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John Handelaar is looking for some people to support his efforts to develop an Irish equivalent of the hugely successful UK site for contacting UK politicians. The Irish version of the site would allow people to contact their councillors, TDs and MEPs for free. If you are interested in helping out, visit BEFORE 1ST FEBRUARY.
not so clevermaking bets with oneself (31.1.2006, 20:08 UTC)
Or the day I realised I suffered from o. c. d. This afternoon I fell foul of one of my quangos, namely the habit of making bad bets with myself. A friend had just suggested a dastardly plot that sounded too good. So I was nice and polite, but didn't get too exuberant, thus ensuring that if it came asunder we would still be friends and if it came to pass, I could then get excited. Fifteen minutes later I'm doing the simplex crossword on the Irish Times website, simian sole that I is. And then, ...
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not so cleverThe difficulty with Pi (28.1.2006, 18:25 UTC)
I was never good at maths or resisting cakes. In other news. Green Party - John Gormley TD, very kindly agreed to be interviewed on my radio show about the Council of Europe interim report on illegal detentions. We talked about rendition flights and the possibility that these have landed in Shannon. The US refute that the flights landing have been on their way to Guantanemo or have had illegal detainees aboard - yet we aren't allowed to check. But if there is nothing to hide, then surely it ...
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not so clevermaking a fool of oneself (26.1.2006, 22:14 UTC)
If I were funny, it would be that self-effacing sort of humour - you know how it goes. One of my favourite such sketches is that classic Dudley Moore and Peter Cook one, where Dud is auditioning for Tarzan. Poor Dud, as enthusiastic and gushing as can be, hopping on one foot, trying to convince the casting director that he would make a great one-legged Tarzan. The acting class is getting serious, and I am beginning to realise that I'm not really the best student in the class. This is fine, o...
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not so cleverthe cringe-factor (24.1.2006, 21:54 UTC)
Ouch. Sometimes being a human is enough to make me want to metamorph into being a cuddly toy, or perhaps a crash helmet. Take now. Or don't if you would rather not. Just change the url and pass by. Anyway, here I am, sitting in a cringed up position - I mean, I'm twenty eight, who am I kidding? Myself allegedly. Here I am, betwixt my Yoga Class, my Acting Class, my radio show, and my dull job. And now, I'm applying for a job which: a. I won't getb. If I did even get, I would be too chicke...
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not so cleverTo the future I say! (21.1.2006, 17:29 UTC)
Isn't it strange that if you took the media as your main source of facts, which of course none of us worldly types do... ahem... that older people would seem a bit dotty, irrelevant, or more likely invisible. Yet, day on day we get older ourselves, and the majority of us would prefer that we have the opportunity to continue motoring on for a good while. I don't understand the logic though - surely we should want to make oldness sexy (or if that's too contraversial for you) at least cool? I me...
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not so cleverSpecial People (19.1.2006, 18:17 UTC)
We were wonderful, special and wholesome types, who felt spectacularly wonderful and in the know, as we sat spellbound listening to Noam (we spent an evening together, don't you know). Fancy, Noam Chomsky, he who is in touch with truth of the struggles of the whole world in a far greater and deeper way than I am in touch with the truth of the struggles of my own life. Imagine, this man, this insightful commentator, visiting us in Ireland. Our opinion is important, we are important. He may hav...
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not so cleverMatching Socks (15.1.2006, 16:31 UTC)
In my local shop there was a sign advertising an expert ironer. The possibilities were endless - I would generously employ someone who clearly was devoted to their expert subject and in turn could devote the additional free time to my favourite hobbies, or just to those endless nameless ways I spend the hours when not working or sleeping. She was a lovely woman, yet her expertise was clearlyfar beyond that which I needed. €1.50 per garment, except for as she put it, 'like a big thing - a ...
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not so cleverTotally riVeting TV (14.1.2006, 20:13 UTC)
What has happened to the last two hours of my life? They've disappeared, into the unknown, as I sat riveted to 'Shipwrecked 2006 - Battle of the Islands'. Naively, I believed that reality tv had gone the way of the dogs, what with celebrity BB platforming once-noones as they crumble further into a state of mental unbalance. Not to say this doesn't entertain many people, it's just not to my own taste. Perhaps if the people were less faux, and more good looking, and stranded on an island vying...
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not so cleverkitten (10.1.2006, 22:32 UTC)
Tee hee - check this out, it's cute, fun and a little bit evil: kitten war Pets are great. I'm not going to get a new cat even though I'd like one. For ages after Arthur, my furry friend, was run over by some twit (it has been almost a year and still I can't forgive) I didn't want to have another cat. Now, I wouldn't mind, but it just isn't right, so I'm not getting one - we live on a nearly main road, I'm going travelling within the year, and besides, I'm still in mourning. But I have to s...
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not so cleverother people's quangos (10.1.2006, 21:14 UTC)
It may be the first sign of my growing madness, but I've just decided that instead of trying to fit in with everyone else's viewpoints, I'm going to define normal as myself and all else as absurd. Aw, the relief. Seriously. I went to school with this girl who when (as we oft would do) we would say someone was wierd, would interject 'define normal'. To be honest, she was very normal and therefore fitted right in. Still, her erudite observation has lead me to be tolerant for the past decade. Nah...
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not so cleverinky evenings (9.1.2006, 22:47 UTC)
I'm definitely going travelling, that's my resolution. Now, the dull cold reality - eleven months of saving my butt off. And five years of paying the loan back. But it will be marvellous. And you folks will be the beneficiaries of a not so clever world tour. Anyway, all this self sacrifice means that I'm sitting at home instead of the pub. And we're getting videos (gosh showing my age) DVDs and crisps instead of the live theatrical performances and champagne we enjoyed chez moi heretofore. ...
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not so cleverPurchasing Sofas Sucks (7.1.2006, 20:24 UTC)
This house, which is often a nice place of comfort, has conspired with Classic Furniture, to make today a bit of a bad Saturday. Now, it started off well - we had spent time chatting carefully with a salesperson, who assured us that our sittingroom would be a cosy pleasuredome on receipt of our new corner sofa. I duly signed away my hard earned cash (well, I will earn it, and that's what plastic is for, right?). Then, with much kind assistance from my Dad, we hacked our old sofa apart in some ...
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not so cleverAbout Town (7.1.2006, 00:32 UTC)
Not warming to the place due to the name, I avoided going to Gruel for probably oh a year or so, imagining some Dickensian overpriced experience. I always thought I was too literal. Eventually persuaded by someone who always knew the best places to be, I tried it, and enjoyed balancing on those old style boho chairs whilst chomping wholesome chow and feeling a little interesting. Despite the shabby-chic it can be dear enough, plus many others I find also feel a little over trended by the name o...
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not so cleverhealth food junkies (5.1.2006, 13:15 UTC)
Why is it that we're driven to make resolutions to give up the simple pleasures that we love? If your only respite from a dull day is a pint or a slice of cake, I thought that logic would dictate that you would eat or drink even more. Dublin is very cold today. Everyone I talk to wishes they weren't in work today, that they were doing something else. Why do we always want to be doing something else?
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not so cleverRain (4.1.2006, 13:28 UTC)
Sometimes when it rains outside, I don't even notice. Some people who see the drops, feel the wet. Cold and horrible, maybe they think there is no end. Sometimes it drips, leaves are pushed down, or When its heavy I can't even see the road clearly. If it rains for a long time, you look forward to the end. The smell will be clean and the plants will look glad. The street will be shiny and the day will be new.
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not so cleverIn praise of little 'uns (21.12.2005, 13:17 UTC)
Aw kids of Dublin, you make me smile. At the ChristKindl festival yesterday evening I was merrily walking through looking at the sparkly lights of the merry-go-round and sniffing the Glu-Wein filled air and admiring the smelly candles and funky jewellery and assorted craftytypes who were selling same. Even though all were housed in garden sheds, the general ambience was one reminicent of a US feelgood xmas film. This general shmarm-disneyfest was going down very well with me, it must be ackno...
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not so clevershadows (20.12.2005, 13:51 UTC)
I'm posting from a café in Dublin listening to DJ Shadow being piped out as the brisk typers frantically finish college essays, the home-searchers browse DAFT and the gadget lovers look at glossy images of things I can only imagine are necessary to the daily life of your average underachieving overqualified man who I am very jealous of as I have to go back to work and he doesn't, evidently. Bah, poor me. This morning I didn't even have time to look at the swans on the canal, meetings and ...
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not so cleverStrange and Wonderful Things (13.12.2005, 23:00 UTC)
1. Fianna Fáil posted into my post-box a newsletter from Noel Aherne that I didn't really want, but none the less I had a look, and was surprised to see that the first prize for their xmas raffle there is a car. Does Ivor propose to dispose of his PA's unwanted gift thus? 2. On the Royal Canal in Dublin of a morning just beside Mountjoy, you may see an overgrown cygnet hanging with his folks, he doesn't want to leave them, and he's half ugly half swan-like and most beautifully awkward as ...
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not so cleverDo you need booze for a good night out? (27.11.2005, 22:41 UTC)
I'm not going to bemoan the impending dullness of getting older, nay, I will use it as grounds for research. For example last night I had the joy of experimenting with being both non and boozed up. First part of the night I spent guzzling an array of drinks - beer, wine, rum - whilst chomping overpriced tasteless grub in Eliza Blues, although in credit to them, the presentation was purdy and the Hen party suitably tacky. Conclusion: My arguments and entertaining quotes were widely enjoyed and ...
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not so cleverFreedom is never free (23.11.2005, 22:07 UTC)
Haven't met or voted for him, but now the big flea, freudian slip, I mean fella, wants to protect my freedom so much that he would consider bombing a TV station, and then wave the Official Secrets Act about if someone wanted to tell me about it. Did the other, more linguistically proficient George (Bernard Shaw), have the spectre of politics future whisper persuasively in ear when he said: 'England and America are two countries separated by a common language'
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not so cleverJoy to the world - Xmas #1 (22.11.2005, 23:37 UTC)
Can't remember how I was directed to JCB Song a while ago, but apparently it is touted to be the Christmas Number One tune - well worth the download, and the animation is a corker. Aw, listening to it now, so sad...
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not so cleverBray on a frosty morning (22.11.2005, 22:53 UTC)
Following a slow, slow commute across the M50 this morning, arriving as Bray woke up for another day, the beauty of the area sang to me. In the shop buying a paper, I was too early for my meeting, the woman was really warm and friendly. 'Oh love, you look cold' 'Fierce cold, isn't it?' 'Fierce'. 'Start of the winter, I reckon'. 'It's lovely out here though this morning' 'Ay you're right, it is lovely today'. I wish I had got a chance to walk down the Prom at lunch. Maybe tomorrow. On the way ...
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not so cleverAdvertising Bah. (21.11.2005, 22:42 UTC)
Despite attempts to be a Guardian reading, organic buying, literature reading, closed minded to I'm a Celebrity Culture type of person, sometimes the sucky advertising works. Take cars, which I really have little interest in (except for Betsy who is almost part of nature at her advanced age - almost ten - and her moss growing windows and teeny engine so that doesn't count...)... I want a new Mini Cooper (yup dreadfully four years ago, but Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity, sigh), a Citroen ...
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not so cleverKung Fu ~ distant relative of Fianna? Discuss (20.11.2005, 23:25 UTC)
Watching Kung Fu Hustle (which was in the words of Peter Cook's character I don't know who, that guy who sat in a pub with Dudley Moore, 'funny') and Faraday posited that there are great similarities between the action of the 'masters' in kung fu movies and those of the Fianna (Fionn, Oisín, all those dudes). Well, I know I've had a glass or more of red wine, but 'yup' I agree. And suddenly all these matrixesque moves and Jackie Chan movies seem more realistic or failing that relevant.... ...
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not so cleverSunday Mourning (20.11.2005, 16:44 UTC)
I was woken this morning by the Sunday Miscellany on Radio One spurting all tweedley deedely thoughts about Ireland, many of which could have been penned by De Valera himself and yet again I am lead to believe that we'll will never move on from this claptrap nonsense involving dancing and praying and yawning out of boredom. Anyway, everyone knows that this city would grind a tall man down, make a clever man drink, ruin a pretty hairstyle, you get the picture. This afternoon I was reminded of Pa...
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not so cleverConsumed. (18.11.2005, 20:21 UTC)
The guilt is wriggling wormlike through my veins and I can't bear it, but I'm happy. My feelings lurch between utter distempt (is this another made up word of mine? why spell check assures me that it is - distempt - a blend of distemper and contempt) and glee. The distempt is due to: 1. the anticipated arrival of next months ever increasing visa bill2. the fact that I fancy myself above such crud as being a darned consumer3. Dorothy aint never getting to Berlin if she keeps buying sparkly thin...
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not so clevernot all strangers are ass*oles (17.11.2005, 21:58 UTC)
You get to a certain age and stage in your life when you stop bounding up to strangers and imagining that they are sound, quirky, interesting individuals and you begin to suffer people fatigue. And then, on days like today, you realise that not all strangers are ass*oles. Well maybe you didn't, and maybe you've never suffered people fatigue, but this has been my experience today. I was standing on a traffic island cussing inwardly about the endless cars, the thoughtlessness of the SUV driver an...
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not so cleverSpiritual Void (15.11.2005, 22:13 UTC)
When I was in college Spiritualised were rather voguey, and I only mention that to seg gently into saying that I am spiritually void and it doesn't bother me. Mostly. But sometimes, particularly those odd times, I mean really odd times, when I end up tapping into a spiritual conversation or moment with someone who is, I do feel a bit of a party pooper. I'll entertain all sorts of ideas such as Aliens and have been known to experiment with the other side (ok, last time was when I was in school w...
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not so cleverHere comes the fear (6.11.2005, 17:48 UTC)
A few years ago I think I took a growth spurt and then more recently the same happened in reverse.In other words, some of my friends seem to have growed up faster than me over the past year.Last night I went to a dinner party which was really nice and relaxed and interesting. The buzz was chilled and the conversation was comfortable yet thought provoking and included a decent amount of giggling, the prerequisite for a good dinner party.Yet, on my way to said dinner party, I suffered from a blin...
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not so cleverInventing new words (3.11.2005, 00:18 UTC)
I invented a new word today, and I think it was my first one ever. Although previously I have believed that I invented one only to discover that someone else got there first (one such word is puzzical, which means to look at someone in a puzzled fashion, not to be confused with quizzical. I was assured that puzzical exists heretofore and was also told it is a crap word). But today's word? I even googled it and no results came up, which I take as a positive sign. The word: Blingionnaire. A pe...
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