Planet Potato - an Irish blog"Day of protest" - usual public sector union nonsense (9.12.2005, 21:04 UTC)
Anyone notice the attendees at todays Day of Protest consisted of the usual suspects? Interesting post here. Nice to see that the public sector unions feel that they can discommode the working public when they feel like it. Why don't they hold this on a Saturday and give up one of their free days? With a working population of 2 million in this country, why don't we highlight the fact that 19 out of every 20 workers didn't attend?
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogDick swinging contests about holiday destinations (8.12.2005, 13:16 UTC)
Have you noticed how holidays have moved to the forefront of what I would call (excuse the crudeness) "dick swinging" contests for social status in Ireland? If you haven't had at least one holiday during the year where you haven't bottle-fed penguins in Antarctica, or hot air ballooned over the plains of Africa, or lived in the Amazon with a troupe of gorillas for three months, you're no-one. I can't talk of course because I'm just back from reasonably exotic places, but ever...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogWhat is wrong with this picture? (8.12.2005, 13:16 UTC)
From hereWe purchased a two-bed mid-terrace town house for €202,500. I rented it for €1,100 a month to a young single mother from Tallaght who was on social welfare. She was a model tenant and I never had any hassle from her. My solicitor helped me draw up a lease so that every angle was covered. She recently came off social welfare and could no longer afford the rent, so I now have a Nigerian lady with two children living in the house. She is also on social welfare and fortunately s...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogBudget - impact on property prices? (8.12.2005, 01:03 UTC)
First a disclaimer - I'm not an accountant and every time I look at something I see bad news for property ;) This post might turn out to be simply wrong. The budget has restricted the amount of tax relief that the wealthy can claim. This will have a particular impact on investors who have bought property which allowed them to claim various property based reliefs. The "high income threshold" is €250,000, which is high for normal taxpayers, but is not out of the question for the p...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogRents in Dublin (7.12.2005, 17:03 UTC)
Because I used to rent there, I've long kept an eye on the rents of apartments in Dublin 6. I would imagine this area would be sold as fairly "safe" from a rental viewpoint - nice leafy suburbs, good public transport, close to town, relatively upmarket and safe. Following has been an interesting experience over the past few years. Approximately 3 years ago, the cheapest hole of a place in D6 would cost you €850. Today it is €700, in fact there is one ad for €...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogOld misery guts speaks out (7.12.2005, 13:03 UTC)
One of the things I noticed most after returning from my recent travels was the agression level of people in Dublin compared to what you see abroad. If I hadn't been away, I'd probably have put it down to me getting older and slower (!), but it's more than that. It's particularly noticeable amongst pedestrians, and (watch me get beat up for this comment) amongst younger women. They will walk right through you if they get the chance, and get mightily upset by you being on the pavement as...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogIRMA promoting MP3 download? (6.12.2005, 01:05 UTC)
heh noticed this in a thread on - if you go to the IRMA (Irish Recorded Music Association site and type "mp3" into the search box, you get a page of Google ads showing you where to get your MP3s lol Here's a screenshot
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogAttention Gay Culture - we surrender (4.12.2005, 01:03 UTC)
Homer on gays : They're embarrassing me. They're embarrassing America. They turned the Navy into a floating joke. They ruined all our best names like Bruce, and Lance, and Julian. Those were the toughest names we had! Now they're just, uh ...John : Queer?Homer : Yeah, and that's another thing! I resent you people using that word. That's our word for making fun of you! We need it!On behalf of the entire hetrosexual community, Planet Potato would like to officially offer our surrender to gay cult...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogPotato Pontification (2.12.2005, 01:02 UTC)
There's an err interview with me over on Disillusioned Lefty. Check it out here if you ehrm want to. While you're at, you might want to take a look at the other posts on one of the sharpest blogs around.
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogChurch guilty of incitement to hatred? (30.11.2005, 17:04 UTC)
The latest polemic from the Catholic Church is extraordinary. No, wait, extraordinary is the wrong word. It is perfectly reasonable in the warped moral universe that the Church occupies, but to any right thinking individual it should be seen as insulting, offensive and an extraordinary pronouncement from an institution that proclaims itself to be leading moral authority. Of course we do need to remember that this has been published by a Church led by someone who once referred to homosexuality ...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogKnowing you need to get out more part 1 (29.11.2005, 17:17 UTC)
When you type "Thermopylae" into Google and don't have to hit the "did you mean..." button.
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogIrish Ferries - marketing ploy from the unions (29.11.2005, 01:02 UTC)
The point is being missed in the Irish Ferries story. It has nothing to do with outsourcing, and has everything to do with falling union membership in Ireland. The Irish economy is an economy that has benefited massively from outsourcing and globalisation. Our economy has been built on Germans and Americans and French people losing their jobs, and having Irish people replace those jobs at cheaper cost. It is immensely hypocritical to turn around and say that, now we are a high cost economy we a...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogLet them pay for their own crimes (28.11.2005, 17:04 UTC)
It was interesting, and refreshing, to read in the Irish Times today that the state is seeking to "force the Franciscan Brothers order to pay a proportion of a compensation bill to two men abused by a Franciscan brother at a primary school in the 1970s". The previous indemnity deal that the state signed with the Catholic authorities was to my mind a travesty. The state agreed to take on potentially unlimited potential liabilities, in return for the church authorities handing over a fi...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogFirst signs of snow (28.11.2005, 01:03 UTC)
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogPlease do not carry Giraffes in your hand luggage (26.11.2005, 01:01 UTC)
Seals, birds, god knows what else Biggest insect I've ever seen p..p..p..enguins Plettenburg
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogComment on Traveller debate (25.11.2005, 21:02 UTC)
As soon as the good citizens of Dublin 4 build a halting site in their area, I'll listen to their preaching in the opinion and letter pages of the Irish Times.
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogPrevious convictions (24.11.2005, 01:01 UTC)
I didn't write anything about the Nally case because, well, I knew I'd regret any post I made. There was one element that I did want to write about - the 12 previous convictions that Ward had. I don't understand, and I'm a fairly rational guy, why I read in the paper about people committing crimes who have 10, 20, 30, you name a number of convictions. Someone with 12 previous convictions has (at the very least) left 12 people behind him with a lower quality of life. We see burglars coming into ...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogInterest rates going up - good news for mortgage holders! (22.11.2005, 13:05 UTC)
Isn't it great to see spin at work? When you see people who are real masters at their work? Today's Irish Indo is a classic. For months now, the set of vested interests who are dependent on house prices increasing have been telling us that interest rates in Europe are unlikely to increase, and if they do, it will happen in 2006. As we get closer and closer to December, the European Central Bank has been indicating in ever stronger terms that we will see a rate rise at that meeting. Following co...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogThe passengers' guide to air travel (22.11.2005, 01:02 UTC)
Air travel - the romance! Whizzing around in a air-bullet , flying to exotic locations while being served Pina Coladas by nubile young hosts doting on your every need. When taking your seat, you will notice that you have happily been seated next to the stunning brunette brain surgeon who will spend the next 12 hours laughing at your jokes, before you leave the plane to board your limousine which deposits you directly into the most comfortable hotel bed in the world where you are gently fanned by...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogHout Bay (21.11.2005, 21:04 UTC)
This is a terribly stitched together pic of the amazing Hout Bay, where some Irish builders are slapping houses together (voluntarily) in a township at an amazing rate.
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogI'm back! (20.11.2005, 17:02 UTC)
For probably the first time in my life, I didn't go into deep deep depression on the day after a holiday. South Africa is a great place and worth a visit, but I won't be in a rush to go back. Some quick comments:Who turned the heat off! It's effing FREEZING here. I see that you've managed to reverse the seperation of Church & State while I've been away! Bloody hell, can't leave you kids alone for a minute. Is that the Groceries Order I see disappearing? Where did Martin get this particula...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogWhy McDowell can't become PD leader (20.11.2005, 17:02 UTC)
I don't apologise for saying that Michael McDowell is one of my political heroes. It's rare that you find anyone in Ireland who doesn't have a strong opinion of him, and it's for that reason that I admire him. You might detest his opinions, but he has them, he has the intellectual vigour to express them and he doesn't try to be one of the anodyne cardboard yes-men politicians we are cursed with in this country. This is a man who thinks deeply about issues, cares about those issues, and is willin...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogPodcasting - dumbest idea of 2005 (18.11.2005, 17:03 UTC)
Seriously - podcasting, how stupid an idea is this? Millions and millions of bloggers write content every day, and you have to wade through endless streams of triviality and banality to find the occasional nugget. It's difficult enough to do this with text, but the idea of some blogger in his garage recording how his cat has recovered from her ear infection, uploading that recording to his blog and people downloading it as a "podcast" just makes me laugh. It's one of those techie mastu...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blog*gasp* Roy Keane (18.11.2005, 13:05 UTC)
p.s. airports with wifi rule. Airports with delays suck. Manchester United has today reached agreement with Roy Keane for Roy to leave the Club with immediate effect. The agreement allows Roy to sign a long term deal with another club to enable him to secure his playing career beyond what would have been the end of his contract at United in the summer. The Club has offered Roy a testimonial in recognition of his 12 ½ years at Old Trafford. The Club thanks Roy for his major contribution ...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogChoo Tjoe! (17.11.2005, 17:02 UTC)
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogSouth African musings #2 (16.11.2005, 13:25 UTC)
Landscape, hiking and whatnot For hikers, South Africa has plenty going for it. There are hundreds of clear trails through unspoilt forests, beaches & coastline. The weather in Spring is ideal for Irish hikers but during Summer temperatures can go above the melting point of an Irishman so best avoided. They have problems with smog in the major population centres, outside of there the air is fantastically clear - certain vegetation only grows in clear air, in many forests you can see eviden...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogBaby whale ahoy (16.11.2005, 01:02 UTC)
Newborn baby whale, you can only see the top of his head - he weighs in at at a somewhat portly one ton.
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogSouth African musings #1 (14.11.2005, 17:03 UTC)
I'll probably spend a little time reflecting on South Africa. I know it's offtopic, but damnit it's my blog ;) General thoughts on Cape Town (and South Africa itself) This place feels like a timebomb. We've all heard about South Africa, the riches it contains, Apartheid. Right next to the airport in Cape Town is a huge shanty town with nearly a million black people living a hand to mouth existence. In the city proper you will see plenty of expensive cars being driven by whites. In areas of the...
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogOne week to go (14.11.2005, 01:01 UTC)
Have the dancing girls ready at the airport for me.
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Planet Potato - an Irish blogFantastic South Africa (11.11.2005, 01:01 UTC)
Internet access is a best intermittant, but I hope to post some more pics this week :) Back on the 18th to rant about the usual suspects
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