Pretty CunningYou guys always bring me the very best violence (10.12.2005, 02:03 UTC)
After seriousness comes great news: Your order for Serenity (Widescreen/2005) has been posted. Please note PLAY MAIL ORDER will show on your statement. Please allow 3-5 days delivery. (the source won’t go anywhere) Course because officially it wasn’t supposed to be released until the 20th I sent it to Sligo. Damnations! Its going to be the 23rd before I get to watch it. Must remember to bring home my region-free disc for the PS2 Also, rumour has it that Serenity may have won t...
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Pretty CunningAnyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not (9.12.2005, 19:12 UTC)
Okay, all joking aside lets look at the feminist debate going on at the moment. I wouldn’t proclaim myself a feminist. But that has more to do with my dislike of labels[1] than with any dislike of feminist theories. As a 21st century woman, living in Ireland, it goes without saying that the feminist movements of previous decades have meant I have a vastly different life to what I would have lived even 50 years ago. But, from where I’m standing, feminism means too many things to too...
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Pretty CunningGee. If I wasn’t six years old and completely fictional, I’d be there like a shot. Oh, bitchcakes. (8.12.2005, 10:21 UTC)
Isn’t it strange how dreams can be so vivid for those few moments after you wake, but 20 mins (or3 hours later) and you really can’t remember anything about them? Cause last night I had a great dream, but now I don’t remember anything at all about it. So instead I bring you this pic: you can get your own dream picture here, (via Ten Miles Beyond the City) It appears that war has broken out on the bogosphere[1] The first skirmishes involved discussions of feminism and why ...
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Pretty CunningFell deeds, await. Now for wrath. Now for ruin, and the red dawn (7.12.2005, 20:33 UTC)
I guess that old saying about a red sky in the morning was proved correct today. We had a lovely sunrise today, but then it pissed down out of the heavens. And of course because I had postponed finding out exactly where the xmas party is on tomorrow I had to do it today. Which involved walking in the rain.[1] Still, I did find the place. Wasn’t exactly where I thought it was, but close enough so will have no problem getting there tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll stay very late tho...
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Pretty CunningThe ramblings of someone you’d find by themselves in a hospital eating flies (5.12.2005, 20:36 UTC)
Was looking through the Times Literary Review earlier today at work and came across a review of The Buildings of Ireland: Dublin, edited by Christine Casey. Skimmed through it and read that Dublin is one of the greatest cities in the British Isles. And I just couldn’t help it, my hackles went up, cause we aren’t part of the British Isles. Only, well, we are. Because geographically speaking Ireland and Britain together form the British Isles. Still, if you ask most Irish people the...
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Pretty CunningHe lay down low to the race, whining eagerly, his splendid body flashing forward, leap by leap, in the wan white moonlight. (5.12.2005, 15:34 UTC)
Shamelessly lifted from DjMargra’s stuff’n’stuff comes the news that Ireland is the puppy-farming capital of Europe, mainly because of our lack of regulations. Ireland is a haven for puppy farms because not a single piece of legislation exists to control them or protect the welfare of the dogs, besides the Dog Act Ð intended for pet owners, not commercial operations that operate in a grey area of legitimacy. Nothing limits how long the dogs may be bred, or how many times...
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Pretty CunningWeek 148 (4.12.2005, 17:36 UTC)
she says Amazing:: Delights:: Inspired:: Disgusted:: You:: Vagina:: Palm:: Sweetheart:: Guilt:: More to come:: Amazing:: Grace Delights::Box of, wolves Inspired:: popular culture Disgusted:: dogshit all over the footpath. Yuck You:: suck Vagina:: monologue Palm::reader, Sunday Sweetheart:: those little sweets, with the messages in hearts on them Guilt:: mea culpa More to come:: nope. This is the end. My friend.
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Pretty CunningDéan plé air sin. (3.12.2005, 21:56 UTC)
There I was flicking around, trying to decide whether or not to put on another episode of Ultraviolet or not, when I heard a familar name from TG4. Maidhc Dainín. Not familar to a lot of you out there I’m guessing, but Maidhc Dainín[1] wrote a book called A Thig Ná Tit Orm which told about his growing up in Kerry in the 1940’s and 50’s and his emmigration to the states. His life in Chicago, which includes a fair bit about the civil rights movement, and from wha...
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Pretty CunningVile deeds like poison weeds bloom well in prison air, it is only what is good in man, that wastes and withers there. (3.12.2005, 14:35 UTC)
Was over at Jayne-former-SFX-journo and noticed that pic. From the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, it was taken by Alessandro Bee
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Pretty CunningBe it winter, summer, I can still hear you call (2.12.2005, 19:25 UTC)
EDITED Tomorrow is George Best’s funeral. There is no doubting his footballing genius. Just take a look at this compilation from the BBC. But there also is the other side, the drink that killed him. And recently it seems as though people only seem willing to look at one or the other aspect of his life.But does the fact that Best was an alcoholic make him any less a footballing hero? I don’t think so. Born in Belfast in 1946 Best was discovered by a Man Utd scout when he was onl...
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Pretty CunningI always love watching “When Seemingly Innocent Girls Attack” on Fox. (1.12.2005, 21:51 UTC)
First off in a collection of oddments I bring you Hand Puppet Jayne, and you can go check out Serenity as performed by more hand puppets by clicking here. Of course there are major spoilers, cause its, you know, like, the whole film thing. A while back one of the politicians here[1] said he thought that Irish should no longer be a compulsory subject for the Leaving[2] which prompted much discussion, including this post on wysiwyg. Personally I’d say keep it compulsory, but then again may...
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Pretty CunningChange is inevitable - except from a vending machine (30.11.2005, 23:09 UTC)
As you can see I’ve gone and changed the theme and layout again. This is me decorating the blog for Christmas. We’ve got Mal in the snow up the top, although that is from a sad episode, but still, snow equals Christmas. And a couple of other green and red icons, christmas colours, but not too much cause we still have almost a whole month to go yet. Anyways, if notice any problems let me know. I don’t think the gravatars are working, but I’m not all that bothered by that...
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Pretty CunningThe host is riding from Knocknarea (29.11.2005, 18:54 UTC)
So I mentioned that I got my rat when I was back home in Sligo, and said I might post a pic. So ta-da: meet Terry. And while I’m at it, here are two photos I took on the phone while taking the dog for a walk. As you can see plenty of grey sky but very little snow. In fact, there was none! I usually take the dog down that lane in the second photo and let him run along the sand chasing the birds. But because of the weather he wasn’t really all that impressed, and there ...
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Pretty CunningWhy do you lay these troubles on an already troubled mind? Can you not see your uncle is wearied by your malcontent and your warmongering? (29.11.2005, 15:44 UTC)
Tbere were geese flying over heard as I went for lunch. A whole giant flock of them, honking away as they migrated. You know what this means…. Bird Flu! That’s right, it has faded from the news, with its o-so-catchy name of H5N1, no longer are the scare-mongerers’ mongerings[1] taken seriously. In fact they aren’t even listened to. But I am here to warn you. “Ware the birds! Ware!” Nothing like a little mindless fear to get the blood pumping. Be mindful o...
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Pretty CunningEmily O’Reilly reckons sex, alcohol and money are no substitute for religion. Nobody ever said they were. But as many Irish priests have eagerly demonstrated down the years, why choose one when you can have all four? (29.11.2005, 11:13 UTC)
Because I’m bored, and lazy, and have read a similar one before, but can’t remember where, but it still raised a smile, I give you Only in Ireland, nicked from The Levee Breaks Only in Ireland… Can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. Only in Ireland… Do banks leave both doors open and chain the pens to the counters. 142 Irish were injured in 1999 by not removing all pins from new shirts. 58 Irish are injured each year by using sharp knives instead o...
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Pretty Cunning“I think Niall Quinn is a creep” (28.11.2005, 23:21 UTC)
The good people over at In Fact, Ah have put back up their clip of Dunphy on Keane. Makes for bloody addictive tv viewing. And highlights the fact that Roy Keane must be one of the most divisive topics in the Irish sporting world at the moment. Or ever. Please note, the title of this post is not my opinion but a direct quote. If you have issues take it up with Dunphy Now I’ve said it before, and I may say it again, I’m more on Keane’s side than against him. Was Keane rig...
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Pretty CunningWeek 147 (28.11.2005, 13:11 UTC)
Luna Nina says Stuffed:: Armstrong:: Bruise:: Content:: Musical:: Assistance:: Scrambling:: Battle:: Extended:: Discount:: And I say Stuffed:: Turkey Armstrong:: P.E. - Our PE teacher in primary school was Wendy Armstrong Bruise:: purple Content:: the good stuff Musical:: Once More With Feeling Assistance:: Student Scrambling:: rambling Battle:: weary Extended:: edition. Return of the King Discount:: cheap
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Pretty CunningI EXPECT, he said, THAT YOU COULD MURDER A PIECE OF CHEESE? (27.11.2005, 23:35 UTC)
Well I’m back. And guess what? While the rest of the world had weather problems what did I have to put up with? Nothing but sleet and rain. How boring is that? Especially when everytime I went chanel surfing the British stations seemed to be showing nothing but snow snow and more snow. Anyways, nothing much to report. Am just wasting time waiting for Alive in Jo’burg to download, and also for my virus scan to come to an end and figured that seeing as I have Pavlov turned on I may a...
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Pretty CunningJust ’cause you got chains doesn’t mean it’s S&M. Might just be snow tires, fer crissakes. (25.11.2005, 10:49 UTC)
Well I’m still away, but in order to entertain you masses I give you a collection of random links: all the nerdy news out there. The Sawyer Song and don’t worry, no Lost spoilers. SFX forum for all your sci-fi/fantasy chatting. Check out there movie section which has two big ole threads on Serenity, why it is great, and why it bombed[1] CummingFirst should really think about that url[2] And don’t worry, it is totally safe for work. Bud White A post over on...
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Pretty CunningIt’s what Caesar did, and he’s not going around saying, “I came, I conquered, I felt really bad about it.” The history of the world isn’t people making friends. You had better weapons, and you massacred them. End of story. (24.11.2005, 14:19 UTC)
I’m gone. But not wanting to neglect this auld blog I’ve set up a post or two for over the weekend. Today (hopefully) is Thanksgiving and while normally I don’t really care, this year I get the day off. Yeah for colleges affiliated with American ones And I’m taking Friday off work too. So long weekend in store for me. I’m in Sligo now[1] and most likely am sitting down watching the telly doing nothing. Although I may take the sister to see Harry Potter at some ...
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Pretty CunningI’m a nice person, I think, hurting somebody, and caught up in what seemed a mad situation . . . and in the interest of science, one goes through with it. (23.11.2005, 18:09 UTC)
Okay, third time lucky[1] I got sent this email today which had a link pointing to a story that made me shake my head at the stupidity of people. Imagine this, you are at work. Someone rings your manager and tells them that you, or someone fitting your description has stolen something. That you are to be held there and wait for the police to arrive. Not only this, but the person on the other end of the line says they are, in fact, a police officer. Your manager believes them. So do you. Fair...
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Pretty CunningI look forward to watching Willie O’Dea goose-stepping through his first military parade” (22.11.2005, 13:51 UTC)
Was watching The Panel last night and they brought up the whole Willie O’Dea scandal, and I had been meaning to blog about it last week, but then everyone was joining in so I didn’t bother. But now I think I may as well introduce you all to the Irish Minister for Defence There he is in all his finery. A bit of background? Well he made all the papers last week because of this photo, can you see him there. Pointing a gun straight at the camera. Tut tut tut. The opposition had a fiel...
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Pretty CunningStay crunchy, even in milk (22.11.2005, 10:26 UTC)
Gestolen from My Little Empire we have a movie meme[1] The rules: Pick 10-20 films you loved/thoroughly enjoyed. Find screen captures (stills) for each film. If you can’t find a still, pick a new movie. Post the pictures with the rules; let your readers guess from what movie each still is NO GOOGLING! This includes using IMDB if you recognise an actor Pics under the cut Some of these are real easy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Lin...
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Pretty CunningSome langer! (21.11.2005, 11:17 UTC)
Had a really nice weekend doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Not a thing. Was great. I had had vague plans to do a bit of a clean up, hoover etc on Sunday, but then after heading out to buy the paper I just vegged in front of the telly for the day. Lovely Jubbly, because I wasn’t actually watching the telly (well, apart from catching the X-Factor result. How is it that Chico is still there?) I was watching my Buffy dvds. Finished off season 2 and have just begun season 3. The two best season...
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Pretty CunningWeek 146 (20.11.2005, 14:57 UTC)
You know the drill. Luna Nina says Heads up:: Kicker :: Aggressive:: Getting ugly:: To be continued:: Twist:: Form:: On the road:: Import:: Flowers:: I say Heads up::pay attention Kicker :: in the teeth Aggressive:: passive Getting ugly:: Game faces on To be continued:: previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Twist:: OMG, Angel turned evil Form:: previous On the road:: jack (hit the). And don’t you come back no more no more no more Import:: export. global ...
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Pretty CunningWhat’s that do? (19.11.2005, 19:09 UTC)
You scored as Serenity (from Firefly). You like to live your own way and do not enjoy when anyone but a friend tries to tell you that you should do different. Now if only the Reavers would quit trying to skin you. Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)created with Serenity (from Firefly) 81% Nebuchadnezzar (from The Matrix) 69% Moya (from Farscape) 63% SG-1 (from Stargate) 56% ...
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Pretty CunningIf you take credit for the sun, you can’t complain when it rains (19.11.2005, 16:31 UTC)
Why do I even bother watching sport anymore? Every team I support is shit. Worse than shit. I’ve mostly given up on even looking for Villa’s results. The Irish football team couldn’t even beat an average under-11’s. And the rugby team? Honestly, I thought that game against the All-Blacks was bad, but today, against Australia. Un-fucking-believable how bad they are. I know there are a few key figures missing[1] but still. Both teams played shite. How many errors and f...
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Pretty CunningDark sarcasm ought to be taught in schools (18.11.2005, 20:22 UTC)
I’ve had Sky News on in the background for more than an hour now while I was reading, and then surfing. Nothing but the story on the police officer shot in Bradford. Of course this is a tragedy, but isn’t this level of coverage a little over done considering they don’t actually have anything at all to say, apart from the fact that two female officers were shot, one injured in hospital, the other dead. And are they ever making a huge deal out of the fact that it was a woman w...
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Pretty CunningGawk all over de place (18.11.2005, 15:22 UTC)
Holy crapola. They’ve gone and fired Roy Keane! Man Utd must be mad. i know he isn’t as great a player as he used to be, and certain comments he makes might not be exactly tactful. But lets face it Man U aren’t really doing all the well at the moment, they don’t have a real leader on the pitch, and are suffering in mid-field. So perfect time to let him go don’t you think? I wonder how soon he’ll be playing again, and for what team? Although maybe the rest o...
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Pretty CunningThe sow that eats her own farrow (17.11.2005, 10:19 UTC)
Do you remember that “We didn’t start the fire” song by Billy Joel? Well now you can take a brief tour of Irish history/culture to that very tune. Shamelessly stolen from Ah Sure, ya know yourself. Druid Law, high kings, Cúchulainn, bronze things Newgrange, Celts invade, Romans stay away O’Neill dynasty, St Patrick, snakes flee Monasteries, Book of Kells, Vikings from Norway Waterford settlements, Dubh Linn battlements, Clontarf, Brian Boru, everywhere another wa...
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