Pledge Request: Fax Your TD
John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
Out of AmbitA SuperBowl postscript (7.2.2006, 08:54 UTC)
Re the Rolling Stones' halftime performance:About 2,000 volunteers surrounded the stage to give the performance the feel of a "real" concert, even thought it was largely designed for television viewers.The NFL had originally tried to ban anyone over the age of 45 from dancing near or on the stage, but it backed off after it was pointed out that the average age of the Stones was 62. Oh, Gods forbid anybody over 45 might be seen dancing. They could be passing themselves off as young: horrors!!(ey...
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Out of AmbitFor you Filofax fans out there (6.2.2006, 09:02 UTC)
Just what you needed: a Personal Disorganizer.Tags: Filofax, organizer, personal organizer, alcohol
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Out of AmbitChannel Four (UK) wants four-minute documentaries (5.2.2006, 18:07 UTC)
FourDocs is where you can upload four minute docs about your world. Don't worry if you've never done any filmmaking before -- there's expert help for you in the user-friendly Guides...All the material you upload is covered under a Creative Commons licence. For your four minute films, this means any other site user is able to copy, distribute and display the film as long it is for non-commercial purposes and they don't alter it. More at the FourDocs page. (They also have a blog.) This looks at fi...
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Out of Ambit"Fuzzy logic" Windows messages (5.2.2006, 16:07 UTC)
Heh. "The files will be sort of deleted. Continue?"Tags: fuzzy logic, Windows, error message
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Out of AmbitFor sale: the last Sopwith Camel (5.2.2006, 13:18 UTC)
You won't be finding this one on eBay any time soon. Secretly stored in a loft in England since WWI, this 1917 Sopwith Camel #B6291 was discovered by a former Royal Flying Corps Camel pilot with the cooperation of Sir Thomas Sopwith. Carefully restored to flying status by British Aerospace Co., at last it is here now in the U.S. Nothing compares to this remarkable and historical fighter that once flew over the battlefields of the Western Front in 1917. This is the most desirable Camel existing ...
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Out of AmbitInadvertent poetic prose in spamblogs (5.2.2006, 12:30 UTC)
Used to be that, every now and then, when I'd see a name in the Blogger referral logs for a blog that I didn't recognize, I'd click on the link and go have a look. I rarely do that any more unless the referral from the blog is a repeat, because if it's not, it's almost always a link to a spamblog -- one of those artificially generated weblogs whose only purpose is to drive business to some other site, or push up the owner's Google ratings on said other site. I really hate those things.Yet every...
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Out of AmbitLooking for help with that pesky quest? A wizard of Bath discovers the realities... (4.2.2006, 15:46 UTC)
Hilarious....I did learn a few useful things...Older people are much less likely to see the funny side of something, even when the safety of the universe is in the balance.Couples are far better at avoiding the magically hindered than individuals.Men with grey beards really don't like to be called, "fellow wizard." (Although, their wives are likely to find it funny.)(Thanks, Jerry and cjmr!)Tags: wizard, Bath, England, quest
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Out of AmbitUS expats, take note: one-step online voter registration finally available (4.2.2006, 11:38 UTC)
And not a moment too soon, if you ask me. This convenience comes to us courtesy of the Overseas Vote Foundation, a nonprofit / nonpartisan group devoted to cutting through the bureaucratic tangle for voters abroad.The registration tool, known as RAVA, guides users through a process that first places them in one of three basic categories - overseas civilian, overseas military or family of overseas military - then asks for their home state, before guiding them to pages tailored to the laws and req...
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Out of Ambit"After Narnia"...? What, are we through with it already? (3.2.2006, 14:26 UTC)
I see the Young Wizards books turning up on a lot of "If You Like Harry Potter..." lists these days -- hundreds of them, scattered all over the US and Canada (and some elsewhere in the English-speaking world). But this is the first time I've seen one of these: What's Next After Narnia?This, I guess, bemuses me even more. Generally speaking -- to my eye, at least -- in a strictly thematic sense, the YW books have even less in common with Narnia than the "Harry Potter" books do. There's not even...
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Out of AmbitJust, well, unspeakable (2.2.2006, 23:58 UTC)
But in the nicest kind of way:Tales of the Plush CthulhuYes, Plush Cthulhu! The stars were right again and a band of innocentstuffed animals had released Him into the world by accident."Uh, oh," said Baby Boy Fluffy Bunny.(grin) Sleep tight.Tags: Cthulhu, mythos, stuffed toy, r'lyeh
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Out of AmbitA "Buckaroo Banzai" comic, woo woo! (2.2.2006, 10:05 UTC)
I see that I'm a trifle late in finding out about this -- dewline put me onto it (hey, thanks!!) -- and after a little Googling I see that Chris Roberson mentioned it last month. But ask me if I care, at the moment. I'm delighted! I saw BB at its Worldcon premiere and have loved that universe dearly ever since. Now it turns out that Moonstone Books, starting in April, will be bringing out a comics version of Buckaroo Banzai -- a three-issue miniseries. The first book's story was done by BB cr...
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Out of AmbitToday's weird cat story (1.2.2006, 10:48 UTC)
So as a way to keep this dry-ear problem of mine from recurring (the condition having been, apparently, what caused the ear infection of early January), the doctor told me to shove little soft cotton pledgets soaked with olive oil into my ears while showering. Fair enough. Now, this requires keeping olive oil in the bathroom, which is slightly unusual around here. So Peter brought me up one of the little oil drizzlers and a small dish that paté originally came in. Before each shower, I p...
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Out of AmbitSome changes over at the CafePress end of things (31.1.2006, 14:39 UTC)
For those who might be interested, we're in the middle of restructuring the Young Wizards CafePress store. Things are getting moved around, old designs are getting spruced up or dumped, and a lot of new designs are being installed to take advantage of the much wider range of products available since the store opened up in '03.Just added: a couple of T-shirts that appear in Wizard's Holiday and Wizards at War -- Roshaun's "Fermilab" T-shirt and Sker'ret's "Will Do Magic For Food" shirt. Also, ...
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Out of AmbitSpacemiles (31.1.2006, 11:33 UTC)
It was only a matter of time. "Move Over, Buzz Lightywar: Virgin Atlantic offers its frequent flyer members 'space miles'"Frequent flyers are being offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an astronaut under a newly launched scheme by Virgin Atlantic.Members of its Flying Club loyalty programme can now convert their earthly miles into 'space miles' and earn themselves a trip beyond the upper atmosphere to join the 100-Mile High Club.Members will need to earn two million miles on Virg...
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Out of AmbitLike Aaron Sorkin needs this (30.1.2006, 10:16 UTC)
Aargh. ...A prostitute he knew years ago has made him a central figure in her memoir.Yet, if true, is this one of those "the-biter-bit" situations? Because it says a little further down --She says he told her he'd written a call-girl character into "The West Wing.""I wrote it because (I'm serious about this) I've always remembered the way you came over to my apartment," according to the E-mail she reproduces. "I remember looking at you and thinking: I don't understand why this isn't my girlfrie...
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Out of AmbitPig stuff (28.1.2006, 16:14 UTC)
The first of the Transcendent Pig items are up in the store now. Some more stuff will go up later after I've finished remasking the image for output on white things.
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Out of AmbitTranscendent Pig redux: T-shirts ready later today (28.1.2006, 09:16 UTC)
For those of you who were asking, I should have the masking issues on the black T-shirts sorted out by this afternoon -- check the YW CafePress store then. There'll also be a few other items -- mousepads, etc (including the new WizPod design). I'm still undecided about the merits of a TP chef's apron. ;)More later.
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Out of AmbitA case of the fours (27.1.2006, 20:54 UTC)
...I was starting to wonder why OOA was all of a sudden getting all these referrals from Joey's blog. The far-famed Accordion Guy has tagged me for a list-of-four meme. Well, let's see now...Four jobs I've had:Florist's assistant (1968-69)Psychiatric nurse (1975-77)Writer's assistant (1978-80)Story editor (1985-86)Four movies I can watch over and over:Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster ("Godzilla! Such language!")A Christmas Story ("It''s smiling at me!" SFX: WHACK!)A Funny Thing Happened ...
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Out of Ambit"If there is life on Mars, the Dutch will find it." (27.1.2006, 19:35 UTC)
A hilarious Heineken ad. Have you seen it?...Here's one link......or a different one......another one... (QuickTime)......or one where you can download and view later.(And to my absolute delight, the ad comes in two versions. I'd only seen the bottled version before. The one at is draft.) :)
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Out of AmbitBoy, I wish I'd seen this (27.1.2006, 08:08 UTC)
Sorry that the article requires a subscription -- "Oprah Winfrey Takes a Guest to the Television Woodshed", they title it...It was indeed amazing television. James Frey -- the truculent tough guy who used to compare himself to Hemingway -- now sat like a boy in detention, gloomily taking his licks from the nation's headmistress until he seemed to whimper. Sure, Mr. Frey was supposed to have been humbled already, brought low by the grievous sins he chronicled in "A Million Little Pieces," his be...
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Out of AmbitI see I've been tagged (27.1.2006, 00:19 UTC)
I wondered why all those referrals from Joey's weblog were showing up over here! The far-famed Accordion Guy has tagged me to do a list-of-four-things meme. I started it, but (for some reason) couldn't get into Blogger for much of this evening, so the list is downstairs in the other computer, saved as plain old HTML on the desktop. I'll post it tomorrow.
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Out of AmbitToday's weird headline (26.1.2006, 10:31 UTC)
I collect these things, in a desultory fashion. This isn't quite up to the level of my all-time favorite ("Headless Body in Topless Bar"), but it's in the running. (Ouch, did I really just say that?...)Was man armed with prosthetic legs?[State Trooper Don] Newcomb took the driver to the patrol car, then chased the passenger, eventually kicking him from behind. After falling to the ground, the passenger threw both of his legs at Newcomb, the report says. One hit the trooper in the chest.(Insert t...
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Out of AmbitThe best walk-on in "Wizards at War..." (25.1.2006, 22:28 UTC)
If you ask me: but then I'm biased. It's a humanoid, Nita thought, as the figure came toward them through the smoke. What's that hanging off its head? Humanoids don't usually have tentacles there. And it doesn't look like it's armed.It wasn't a very big humanoid, either. It was only a little bigger than Nita. As it came through the smoke, Nita could have sworn it was actually human -- the skin color was one of the possible ones, the eyes and other dimly-seen features seemed to be in the right ...
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Out of AmbitTranscendent Pig stuff (24.1.2006, 14:49 UTC)
For those inquiring about the new Transcendent Pig items in the CafePress store: the T-shirt will be ready in a day or so. (The basic design is here.) The "Got Pig" mug is there already, but I may do another design or two.All praise to Ursula Vernon, whose work this is! (And yes, of course she gets a cut of the profits. A significant one.)
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Out of AmbitWhat happens to Leo (24.1.2006, 09:50 UTC)
A little more about the details of what's going to happen with The West Wing:Spencer's absence will be explained by the death of his character -- a plot development that sent West Wing writers scurrying to their constitutional law textbooks. Spencer's character McGarry was Santos' vice presidential running mate, and the writers had to figure out what happens when a vice presidential candidate dies. The answer is, nobody's quite sure.''There's certainly no constitutional provision with how to dea...
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Out of AmbitOh please, pull the other one (24.1.2006, 08:55 UTC)
During a late-night session of the World Economic Forum in 2004, Bill Gates said the Internet spam problem would be solved within two years. ...The statement did cause a great deal of excitement at the time, and Hamlin - perhaps not surprisingly - argues that Gates was correct. "I won't say spam is dead, but we can say spam is contained," Hamlin said. "If you use the latest anti-spam technologies and educate yourself on how to use them, you should not have a problem."Contained? Contained??? He...
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Out of AmbitTurkey drops charges against writer (23.1.2006, 12:14 UTC)
Well, good.A charge of insulting his country levelled against the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk was formally abandoned on Monday, ending an embarrassing chapter in Turkish criminal justice that has drawn sharp criticism abroad.Mr Pamuk’s lawyer said the writer’s trial had been abandoned after a court decided that it could not hear the case after a political decision that it should not be pursued.Others will doubtless discern the EU's pressure being brought to bear as regards this issue....
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Out of AmbitHardly news, but I'll miss it (23.1.2006, 09:40 UTC)
NBC's fantasy White House drama "The West Wing" will end its seven-season run on May 14 with the inauguration of the new president, executive producer John Wells told television critics Sunday. The election will be covered on April 2 and 9 and viewers will know by the end of the latter episode whether the presidential candidate played by Jimmy Smits or Alan Alda won the election -- a decision the producers "have only really in the last couple days made," at the end of "quite a brawl," Wells to...
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Out of AmbitFerrofluid sculptures (22.1.2006, 22:05 UTC)
I could watch this for hours: it's a shame the video is so brief. Sachiko has taken this idea of liquid architecture more literally with these stunning sculpture made from Ferrofluid which changes its state by the introduction of electro-magnetic waves into the fluid, turning it solid. (Thanks, Posicat!)
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Out of AmbitIn brightest day, in darkest night... (22.1.2006, 21:14 UTC)
Catwoman-drawing memes don't do anything in particular for me. But now there's a Green Lantern-drawing meme going around. That's a whole 'nother story. ...And so is this one. I can't find my copy of the comic it appeared in: it's been lost after many moves. But I stumbled across the original file the other day.In honor of the meme, therefore (since I can't draw): "Social Occasion"
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