red mumRed Mum column December 9 (8.12.2005, 14:30 UTC)
HERE is the latest Redmum column from The Echo concering morning times in our household. The paper hits the streets on a Thursday and while I said here previously that I would post the article on a Monday, I just cannot contain myself. But from next week youse will all have to wait... Morning battles never get any easier Some of the worst moments in our house take place in the morning as we are both running around like crazy things trying to get to work/school on time. This is not a time ...
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red mumCallely - the plot thickens (8.12.2005, 10:12 UTC)
MMHHh the plot thickens, the news headlines at 10am said Ivor Callely had resigned and he is now on Pat Kenny saying that he has not resigned... He said he didn't get a bill so he didn't pay it. I have a rake of bills unopened, so I haven't seen them yet, does that mean I do not have to pay? Arrgghh he just spoke about himself in the third person, I hate that, pompous arse. He said "The Ivor Callely fight..." Eejit. One word springs to mind - madness. Technorati tags: Technorati tags: Irishblo...
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red mumMovie of my life is... (7.12.2005, 17:03 UTC)
MY life is a black comedy, sounds about bloody right! While everything falls in around me, and as it says at least I can have a good laugh on the way to the asylum.Check out the wealth of silly, fun quizes here at Movie Of Your Life Is A Black ComedyIn your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American PsychoIf Your Life Wa...
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red mumDead man walking (7.12.2005, 10:55 UTC)
JUST watching Leaders’ Questions on RTE and the Taoiseach’s ‘not impressed’ comments on the scandalous news that one of Ireland’s largest building firms paid for painting work on the home of the self-promoting ‘Minister’ Ivor Callely. It is somewhat embarassing that the Taoiseach has been unable to contact Callely last night or this morning, I feel a great Gift Grub sketch coming up. Mmmhhhh dead man walking as one of my colleagues put. He
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red mumWorld School Photos (7.12.2005, 10:45 UTC)
Forget Friends Reunited, this site is amazing! It claims to have pictures of schools from all over the world; I found mine… All you do is follow the instructions, submitting your location, name of school, your name or your friends and 10 seconds later you should be able to see your school and maybe pix of yourself and friends. Technorati tags: Technorati tags: Irishblogs Redmum Friends Reunited photos Ireland bit of fun joke
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red mumMourning two Belfast boys (5.12.2005, 12:15 UTC)
I JUST had the strangest and most heartbreaking weekend following the untimely and tragic death of a young family member. I do not wish to intrude on my family’s grief by posting about it here except to tell you about the moments when my family’s grief crossed over Belfast’s mourning of Georgie Best. My family member was a big Manchester United fan so there was some catharsis that his funeral and Georgie’s was being held on the same day. The florist where we o...
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red mumRed Mum column December 1 (1.12.2005, 14:51 UTC)
HERE'S this week’s Red Mum article from The Echo about the teenager’s dream, a free house. If you saw last week’s column you’ll notice that it is laid out a bit differently and I think it looks better, but they forgot the blog link. Ah well I suppose there will be some gremlins until we all find a format that suits it. Teen-crazed Free Houses and inadvertent phone messages FRIDAY should be a good day. After a hectic week in work there is nothing nicer than getti...
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red mumBrrrr county Dublin (29.11.2005, 12:12 UTC)
I ACTUALLY started writing this post on the cold weather last Friday before the sad passing of Georgie Best, so I decided to post it today. While the following aren’t great pictures, they were taken on Thursday evening as the snow began to fall ahead of what the Met called a severe weather warning, before they withdrew it. They obviously didn’t take their readings in my flat which was absolutely freezing all weekend. Thank God for the fire. First snow of the season Oh...
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red mumRIP Georgie Best (25.11.2005, 13:15 UTC)
I am watching the news now and seeing the hoardes of photographers and reporters camped out in front of the hospital.I know of few people, both growing up in Belfast, and in general who did not admire his football skills and as I write this I am listening to a piece on the radio about his career and you can hear the roar of a crowd as George scored one of his classic goals.It’s a sad day.Technorati tags: Redmum George Best Irishblogs Irish Georgie Best Soccer legend
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red mumRed Mum, The Echo column, Nov 24 (24.11.2005, 17:37 UTC)
JUST because it’s the first week, I have scanned in the first Red Mum column from The Echo which was published today and is on sale in a shop near you, well if you live in south Dublin (or in Easons in Dublin city centre). I’ll normally wait until the following Monday before including it on this site in the future. And I will include it every week as some of you may be interested to read it as well as being a handy online archive for me. You can click on the article which will...
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red mumTravels on the number 10 bus (24.11.2005, 15:51 UTC)
YOU really never know what you will see from the bus as you travel to work and this morning even that saying surpassed itself. My friend’s new baby. Looking, or should I say kinda gazing without really looking I came too and realised that the woman stretched akimbo on the back seat of a car that I was blankly looking into had actually just given birth and was being rushed to hospital under police escort through the morning rush hour traffic in Phibsboro. I had noticed a woman&#8217...
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red mumAn overnight explosion of visitors (22.11.2005, 10:30 UTC)
WHILE checking visitors to here, I was astounded to find there was an overnight explosion of visitors with more than 100 people stopping by since I looked late last night. Yes I am a saddo, I find the information on visitors who stop by as provided by absolutely fascinating, it is almost as addictive as blogging or flickr. Some of the visitors who were online at the same time as me this morning Statcounter shows you your last 100 page views and there were so many visitors...
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red mumThe fascination of strange searches (21.11.2005, 17:28 UTC)
I ALWAYS enjoy those posts from bloggers where they spin a story around their visitors or my personal favourite samples of words and phrases that have brought people to your site. So I have been collating some of my favourites. Of course there have been some dodgy visitors searching for very dodgy things, but they are not the people I am going to dwell on now. Instead I feel sorry for the person who came looking for ‘big boobs mum’ or ‘women’s arses’ – you...
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red mumRed Mum the columnist (18.11.2005, 12:20 UTC)
I GOT a bit of news recently that I thought I'd share with you cos I can’t contain myself, I am about to become a columnist, well me as Red Mum. The Echo, a local paper for local people, (sorry couldn't resist that so I'll start again) ahem The Echo, a weekly local newspaper covering a significant portion of south Dublin will be publishing a Red Mum column on parenting from next week onwards. So it goes without saying that I am chuffed to bits, chuffed to become a columnist (he he)...
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red mumYet another Flickr related post (18.11.2005, 12:01 UTC)
YOU never know what you can find in Flickr. Try searching the tags for the more unusual, funny or whatever you fancy pictures. So a search and then click on the most interesting button on the left hand side of the page. For example I searched for photographs with Dublin tags and found the most interesting from Asteri Design. Another funny series I came across in Flickr is the House Gymnastics pictures uploaded by Ampage of the Americas. Here’s a couple of examples. ...
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red mumFancy a photography project (17.11.2005, 09:56 UTC)
ONE of the things that I really love about Flickr is the wealth of imagination of the participants. It can be really inspiring and has me carrying my camera with me constantly something I haven’t done in a long time, and I am loving it. I have been giving myself projects and it has helped reinvigorate my love of photography which has taken a bit of a battering over the years. One such project I enjoyed was the Day On Earth, Sep 29 project where people took pictures on that day all over t...
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red mumHard news... (15.11.2005, 10:47 UTC)
*Sorry I fixed the link to the deodorant* I CAME across this hard news story HA when it happened and laughed out loud at it, for many reasons as you will see if you have a read. It concerns the theft of some deodorant cans in a shop in Portrush. Lovely Portrush This is an article that you would be hard-pushed to find in a small local newspaper; it just wouldn’t be newsy-sexy enough! Even if
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red mumReality mirroring The Simpsons (14.11.2005, 12:34 UTC)
I SUPPOSE it was only a matter of time…I had to laugh this morning as I read an article in the freebie Metro travelling to work on the bus morning about Paul McCartney serenading astronauts in the International Space Station, didn’t James Taylor already do that? Oh yeah, that’s right, it was in The Simpsons.The cheeky article’s first paragraph contains the phrase “in space, no one can hear you scream”…Article in Breaking here.Technorati tags: red...
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red mumTGIF - or so you would think.... (12.11.2005, 00:45 UTC)
WHAT a feckin Friday evening. I spent all afternoon soooo busy in work (oops I nearly typed ‘busty’ in work!), its cold, miserable, wet and I am still getting over the after effects of that nasty stomach bug that has been going around yum – then Madam (see explanation below) just excelled herself this week. (The young wan will hereafter be known as Madam, that was always her kinda nickname in the family, ‘how’s Madam?’, ‘Madam! who left all these toy...
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red mumChristmas gets earlier every year (11.11.2005, 12:25 UTC)
I’VE been meaning to take some shots of the very early Christmas nonsense that has been popping up all over the city in the last two weeks and only got around to it this morning. This tree is in position on O’Connell Street, no lights yet. And here is the Grafton Street tree, well the one at the bottom of Grafton Street, I’m sure there’s another at the top. This one is in pride of place beside the Molly Malone statue. And the shops are ready to rake in all your...
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red mumIBCC Fundraising Event (10.11.2005, 22:06 UTC)
GERRY McLaughlin has organised an IBCC fundraising event of ‘Poetry Reading and Song’ for 3pm on Sunday 13th November 2005 in the John Hewitt bar, lower Donegall Street, Belfast. The words of Kate O’Brien, Frederico Garcia Lorca and Pablo Neruda will be read and performed by:- Maria Gallego-Calderon (Spain) Catherine Rojas-Olavarria (Chile) Gerard McLaughlin Gerry James All welcome. Spread the word. I tried hard to find some links but couldn't. But I will look again. And j...
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red mumLeinster ladies are not bruisers (9.11.2005, 18:21 UTC)
FLICKING through the Evening Herald this evening, I was gobsmacked by an article concerning the latest fundraising calendar produced by Leinster Ladies rugby. One line in particular really got my goat "it's not just a gratuitous piece of titillation, the project is designed to raise money". Ehm yeah right, however it is most certainly gratuitous and certainly titillating for those who are into that and I am sure there are many, but come on, call a spade a spade. Titillation, titillation,...
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red mumBelow average for logical intelligence, I don't believe it (9.11.2005, 16:21 UTC)
Nice to know I am above average in most of the categories except logical intelligence! How can that be, I am the most logical person EVER! Ah well you can't have everything. Oh and I doubt my old maths teacher, much as she thought I was smart, would agree with the genius title, course I do! Surfing at work is a bad idea! Your IQ Is 125 Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average Your Verbal
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red mumThe saga of the keys (9.11.2005, 12:19 UTC)
FOLLOWING the third loss of the only set of housekeys in two weeks, I believe that they are developing a personality of their own and are choosing to hide. But it’s not just about their apparent loss; my rant has also to do with the fact that despite visiting THREE separate locksmiths/keycutter on FOUR separate occasions, not one, NOT ONE of the feckers have managed to properly cut a key copy that works. Not one, no times, they just do not work in the door. My story begins back in J...
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red mumWrinkles, eyebrows and permanent surprise (8.11.2005, 16:29 UTC)
I HAVE a new wrinkle, or maybe it is not a wrinkle and instead is a emphasis point on my face for the young wan to realise that I am actually asking a question that requires an answer which will not be resolved with the blank look preferred by most teenagers.The latest wrinkle has appeared above my eyebrow and I noticed it last night after the latest exchange with the young wan as I brushed my hair.Not me but it is there!Above my arched eyebrow was an arched wrinkle, great. Next stop is the grey...
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red mumRedmum the centenarian blogger - 100 posts! (4.11.2005, 14:45 UTC)
WHEN posting my last entry I realised that I was on post number 99 so I decided that I would make my 100th post a themed one. Thanks to Mountain Mike from Flickr. So one quick search on google and I found some 100-related links, and here are the ones that caught my eye in particular order. The 100 greatest people of the last 100 years. The top 100 April Fool hoaxes. The top 100 books. The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator© brought to you by Dr. Thomas Perls in par...
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red mumBelfast celebrates CS Lewis (4.11.2005, 13:25 UTC)
"Belfast launches C.S. Lewis festival" it’s the first ever festival and about time too. I loved his books when I was growing up, absolutely loved them and was delighted and thrilled to learn that like me he was from Belfast. And I was always so vexed that no wardrobe I ever came across did that. I would have loved to hear Anthony Hopkins take on a Belfast accent for Shadowlands, sadly it wasn't to be. Oh how I cried at the end of that movie when CS Lewis sat in front of the wa...
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red mumPigeonholing and first impressions (4.11.2005, 11:22 UTC)
I’VE had a few occasions lately where it’s like deja-vu and I am back to when the young wan was a baby and people are looking at me like I am an incompetent single parent.Don’t get me wrong, I am not a wildly paranoid person but there have been instances where this judging has definitely been the case and as such it has always been very important for me as a mother to show that people’s perceptions are often wrong and badly misguided.I suppose that’s why I have warm...
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red mumHalloween from the train (1.11.2005, 16:27 UTC)
TAKING the train from Belfast to Dublin last night it is almost hard to see Ireland as anything other than a pagan country, I did say almost... Having caught the 6.10pm train back down to Dublin I was entertained by the constant flash of fireworks the entire journey, all 100 miles or so. With the clocks going back on Saturday night, it was completely dark by the time the train began its journey. From Belfast until Dublin, the darkness was broken now and again by a bonfire surrounded by shado...
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red mumThe first three months are the hardest - Pah! (27.10.2005, 11:47 UTC)
JUST after I had my daughter some bright spark told me that the first three months of a baby are the hardest! What a bloody joke. That was obviously the opinion of a man who had little to do in reality with their own child hence the absolutely ridiculous and untrue statement. Let me put you straight, the first three months are a dawdle, an absolute dream. Your new baby smells wonderful, mostly, and only needs fed, changed and loved to be happy. No the first 13 or so years are the easiest, then...
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