Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
Rymus {dot} NetIrish Blog Awards; Voting Open! (6.2.2006, 20:41 UTC)
Vote for your favorite blog (i.e. this one) now on the Irish Blog Awards website. Winners will be announced on March 11th at a gala evening (can I get away with calling it a ‘gala evening’?) at Dublin’s Buswells Hotel. I’m nominated in the categories of best photoblog and best blog post, while both myself and Eoin are nominated for best group blog for Munster Pubs. Take yourself over to the voting page, read and indeed click through the various nominated blogs and vote f...
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Rymus {dot} NetLismore Castle (5.2.2006, 17:38 UTC)
And now for a little edumacation; Lismore Castle has been the Irish home of the Dukes of Devonshire since 1753. There has been a castle at Lismore ever since 1185 when Prince John built a “castellum” on the present site. When John became King of England he handed the Castle over to the Church and it was used as a Bishop’s Palace until 1589. The earliest remaining part of the Castle is a round tower, which dates back to the 13th Century. In 1589 the Castle was leased and l...
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Rymus {dot} NetFun with Fire (5.2.2006, 17:25 UTC)
Never let anyone tell you playing with fire isn’t fun or productive! Just a little deviation when there was nothing on TV. More of this kind of thing.
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Rymus {dot} NetWould You Steal Me? (4.2.2006, 20:35 UTC)
Time to review what’s on the ol’ camera phone and post a few of the half useable photos. “Would You Steal Me?”; taken on a wet day on Patrick St. in Cork. Strolling past, I wondered why anyone would want to steal a rusty old bike only suitable for a small child. The lock used to attach it to the signpost was probably worth more than the bike.
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Rymus {dot} NetA cold & frosty night (31.1.2006, 23:46 UTC)
A freak cold spot hit on Saturday night (if I remember correctly) and so, the perfect time for some frigid fingered graffiti on a nearby car. Looks like were in for another cold one tomorrow morning.
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Rymus {dot} NetFarran Woods (30.1.2006, 20:58 UTC)
Bit of a dry spell of late so I’ll post a quick couple of shots from Farran Woods I got the weekend before last. The photos, like the woods itself, are nothing too outstanding; Just a little something to fill up empty space. Few more on Flickr.
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Rymus {dot} Net150 million reasons to do a quick pick on the way home… (27.1.2006, 14:05 UTC)
Ahh one hundred and fifty million euro’s. Enough to completely ruin one persons life, enough to change 150 peoples lives forever, still enough to set 300 people up comfortably for a long time. Enough even to allow 600 people to get onto the property ladder almost debt free. Enough to allow 1200 people to be debt free and put Eddie Hobbs (almost) out of work. Alot of money, too much for one person… With that in mind, I’ll have to remember to pick my lucky numbers on the way home...
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Rymus {dot} NetThe Gearagh (23.1.2006, 21:37 UTC)
Just outside Macroom on the road to Inchigeela is The Gearagh region of the Lee valley. I can’t quite believe I missed it the last time; I must have been half asleep driving west. But anyway here it is in all it’s creepyness. That’s about all I’m going to subject you to for now. Flickr for more.
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Rymus {dot} NetFlashback to the 1980’s (22.1.2006, 19:14 UTC)
Courtesy of those good people over at TV Ark. After spending another long session over on this truly amazing website I thought I’d share some of my favorite clips. Kia-Ora (1984) Milky Way (1989) Scotch Videotape (1985) Trebor Soft Mints (1987) Morph; now sadly lost forever in a fire at the BBC late last year (1980) Roobarb; if only for the theme tune… (1974) Realplayer is required to view all of the clips above. Now for a short disclaimer; if you only find yourself emerging from ...
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Rymus {dot} NetInch Strand (21.1.2006, 22:20 UTC)
After getting some truly splendid directions, we decided to take a spin to now famous Inch strand in east Cork. Famous for all the wrong reasons though. It is quite a hard place to find, but oddly rewarding once you do find it. It’s yet another surfing beach and come the spring will make yet another weekend attraction for me to lounge around at with my camera in tow. But for now… Yup, you guessed it… more on flickr. As a related side note; along with everyone else, I got ...
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Rymus {dot} NetSome Inspiration (17.1.2006, 23:39 UTC)
If you need it that is. One could spend a short lifetime browsing around the archives at Time & Life Pictures. Some very good photos there as you might expect. It’s worth a look, even if you only get the 10 minutes of your coffee break to flick around it at speed.
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Rymus {dot} NetStill more Gougane Barra (15.1.2006, 21:58 UTC)
Inkeeping with my seemingly growing addiction of visiting & photographing Gougane Barra, today we took a drive to (surprise surprise) Gougane Barra! It all happened by accident you see, I was actually looking for somewhere completely different. Honest! I’m not overly pleased with most of these shots, I thought I just better post something before people start wondering if I’d sailed off the edge of the world. There; make of them what you will. I’m off to watch CSI: Mia...
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Rymus {dot} NetSome of Youghal, some of Whitegate (9.1.2006, 00:15 UTC)
Just one of those days you can’t decide where you want to be. Eventually I decided I’d head over to the beach at Inch but neither me or my gps could figure out which way I was headed. I gave up, went to Youghal to save the poor witless dog in the passenger seat from going absolutely nuts. One of these days I’ll have to make a plan. A fine plan of where I’m going for the weekend and what I’m going to take pictures of. Yeah, that’ll happen…     Y...
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Rymus {dot} NetIf you like what you see… (6.1.2006, 20:37 UTC)
Nominations are now closed.. Thanks to anyone who clicked the little link. Voting will commence shortly. nominate me! The very first Irish blog awards are up & running courtesy of Damien Mulley and it’s time to get nominating your favorite blogs. Like a politician around election time, I’m out beating down the virtual doors in efforts to get votes… But eh, no. What I will say though is if you like what you see here on any kind of regular basis don’t be afraid to send...
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Rymus {dot} NetConduire a What?!? (4.1.2006, 18:43 UTC)
Click for a larger version Several weeks ago, I spotted a rather odd sign while driving out of Cork airport. It appeared to be advising English & German speakers to drive on the left side of the road, whereas French speakers should drive on the right! Since first sighting the piece of genius signage, it has provided me with chuckles every time I drive out of the airport grounds. I’m not the only person to spot it though. Damien also raised the issue which prompted me to finally get...
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Rymus {dot} NetNew Years Day (2.1.2006, 23:22 UTC)
Back to known ground; the Old Head of Kinsale & Garretstown for a new years day stroll. Given that I’m not too fond of the old head, call it morbid fear of being blown off a cliff by a freak gust of wind, I still managed to get a few shots before we hastily retreated to Garretstown. It’s so good to be back at sea level..          I’ll have to get around to making that Flickr button…. Until I do, click here for more photos.
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Rymus {dot} NetChristmas Day Swimming (28.12.2005, 20:03 UTC)
Several brave souls (and some presumably that didn’t give it a second thought) took to the waters at Myrtleville on this chilly Christmas Day morning in aid of the Irish Kidney Association. The order of the day appeared to be 1.undress quickly, 2. take a very quick dip and finally 3. dress in warmest clothes possible, guzzle coffee and other hot drinks and sit on hot water bottle. Unaccustomed as I am to hanging around beaches with a telephoto lens, I took only a few shots while my nuts g...
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Rymus {dot} NetThe Lough; Christmas Day (28.12.2005, 12:09 UTC)
Having a stroll around the lough in Cork city is a bit of a Christmas day institution; it’s the perfect place to work off that ill feeling from the huge pig-out earlier that day. Unsurprisingly, I met a few people I know out there and managed to walk a few laps. Of course, I only went out there to take photos… Few more on Flickr.
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Rymus {dot} NetSt. Finbarrs Cathedral (28.12.2005, 11:59 UTC)
What else is there to do around Christmas except ponce around and take photos? Specifically, Christmas eve & St. Finbarrs Cathedral in Cork… A few shots from the grounds… Muchos more on Flickr
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Rymus {dot} NetMerry Fishmas! (22.12.2005, 20:00 UTC)
In possibly my last post before Santa Day 2005, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all my loyal fans a very happy Christmas in the only way I know how; with one or two Christmas tree photos! (woohoo) Whatever your plans are this silly season, have a good one. Speaking for myself, I’m going to take the time off work to catch up on my lack of photography lately. Might visit a few neighbouring counties. Of course I’ll have the obligatory fun with family & fr...
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Rymus {dot} NetPassage West (17.12.2005, 17:05 UTC)
Even though it’s been several days since I last posted, I’m not getting lazy. Ok well I am, but here are a few photos to try and break me free of this procrastinating lull of recent times. All were taken a couple of hours ago on the public walkway in Passage West, Co. Cork. Why is it you never bring a telephoto lens with you when it turns out it’s the one lens you actually needed? Some more on Flickr.
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Rymus {dot} Net60,00 onto Kearney (12.12.2005, 23:28 UTC)
60,00 onto Kearney, originally uploaded by sepiatone. Still further proof that no matter what is going on anywhere on the planet, there’s a flickr user there to document it. This photoset shows detail behind what is my favorite TV ad at the moment; the Sony Bravia advert. Great set of photos from sepiatone.
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Rymus {dot} Net1 Nokia 6600, 3 years of photos (12.12.2005, 20:21 UTC)
So as the trusty old Nokia 6600 has now been passed onto other hands, I spent a few minutes last night whipping all the photos off it that I had gathered in a kind of snap-shot style over the last few years. In not an altogether accurate or interesting way, they document the few changes in my life from around the time I moved out of home in the winter of 2002 to now, the winter of 2005. If you can’t enjoy them, at least let them burn up some of your hugely valuable time… ...
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Rymus {dot} NetThe new gadget (11.12.2005, 19:53 UTC)
It’s been a while since my trusty Nokia 6600 arrived onto the scene and lately it’s really been starting to show it’s age. Slow menus, dropping dialling attempts, missing the odd call and getting phantom voicemail. With that in mind, I went into Carphone Warehouse this afternoon and bought myself a Sony Ericsson (sp?) W800i. A nice bit of kit by all accounts. Good camera, good music player, an RDS radio (hurrah) and all the other related whatnot. It’s my second cauti...
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Rymus {dot} NetDes Bishop in the Opera House (5.12.2005, 11:03 UTC)
We (Sandy & my good self) went to see Des Bishop last night in the Opera House. How glad am I that I booked tickets well in advance? How much credit will herself take for that? Anyway.. Outstanding show, it even justified the wearage of brown pants as I almost soiled myself several times with laughter. The first half of the show revolved alot around taking the piss out of the people in the front couple of rows (there had to be a reason I booked seats at the back of the room) and the second...
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Rymus {dot} NetVernon Mount (4.12.2005, 18:14 UTC)
Instead of the same ol’ beach photos & strolling around looking for something different, today I did something different! We took a spin up to Vernon Mount just outside Douglas to watch the motocross. I’d wanted to try my hand at motocross photography for quite a while but never actually bothered when it came to it. To coin a well worn phrase, the action was “fast & furious” and I managed to take around 400 shots within an hour of arriving. Yep, I actually m...
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Rymus {dot} NetThe Real Capitol (2.12.2005, 21:12 UTC)
Never let it be said that I don’t take good advice when it’s portioned out to me. On that note I bring you the final filming at the Capitol Cinema. But first, a little history lesson. This landmark cinema, located on the Grand Parade, has been open for almost 70 years and as Eoin English from the Irish Examiner writes; Opened in 1947 as a one- screen cinema, the Capitol played a pivotal role in the life of Corkonians and hosted the first cinescope picture, The King of the Khybe...
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Rymus {dot} NetA Calm November Sunday… (30.11.2005, 23:44 UTC)
…at the beach! What better place to be on a bitterly cold day than out in the open, next to the water? Garretstown was dead last Sunday, normally a hive of surfing activity - perhaps most of them chose to hibernate for the winter? There you have it, possibly the second ever photo of me that I’d go as far as saying I almost approve of. Almost! The other one was taken at 120kph on a French motorway. More of the same can be found on Flickr… I’m going to have to ...
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Rymus {dot} Net10k on Flickr (30.11.2005, 22:59 UTC)
Just got a warm & fuzzy feeling when I logged onto Flickr and saw I’ve just gone over 10,000 views on my 2,636 photos currently on the site. Bit of a milestone…
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Rymus {dot} NetOnto a winner!! (29.11.2005, 22:05 UTC)
That’d be it; the picture that got me first place in the “Cork Culture” category earlier on this evening. I even got a little trophy/medal with my name engraved on it aswell as some moolah in voucher form. How big & important do I feel?
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