browsing just like they do if they were to have gone to a local book sto...
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Seo drops Jeeves (11.2.2006, 11:39 UTC)
According to a recent BBC piece will be dropping P.G.Wodehouse’s familiar Jeeves icon from their brand. According to the article the butler will be gone by the end of February 2006, ten years after the site first appeared. via
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Seo CookbookGoogle Design Usability (5.2.2006, 13:49 UTC)
One of the main differences between Google and Yahoo has always been the simplicity of the main page. While Yahoo’s main page has always been crammed with content, Google kept it simple, but even its simplicity could be improved, or so claims Andy Rutledge Rutledge analyses the current positioning of navigation elements on the main page and offers an alternative design. It makes for interesting reading.
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Seo CookbookConfused by the terms? (31.1.2006, 08:43 UTC)
When you start out into the world of seo and online marketing you will be bombarded with new terms to describe what you are seeing. PR? I thought Google had a public relations department and what has that got to do with my website?? SERPS? It sounds like some kind of virus! If you find all the terminology confusing then I’d recommend you check out this page which explains most of the terminology you are likely to encounter
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Seo CookbookGetting your site indexed quickly (29.1.2006, 14:07 UTC)
A question I keep seeing time and time again is “how quickly can I get my site indexed?” or “Why hasn’t my site been indexed yet?” The first question I have to ask is: Is it a new domain or a previously owned one? If it is a previously owned com/net/org/info/biz domain then you may find that it is sandboxed for quite some time. This is because domain name speculation on dmoz listed sites is becoming a serious issue. In either case I would recommend that you star...
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Seo Cookbooktest (18.1.2006, 02:57 UTC)
this is a test
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Seo CookbookNew Search Engine Optimisation / Online Marketing Forum (11.1.2006, 08:10 UTC)
There is a new forum to discuss search engine optimisation and online marketing to cater to webmasters and small business owners.
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Seo CookbookSearch Engine Ranking Factors (3.10.2005, 07:30 UTC)
Factors affecting search engine rank Found via CI
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Seo CookbookGoogle Strikes Back? (11.8.2005, 07:43 UTC)
Since Yahoo announced the launch of their alternative to Adsense some people are reporting an increase in payouts from Adsense. Are we on the verge of a content advertising war?
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Seo CookbookSpecialised Directories are your friends (11.8.2005, 07:05 UTC)
A lot of SEO experts talk about the top strategies to success and building links is always cited as one of them. One area of link building that will not cost you anything except time is directory submission. You can take a two-pronged approach to this: Regional Topic If you are promoting an Irish website, for example, then you would want to start with the Irish directories. If you don’t know where to find them you can start by looking here. Simply navigate to the corresponding sec...
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Seo CookbookContextual Ad Mania (4.8.2005, 23:41 UTC)
Maybe it’s that time of year or maybe there’s simply a lot of activity in the big bad world of search engines. In either case this week seems to be the week for ad networks. Yahoo has just launched a beta of its ad network. At present only US publishers may participate, but you can expect that to broaden within a few months. MSN, on the other hand, is talking of launching its own version this autumn. Although the technology employed by Google may not be available to its competito...
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Seo CookbookSearch Engine relationships (3.8.2005, 16:19 UTC)
Knowing which search engine or directory feeds which portal etc., is very useful. For the last few years there have been a number of such charts online. Try this one
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Seo CookbookAsk Jeeves to launch new advertising network (2.8.2005, 08:39 UTC)
Ask Jeeves are to launch a new advertising network which will allow advertisers “to more effectively purchase, manage and optimize campaigns on Ask Jeeves ( and its advertising syndication network” The new service is scheduled to launch on August 15th and details will be made available at the new site, which is currently a holding page. Some of the features on offer include: “Multi-campaign management features: — Advanced spend management options including ...
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Seo CookbookGetting listed in DMOZ (1.8.2005, 11:53 UTC)
The Open Directory is the biggest human edited directory and is also the most important. Although it is not without its issues, it is very important to get your site listed there as so many other directories “feed” off it. If you are thinking of submitting to DMOZ then you need to bear a number of things in mind: It is human edited, so your link has to be accepted by someone before it will appear. The editors are all volunteers who edit the directory in their free time, so you sh...
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Seo CookbookRevamping your site? Tell the search engines! (1.8.2005, 00:09 UTC)
If you give your website an overhaul pages may move, be deleted or be replaced. Although a person viewing your site may not be aware of your site’s internal structure it can be very important. If you moved house you would tell the post office where to send your mail, wouldn’t you? Your website should be no different. The problem: For example, one of the sites I’m involved with underwent a complete overhaul a couple of years ago and the pages moved from being named somepage....
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Seo CookbookLog analysis - measuring seo success (29.7.2005, 21:30 UTC)
You have put in the hours. Your site looks great. You have spent days tweaking it for the search engines and have manually submitted it to all the directories. How can you measure your success? If you are hosting your site with any hosting provider these days you will be given access to some form of website statistics. Make use of them! Depending on your hosting provider you will be offered anything from webalizer to Awstats to Urchin. Each one offers different ways of viewing your log fil...
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Seo CookbookSearch Engine Spiders - The first week (29.7.2005, 00:38 UTC)
When you setup a new site one of your big concerns is going to be getting it indexed. If the site isn’t indexed then it won’t appear in any search engine results. As I promised earlier this week, I intend to share the success and failure of the SEO for this website. This domain was only registered last Sunday, so it is less than a week old. Which robots (search engines) have visited it so far? A cursory glance at the logs reveals the following: Googlebot Slurp (Yahoo!) Msnbo...
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Seo CookbookOptimising Dynamic Pages Using Mod_rewrite (28.7.2005, 22:20 UTC)
A lot of personal and business websites are now database driven and use a combination of technologies to store and produce content. Although new technology can bring its advantages you need to be aware of the possible effects on your SEO campaign. This site, for example, uses PHP with MySQL. If I turned off the mod_rewrite options the pages would display in a very different manner. Instead of getting: You would get: ht...
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Seo CookbookThe Dark Side - The other side of SEO (26.7.2005, 19:10 UTC)
Ever wondered how some sites appear to get an inordinate amount of traffic? Why does a website with little or no content appear so high up in the search results, while your site is hidden? Like so many other professions SEO is not without its darker side, sometimes referred to as blackhat SEO. Warning: The kind of techniques employed by “blackhats” can do you serious damage, so please do not use these methods unless you are aware of the consequences. I do not endorse these tec...
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Seo CookbookProper English Improves Results (26.7.2005, 07:38 UTC)
If you want to get your site into the top results, then maybe you need to pay attention to your language. According to a an article Google does pay attention to how you present your content (mentioned here) It’s not merely a matter of writing “snappy” content, or relevant content with your keywords and phrases. The author, Joel Walsh, refers to this “filter” as “Google’s Good Writing Content Filter” and though it may seem hard to believe at fi...
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Seo CookbookSEO Practical Examples - Introduction (25.7.2005, 13:35 UTC)
As this site is about SEO providing practical examples would be the logical step. Over the course of the next few weeks I intend to put together some examples of SEO in practice. Not in theory, but in actual practice, so you can see, to some degree at least, how well the process is, or isn’t, working. In order to make this a bit more interesting I’ve decided to use this site as the primary case study, so you can expect to see more tips and tricks related to the SEO of this site....
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Seo CookbookSeo mistakes (24.7.2005, 15:02 UTC)
I came across a useful post over on 60 days to 100k which covers some of the more common mistakes made by webmasters. A number of them cover what might be referred to as “black hat” tactics, while others should be common sense. One of the points that is worth emphasising is related to hosting. It might seem obvious to a web professional, but there are still so many sites out there promoting businesses that rely on free hosting. There are two basic types of free host. The mo...
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