irishblogsBump It! New Irish Blogs feature (13.2.2006, 12:19 UTC)
With over 300 blog posts coming in a day now on Irish Blogs we’re looking for a way that the blog posts of most interest (not necessarily ones that represent your views) can be available to be viewed in some ranking order. We’re going to test out a “Bump It” button later on today. Current plan is to still display posts in time order with the most recent to the top. However there will be a “Sort in Bump Order” option which will sort it with the “pos...
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irishblogsBlog stats - Blogosphere doubling every 5 months (8.2.2006, 17:52 UTC)
Still on the topic of blog stats. This is a very interesting blog post from the technorati people who are extremely well positioned to run the metrics on the blogsosphere. Spam is a major factor when running a blog service or an aggregating service. We’ve just deleted over 300 splogs (again) from Blogsome which had been set-up automatically. Comment spams are the bane of a bloggers life with the trusty captcha been the best weapon at the moment. Trackback spam is even harder to stop ...
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irishblogsIrish Blogs Stats - our web stats now available (8.2.2006, 15:35 UTC)
We’ve made our stats available on line here: Irish Blogs Stats, with the top 30 search terms listed here. The stats are not going to break any records but it will be interesting to see the trends over time. They are updated daily at about 6am in the morning. This page gives a good indication of what are the most popular posts on the site. I have ideas to use something like this to identify popular clusters of topics but I think we’ll have to extend our click stats gathering befor...
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irishblogsFixed now - server alias problem (7.2.2006, 15:02 UTC)
We’ll we fixed the glitch within a few minutes of discovering it. Hopefully it didn’t effect too many people. Thanks Dermod for the heads-up on it. We had moved the site to a new server and the new server had a server alias for which had a reference to * rather than * and therefore picked up resulting in an erroneous redirect. All should be well now. Sorry for that. I don’t know if many were effected. Let me know.
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irishblogsOops - a glitch during transfer - accidental redirect (7.2.2006, 14:56 UTC)
Well we’ve done the transfer but somewhere along the way there was a glitch. The new server has rewrite rules for and it seems somehow it is picking up requests for * and redirecting it to So fits into the * (in regular expression terms) so we’re now working on it. If you are reading this on then either it’s been fixed or you’re looking at the older version because your name server hasn’t picked up t...
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irishblogsBringing home - do not adjust your set (7.2.2006, 11:46 UTC)
Scheduled move of server may cause unusual behaviour. 12 noon 7th February - 12 midnight. We’re planning to move servers today. is getting quite busy and we’ve decided to move pre-emptively to one of our beefier servers. It should improve performance and eliminate some latency as it is currently residing somewhere in the US (wherever Aplus’s servers are) and will now be heading to a top-secret (unless you know how to look up IP addresses) location in Ireland....
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irishblogsIrish Blog Awards - We’ve been nominated (7.2.2006, 11:28 UTC)
Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere. Thanks for the nomination. First and most importantly, while the nomination is in my name the site is totally a team effort. From what I can see of our category, we’re in with some of the most respected names in the Irish blogosphere with many potential worthy winners. Having said that I’m going to give a plug for ourselves. Some might know this already but we do host about 40,000 blogs on our free blogging platform call...
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irishblogsOur stats (6.2.2006, 20:06 UTC)
Rather than rely on our rather stellar but dubious Alexa’s Ranking for Irish Blogs, we’ve been working analog to give us some log statistics. While Irish Bloggers are blogging on worthy worldly topics, Irish internet users are looking for info on Pat Short’s Breakfast Roll Song. It is search no. 1, 2 and 3 pushing “clonycavan man” into 4th place. The referrers report also seems to suggest the Breakfast Roll Song as the no.1 entry. Here are some of the top refer...
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irishblogsCork Blogs - the secret is out of the bag (3.2.2006, 16:23 UTC)
Well it wasn’t a big secret, but we had only started working on Cork Blogs when it was picked up by Donal, who told the bro’ Donncha and then was picked up by Michele (who has his finger on the pulse of the Irish Blogosphere). Our test version had a big ugly Dublin blue colour which understandably grates on Cork nerves. We are working on getting the People’s Republic Red at the top (at the moment it’s a bit too pink and we couldn’t have that). If you reckon your...
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irishblogsCaching on - making sure it doesn’t slow down (1.2.2006, 14:23 UTC)
The way our “similar posts” works is that it does a live search for all similar posts that have ever been posted on Irish Blogs. Over time this is going to get logarithmically bigger. There will be many posts which can be similar to many more posts. Google will have a field day/week indexing and the load will increase. So for once we’re going to try and be ahead of the curve on this one. We’re going to cache the similar post, or at least store the posts that are si...
Link | Author: irishblogs | Clicks: 0 RSS checker and duplicate checker now in place (20.1.2006, 14:28 UTC)
We’ve completed the blog submission process amendments. Now when you submit a blog it fetches the feed and asks you to approve it. It will also check to see if the feed is already there. Nifty enough for the blogger and saves us sifting through looking for duplicates. We’ll also run periodic searches for identical blog posts to catch the ones that got away.
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irishblogsAllowing comments on (20.1.2006, 14:25 UTC)
Some people might like to allow readers of Irish to make comments ala Digg. Some may not. Therefore I think if we are going to do it then we should allow people to opt-in. We could do this by asking people to log in and click on “allow comments”. Altertnatively I came up with the idea that people could just pop a hidden link in their post and our aggregator would pick that up and turn comments on. I then thought it would be nice if we could post comments back to people...
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irishblogsIrishness of Irish blogs (18.1.2006, 17:52 UTC)
Scanning down Irish Blogs I’ve noticed that not all posts are screaming of Irishness. Much of the subject matter is of a global nature. So does this mean that Irish Bloggers tend to be more outward looking and more globally aware and informed than the ordinary Joe (sans-)Bloggs? Creo que si.
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irishblogsGetting busier at (18.1.2006, 16:53 UTC)
Looks like all our efforts since October to re-jig the site are paying off. Alexa is showing that we have broken the 100,000 barrier recently. Wasn’t expecting that for another 6 months: Irish Blogs Alexa Rank The 2 features I like the most are: 1. “Similar Posts” Link e.g. Example of Similar Posts page. 2. Feature that lets you add the latest Irish Blogs to your own blog: Most useless feature that took the most time: See the little graph...
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irishblogsDealing with duplicates (18.1.2006, 16:39 UTC)
Were doing a few fixes for irishblogs over the next 2 days. As the blogging population grows we are going to have to deal with duplicate additions. It’s a little tricky as a blog can have different blog URI’s and also different feeds. Some of the blogs have 3 blog feeds and a comment feed (and could have loads of category feeds). We’re looking at a setup whereby the aggreagator detects the feeds and the blogger picks which one they want to use(RSS 2.0, xml, atom or whateve...
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irishblogsAccidental Bloggers - but I ony wanted a website (11.1.2006, 20:40 UTC)
Thought for the day. Not all bloggers want to be bloggers. I’ve often been asked; “how do I get a website”. People just want a web presence, a couple of photos about themselves, maybe lash up their CV, whatever….a place online to put things. Sure hasn’t everyone got a website these days. Michael’s “on” the internet. The simplest answer to “how do I get a website?”, in true Irish style is answered with another question:”why ...
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irishblogsIrish Blogs Side-Panel for Latest Irish Posts…cut and paste (21.12.2005, 10:33 UTC)
OK, so it might not make us totally redundant, but now you can get our side-panel and just drop it into your html and you will have the latest Irish Posts on your blog. We have made it so that you can change the colours and fonts to match your blog. All the links go directly to the author’s blog. We could have routed it through our site with a click counter, but that would deprive the author of valuable Google recognition so we thought direct would be better. You can also select...
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irishblogsMaking redundant…. (20.12.2005, 18:35 UTC)
We’re working on a “feature” that really could makes redundant. It should improve bloggers traffic and give more google value to the bloggers rather than More on this tomorrow. We should have it up and running by then.
Link | Author: irishblogs | Clicks: 1 : New Features and Fixes (20.12.2005, 14:58 UTC)
Well we’ve add a “Favourites” feature where you can select your favourite Irish bloggers and then just view those ones. We also have an RSS feed for this. You can also save posts that you want to remember to “My Posts”. We fixed a glitch in the code we’re using for our “claim my blog” feature (which allows you edit or delete your posts) - the bug was affecting the “a href” code required by blogger and blogspot. We’ve changed ...
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irishblogsUp to the minute….well 5 minutes. is more “now” (15.12.2005, 18:14 UTC)
We are now stratifying our blogs based on the frequency of posts (using gaussian methods amongst others). We have a number of bands, so the more often you blog the more often we’ll visit your blog. So for those blog-watch addicts, we’ll be more up to date with the latest latest blogs. If anyone is concerned about the load on their blogs let me know, but we’ve done it in such a way that it shouldn’t be a concern. Hopefully it’ll work. We’re putting it in p...
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irishblogsIrish blog awards….idea for voting (14.12.2005, 18:43 UTC)
I was wondering whether our “claim your blog” be useful tool for getting a voting system for theIrish Blog Awards. Best Blog voted for by Bloggers only. Like the FA’s, Players’ Player of the Year. The Bloggers’ Blog of the year.We’d be able to ensure one blog, one vote. Of course the wise guys would set up a bunch of blogs, but we could tackle that one easily enough.
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irishblogsRelevance of similar posts. Measures of relatedness. (14.12.2005, 17:06 UTC)
We were doing a fancy colour scheme based on the “percentage” relevance a post had to the original post. What seems to be happening though is that the determing factor seems to be the quality of the original post in terms of unique terms and length. Longer posts with more unique terms are bringing more relevant related or similar posts. Short posts were coming up with less relevant posts. So the range between most related and least related (out of our related set) was not large e...
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irishblogs“Similar Posts” functionality now included on (14.12.2005, 14:14 UTC)
You can now click on “Similar posts” to see, you guessed it, similar posts. It is probably fair to say that there is more technology used in the production of this feature than the rest of put together (and it shows….I hear some say). We tried not to get too carried away until we started using hyperbolic gradation to change the background colours to show the degree of relevance a particular post has. Now we’re working on a colour chart to show degree of r...
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irishblogsCategories….more people using them (13.12.2005, 19:01 UTC)
It may be my imagination, but when we started out with this, the vast majority of posts were “Uncategorised”. In the last two days the vast majority of them seem to be categorised. I’d like to think that we helped prompt people…but who knows. Interestingly one of the transgressors (if it is a transgression not to categorise) of late is the bauld Slugger. The semantic web is a great notion but as with most things technical humans get in the way. Some people will over...
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irishblogsMilestone: Now over 1,000 blogs on and adding new features (13.12.2005, 16:25 UTC)
Well we now exceed 1,000 new blogs. The Irish boggersphere seemed a lonely place until recently when blogs started to pop up all over the place. Irish Blogs seem to be appearing more in SERP’s which will probably increase awareness of them, which may go on to create a cycle…more Irish blogs. Our “claim your blog” feature which allows edit and delete functionality is now working. It works as a hidden href or a regular anchored “a href” (this second option ...
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irishblogsYou can now search for a phrase on (12.12.2005, 18:18 UTC)
If you put your search query in quotes it will return only posts that contain the phrase you entered in quotes. So if you put “George Best” in there you will not now get posts on how GWB was, or was not, the best president.
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irishblogsBlogger doesn’t allow tags in their posts (8.12.2005, 15:36 UTC)
Dermod has pointed out that Blogger doesn’t allow tags in their posts. We were afraid of something like that might happen. We’re going to make it so that our “claim your blog” authorisation feature will work with standard anchors as well. Why register with You can: edit or delete your own posts set up an alert so that you can be informed if a post is made with certain keyword(s) …and we’ll be working on a few more ideas. Perhaps v...
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irishblogsirishblogs authentication post (7.12.2005, 21:36 UTC)
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irishblogsOriginal thought and software patents (7.12.2005, 11:39 UTC)
We’re working away on getting a decent login setup where we can allow people to edit and delete posts and create alerts…and doing it securely. During the (probably too brief) planning process I came up with a rather brilliant way people can claim ownership their blog. We send them a code that they put in a post and then we look out for it when we’re looking at the blog feed. If the code matches then they are declared as the owner of the blog. Quite brilliant I thoughtR
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irishblogsttl, updatePeriod, updateFrequency (5.12.2005, 13:43 UTC)
Following Michele’s questions on “time to live” instructions in the RSS feeds, I did a bit of nosing around. Our system uses MagpieRSS to parse out the feeds. MagpieRSS is a feed parser and generator. It then hands over to the aggregator we’re using, FeedWordpress (now heavily modified). Apparently RSS 1.0 uses tags such as “UpdatePeriod” (e.g. hourly) and “UpdateFrequency” (e.g. 2) which when combined would give you the time to live total (e.g...
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