monkeyfight.orgParis (5.12.2005, 12:16 UTC)
So there I was in paris right, smelling my finger beside the seine and this guy comes up and says “Hey brother, do you know who I used to be?” I say “A Mario Brother?” He says “No! BUGS BUNNY, and another thing, I Don’t Even LIKE carrots.”
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monkeyfight.orgStephen Mahon is a Stupid Fag (3.12.2005, 00:14 UTC)
Search this:(
Link | Clicks: 0“Update your fucking site you stupid Fucker.” (28.11.2005, 17:28 UTC)
I know I havn’t been updating much lately but that’s because this new job actually has work to do in it and I’ve been doing a lot of training. In the mean time here is a picture of my biggest fans, Spider and Joe.
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monkeyfight.orgAmerica! FUCK YEAH! (24.11.2005, 18:22 UTC)
America… America… America, FUCK YEAH! Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah, America, FUCK YEAH! Freedom is the only way yeah, Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too, America, FUCK YEAH! So lick my butt, and suck on my balls, America, FUCK YEAH! What you going to do when we come for you now, it’s the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow FUCK YEAH! McDonalds, FUCK YEAH! Wal-Mart, FUCK YEAH! The Gap, FUCK YEAH! Baseball...
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monkeyfight.orgbuuuuuuuuuuhhhh (16.11.2005, 15:52 UTC)
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monkeyfight.orgFuck London’s crack (11.11.2005, 12:32 UTC)
So there I was playing pool with some homies and I see this poster on the wall. So I expressed my dismay at the cheek of those cunts hijacking the Irish word ‘craic’ to said homies. So one fine Irishman took it upon himself to do the right thing. Kudos to you Paul. Kudos.
Link | Clicks: 3“My penis is big! My penis is big!!!” (7.11.2005, 01:55 UTC)
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monkeyfight.orgFood to get you wet. (6.11.2005, 02:36 UTC)
Succulent steak with wild mushrooms and garlic bread, finished with a mouth watering authentic italian salad Ingredients: irish sirloin steak rocket lettuce organic mushrooms baguette kerrygold irish butter fresh sliced parmesan red wine (infused into oil and butter in pan) balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive oil 4 cloves of garlic sea salt and mixed pepper A culinary orgasm. If you can’t work out how to make this then you’re an idiot, you’re on the wrong site. Try thi...
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monkeyfight.orgLaughing on the job… (6.11.2005, 01:40 UTC)
i just bought an ipod video (even though Steve Jobs reckons it’s (just an ipod that plays video). Soon I will be able to take a shit while watching the latest family guy in the comfort of the office bogs. Hooray for ways to do less work.
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monkeyfight.orgHolyMoly! (4.11.2005, 11:48 UTC)
HISTORY WANKS: You know the ones, where you wank about that filthy ex you should have married, and remember all the sordid animalistic sex you had together, all the jokes you used to share and the hopes you had. Then, just after the last splash you remember how the fucking slut left you for somebody else. And now you’re just a sad middle aged man sat in the bath surrounded by all the potential babies you could have had together, realising that you will never fuck that beautiful Austral...
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monkeyfight.orgLooking for a Room in Dublin?? (3.11.2005, 10:37 UTC)
Too fucking bad, dickhead, it’s gone.
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monkeyfight.orgBe Scared. (2.11.2005, 16:05 UTC)
Wonder where they found that angry lookin chicken.
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monkeyfight.orgGreen Street (1.11.2005, 23:45 UTC)
Frodo is funny as a hobbit that digs violence. Worth watching. But the rest of the cast except Bovver were just fucking……
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monkeyfight.orgBoo-hoo, I’m a fucking idiot. (31.10.2005, 15:36 UTC)
Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage is angry that his American nationality hindered his chance to become James Bond because he thinks the prejudice is petty and stupid. The Con Air star resents the unwritten rule which states the secret spy can only be played by British actors and is devastated he will probably never get another opportunity to try for the role. He says: “You can cast a Brit to play Bond but you can never cast an American to play him. “I think that is totally unfair.
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monkeyfight.orgDerek Fuckarse Davis (30.10.2005, 15:22 UTC)
Dear Friend, I am Derek Davis. and I represent Mr. Mikhail Khordokovsky the former C.E.O of Yukos Oil Company in Russia. I have a very sensitive and confidential brief from this top (Oligarch) to ask for your partnership in re-profiling funds over US$450 million. I will give you the details, but in summary, the funds are coming via Bank Menatep. This is a legitimate transaction. You will be paid 4% for your “Management Fees”. Write back by email and provide me with your confid...
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monkeyfight.orgPoor Derek Davis has been at the brandy again… (25.10.2005, 11:45 UTC)
Derek. more info coming soon…. :(
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monkeyfight.orgFuck the Welsh (24.10.2005, 22:58 UTC)
23:56 < Iapetus> hahaha, all welsh people can speak english, always good to know your enemies tounge :) and even better when they dont know yours 23:57 < jerkface> don’t you mean enemy’s tongue? 23:57 < Iapetus> what? Coal-faced shit languaged cunts.
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monkeyfight.orgOlsen Scat! (24.10.2005, 16:14 UTC)
Jar jar Binks An Olsen
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monkeyfight.orgLord Stuffington on the case of the Parrot… (24.10.2005, 00:04 UTC)
You gotta love the way the brits put things. “There is no threat to people because the virus hasn’t yet mutated into this pandemic form which all the jumping up and down is about.” The use of “this” and “all the jumping up and down is about” reminds me of a royal air force officer waxing his moustache. Brilliant. Righty Right? What what….?
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monkeyfight.orgOh Ja, Das ist gut… (23.10.2005, 18:07 UTC)
Germans are funny, this is a fact, when they’re not invading poland they’re naming their children after chocolate eggs and giving them this interesting stuff to read. p.s. Dave, I remember you had something similar to this, do you still have it?
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monkeyfight.orgSeriously…. How funny is this fucking costume… :D (20.10.2005, 11:47 UTC)
It’s like they came up with the idea and were all “shit yeah” and got proper branding and all, and then when it came time to design it they all took herion-ketamine cocktails.
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monkeyfight.orgThe best chicken wings in Dublin (17.10.2005, 12:29 UTC)
Many moons ago I worked in this restaurant which served what I considered the best wings I had ever tasted. It closed down and a darkness decended over the land… Months ago a homeless drunk shouted at me, along with a tirade of expletives, that there was a place in the shithole known as Templebar where I could find what I wanted… Now I wasn’t expecting much because the chef in the old restaurant said the recipe was handed down to him by a Peruvian warlock who found it in th...
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monkeyfight.orgPicture of the Day… (12.10.2005, 15:49 UTC)
In the spirit of Halloween and dedicated to all metallers. The guy on the left is fucking gas.
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monkeyfight.orgTo our Friends in Nigeria…. (11.10.2005, 22:09 UTC)
Ayuba Koko wrote: > FROM THE ACCOUNT MANAGER > CITI TRUST BANK NIGERIA PL (C.T.B.) > 12 MOLAR STREET > VICTORIA ISLAND LAGOS > NIGERIA. > TELL : +234-8038-797474 > > Dear Friend, > I am Mr. Ayuba Koko, of Account Manager CITI TRUSTBANK NIG PLC C.T.B. and the personal Bank manager of late ENG.Patrick Massimo,(Snr) who was working with shell development company here in Lagos-Nigeria, who perished in a plane crash [Korean Air Flight 801] on August 6th, 1997. > > Since then I have made several enq...
Link | Clicks: 0*twitchy twitchy* (4.10.2005, 00:42 UTC)
“Sweetness. Sweetness, I was only joking when I said I’d like to smash every tooth in your head. Oh sweetness. Sweetness, I was only joking when I said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed.”
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monkeyfight.orgI have to go to the hypnodentist =( (3.10.2005, 16:05 UTC)
Link | Clicks: 0“You know, I always thought Oprah was kinda sexy…..” (28.9.2005, 18:41 UTC)
Ok, Next week I’m off all week and to mark to occassion I’m gonna have a morning and afternoon drinking session. Thats right! One of the days I’m going to start drinking the minute I wake up… I intend to shout at Oprah. Crack one off at Trisha, and throw bottles at Dr. Phil… Judge Judy might even get a go… In these times of working too much one need to relect on the simple freedoms of life, such as being able to mix your cocopops with jameson and let the...
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monkeyfight.orgPicture of the Day… Me so Harney… (28.9.2005, 08:49 UTC)
Harney’s Experiment…
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monkeyfight.orgThis Ship has sailed, Bitch. (26.9.2005, 22:37 UTC)
email today…. I would very much like to set up a screen for a role with us here at Dell. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks, Chris Well maybe you should have thought about that when you rejected my application 5 years ago bitchtits…
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monkeyfight.orgPicture of the Day…. (26.9.2005, 14:57 UTC)
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