Internet CommentatorKwahsawns for Kwanzaa (8.12.2005, 21:02 UTC)
I'd just like to point out that the correct pronunciation of the French breakfast pastry is: crois-sant (krwä-sä, kr-sänt) That is, you pronounce the 'r'. You wouldn't say "Fwawnce", would you?. That's all. As you were.
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Internet Commentator"We gonna party like it's your bat mitzvah" (8.12.2005, 21:02 UTC)
I really didn't believe this was true. Turns out it was and here are the pictures to prove it.
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Internet CommentatorMU Musings (8.12.2005, 13:15 UTC)
So, United are ejected from Europe by "mighty" Benfica, gifted with such passionate supporters and a worldwide fanbase, one of the evocative names of European football and associated with this competition since its inception. Which would put them on a par with the likes of Celtic, Steau Bucharest and Sparta Prague. It was another dreary lifeless performance by a United team which seemed to have shaken its lethargy with a recent sequence of solid, if unimpressive, victories. It's obvious, but ra...
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Internet CommentatorIf you can't grasp logic, teach (7.12.2005, 13:02 UTC)
In a rare manifestation of cop-on among the FF part of the Cabinet,  Mary Hanafin has let the education sector's  Millie Tants and Dave Sparts know that they will have their snouts removed temporarily from the trough should they decide to attend this Friday's exercise in futility/ICTU Day of Protest.  There's little point in rehashing what can be 'confidently asserted'  about the Irish Ferries case: majority of workforce accepted redundancy terms; Ireland's full employment st...
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Internet CommentatorAnother links t'ing (5.12.2005, 13:00 UTC)
Commentary on matters Internet still eludes me so here are a few more links: Econlog's Bryan Caplan on Hitler's decision to abandon Autarky - The bounty of the world was on sale at bargain prices, and people like Hitler couldn't help thinking "There must be an easier way. I know - let's kill each other." Also on Econlog, Caplan's (correct) identification of anti-foreign bias among immigration-restrictionists has really riled the trolls, garnering 57 comments so far. You would think that readin...
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Internet CommentatorEnnui abides (1.12.2005, 17:03 UTC)
Ok, November has been an exceedingly slow month even by my recent standards so, in a possibly vain attempt at a kickstart, here, Backseat drivers style, are a few links to stuff I've found interesting: Turns out the Irish model is superior to the scandinavian model. Daniel Davies dissects Dubner's dubious dissertation on drug dealers (Yes I know it's mainly Levitt but I couldn't resist all those alliterative 'd's). Mahalanobis on game theory in movies. Will Wilkinson on Benjamin Friedman's ...
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Internet Commentator Utility/futility (1.12.2005, 17:03 UTC)
Kip Esquire wonders what is the point of Open Source Media Pajamas Media: As I understand it, the purpose of Pajamas Media is to bring together the bloggers that everyone already knows about so that people will, um, know about them. Think about that. What exactly does Pajamas Media accomplish that my aggregator, or Google, doesn't? I can tell you what my aggregator accomplishes that Pajamas Media doesn't. My aggregator lets me add or subtract bloggers that I do or do not find interesting. My ...
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Internet CommentatorBlimey! (18.11.2005, 13:04 UTC)
Keane quits. I had thought there was more than a whiff of Saipan style bridge-burning about his canned interview with MUTV....
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Internet CommentatorThe "romance" of the premiership (12.11.2005, 13:01 UTC)
Daniel Finkenstein has his priorities correct: Eating breakfast together on a balcony in Florence: definitely romantic. Going to the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead to watch a film without a proper ending while sitting on a sofa for two: romantic. Walking hand-in-hand in Hyde Park on a weekend without the children: romantic. Wigan Athletic second in the Barclays Premiership: doesn’t do it for me, but each to their own.
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Internet CommentatorInconsistent intuitions (10.11.2005, 17:01 UTC)
Let's say you are walking down a street, finishing off chips from a polystyrene container when you notice, nestling among the autumnal leaves, a similar container previously discarded by a third party. Tut, tut, you think to yourself, how careless and inconsiderate. As you are congratulating yourself on your moral superiority the wind catches your, now empty, container and deposits it beside the other one. You are distracted by a car passing and when you look down again you aren't quite sure whi...
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Internet CommentatorFirst rule of open debate... (10.11.2005, 13:02 UTC)
...Whatever you do, don't reveal your fundament.
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Internet CommentatorRip-off rant (10.11.2005, 13:02 UTC)
Gerry offers his 2c: 85c for a litre of milk! I was in the North last week and bought a litre for the equivalent of 83c. What a f**king rip-off this country has become...
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Internet CommentatorRus in urbe (10.11.2005, 13:02 UTC)
I had forgotten that one of my favourite pieces of "architecture" in London was that stretch of Regent's Canal between London Zoo and Camden Lock:
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Internet CommentatorDepenguinising Modernism (10.11.2005, 13:02 UTC)
Turns out Lubetkin's Penguin Pool: is bereft of actual penguins Unless ineptly executed outlines on perspex count: Funny thing is that the pool's "icy" modernism is probably closer in appearance to their natural antarctic habitat than the rather pedestrian foliage-fringed pond they currently occupy.
Link | Author: Frank McGahon | Clicks: 1
Internet CommentatorStalinchester United? (1.11.2005, 17:00 UTC)
The mighty Roy "Trots" Keane must be starting to feel the tickle of an icepick  between those shoulder blades of his, but whose dabs are on the shaft?  I've argued, even as a casual Gooner, that the perceived, or actual decline of Manchester United will do little to add variety and competition to a league competition that was over and done before Hallowe'en and it irks me that the beloved (by me) but notoriously thin-skinned Arséne Wenger is engaged in a futile war of wo...
Link | Author: Neilo | Clicks: 1
Internet CommentatorGone Fishin' (28.10.2005, 16:32 UTC)
Well, not quite. Off to Blighty for a week so no posts from me until at least Monday 7th. But maybe Neil might throw a few words together between now and then (hint, hint).
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Internet Commentator20 Grand ain't too shabby (27.10.2005, 08:24 UTC)
Forget about Blog Shares: The Business Opportunities weblog has a little applet which calculates your blog's worth based on the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal: My blog is worth $20,323.44.How much is your blog worth?
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Internet Commentator"Wondrous Opinions"... (27.10.2005, 08:05 UTC)
...Apparently. I'm the featured interviewee for Disillusioned Lefty's Irish blogger interview this week.
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Internet CommentatorHas The Celtic Tiger turned on its cubs, Part the Millionth. (26.10.2005, 14:01 UTC)
A heavily advertised piece on Ireland's boombastic economy in the current Newsweek  deviates, in some small measure, from the usual ochón go deo garment-rending 'feel' pieces that fill our print and broadcast media with nauseating regularity.    It's boilerplate stuff that smacks of the US obsession with fact-checking e.g. for every Joe Higgins bleat, there's a counterblast from Constantin Gurdgiev  but it's nice to see the current administration get a little love:And Ir...
Link | Author: Neilo | Clicks: 1
Internet CommentatorCulture is whatever I want it to be. (26.10.2005, 10:51 UTC)
Anyone who still thinks that the Irish edition of the Sunday Times is a uniformly "right wing" publication because it used to employ Eoghan Harris in the previous century would do well to read the abysmal witterings of one Michael Ross, editor of the Culture section, who strongly resists this characterisation. He used to confine his weekly, weakly missives to relating the various petty squabbles between the boards of cultural institutions, the Arts council and the Irish government. Patently more...
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Internet CommentatorEvery Cloud... (26.10.2005, 09:53 UTC)
Now, I'm not normally one for peddling conspiracy-theories. Particularly those relating to the death of Diana Spencer in 1997 in a Paris car crash. Of her demise, one need only ask the question: Cui Bono? Irritant though she might have been to her former husband's family, it is hard to imagine her mother-in-law demanding to be "rid of this turbulent princess". And as for the latest suggestion that she was silenced before she could declare her, no doubt extremely influential, support for the Pale...
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Internet CommentatorParade of Philistines... (25.10.2005, 17:11 UTC)
Or acute observers of Imperial déshabillé? My sister alerted me to Matthew Baldwin's entertaining collation of comments, by some unimpressed reviewers, on some of the books from Time magazine's list of 100 best novels since 1923. Based on aperçus such as this assessment of Go tell it on the mountain: If the book was written differently I probably would have found it enjoyable. I'm leaning to the former
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Internet CommentatorGuardian more partisan than NYT (20.10.2005, 16:47 UTC)
Noted by Irish Eagle: Two differing headlines about U2's attitude towards political fundraising (by Rick Santorum and Hillary Clinton) coinciding with their concert tour. The Guardian: U2 sing out against Republican's plans to bolster fighting fund at stadium gig The New York Times: U2 Moves to Distance Itself From Concert Fund-Raising
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Internet CommentatorBlimey! (20.10.2005, 16:42 UTC)
Imagine if your printer included a secret code on your documents to help the government track you down. Not far-fetched at all. [via Marginal Revolution]
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Internet CommentatorSurely not? (20.10.2005, 14:31 UTC)
Who came up with this line to advertise the Spazz_G Everyday Wheelchair ? Have you been dreaming of that unique custom wheelchair that would not cost you an arm and a leg? [via MetaFilter]
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Internet CommentatorThe Broom (of Anger) is back! (18.10.2005, 15:51 UTC)
Only just noticed that Carrie is back blogging with a new URL, so apologies for a week long delay bringing this to your attention: I mean, who is this securocrat thing aimed at, anyway? Does anyone at this point in time really believe in securocrats? Are they not like Sinn Fein's anti-Santa Claus? The mean securocrats going in trying to tell Santa that SF have been bad all year and should only get coal for Christmas. Damn them! They're everywhere! It's gotten so over-played it's a parody of i...
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Internet CommentatorParadise Lost (18.10.2005, 08:42 UTC)
OK, time to get all Fay in Bray on yo' ass (albeit larded with pretentious allusions). Dundalk's answer* to Paris' Champs Elysee, The Long Avenue (aka Avenue Road) intersects with the misleadingly titled Inner Relief Road which up until a few weeks ago formed part of the route from Dublin to Belfast. As can be imagined, there used to be quite a significant tailback up to this roundabout on all directions, particularly during the rush hours. And then the By Paso opened. Bliss it was indeed to be ...
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Internet CommentatorOMG indeed (17.10.2005, 15:54 UTC)
I can't believe that Tony Allwright, in all seriousness... This shallow, infantile blog is an easy read and sometimes faintly amusing. But it gives no sense whatsoever of any serious thinking going on inside her brain. If you didn't know otherwise, you would assume it's a teenager full of the joys of growing up. Does America really want a juvenile like this, who can't even master primary school spelling and writing, sitting for life interminable on its Supreme Court? If I were American i...
Link | Author: Frank McGahon | Clicks: 0
Internet CommentatorGusto (17.10.2005, 11:55 UTC)
Abiola Lapite offers an interesting twist on the widespread notion that with great power comes grating art-sensibility. it isn't that absolute power corrupts even one's aesthetic sensibilities, but that it is those with crude sensibilities who tend to go all out for power in the first place, not sophisticated aesthetes This does a better job of explaining the disparity between the respective artistic legacies of Nazi Germany* and Fascist Italy. Of course, Il Duce was a brutish oaf and no arbit...
Link | Author: Frank McGahon | Clicks: 0
Internet CommentatorShouldn't that be Dr EP MD? (13.10.2005, 10:48 UTC)
Dr Young MD reports on the long-term effects of breakdancing: For years, many subjects had thrown their hands in the air without exercising the proper care.
Link | Author: Frank McGahon | Clicks: 0
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