World Art News at IrishArt.comPicasso and Chagall Stolen (24.12.2005, 23:27 UTC)
A Picasso and a Chagall have been stolen from a Palm Desert gallery. The Picasso, "Femme Regardant par la Fenetre," is a 1959 linoleum cut in shades of brown and black of a nude woman reclining and looking out a window, printed by the artist and worth about $53,000. The Chagall, a 1964 lithograph titled "The Tribe of Dan," is a multicolored religious work in blues, yellows and reds, also printed by the artist. It illustrates one of a series of 12 stained glass windows Chagall made for an Israel...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comHitler's Art On eBay (23.12.2005, 01:10 UTC)
Original watercolour paintings by Adolf Hitler are selling for thousands of pounds on the Austrian page of the eBay auction website. A painting entitled München (Munich), bearing the signature of the Nazi dictator and described by the seller as a rarity, was put up for auction for £1,400. Another, Bad Gastein, sold for more than £3,000. Hitler had ambitions to become an artist but was turned down by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts before leading the Nazis. Irish Art
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World Art News at IrishArt.comChristie's Top In French Art (22.12.2005, 01:10 UTC)
Christie's International, the auction house owned by French billionaire François Pinault, racked up more sales in France than any other house for the third year in a row, Bloomberg reports. Christie's had French sales of €115 million ($136.7 million) in 2005, up thirty-three percent from €86.4 million ($102.7 million) last year. It is now selling 2.6 times more art in France than Sotheby's Holdings Inc., the second-highest selling auction house. The gap highlights the opposed t...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comTate Intrigue For Turner Art (21.12.2005, 08:07 UTC)
The Tate went to remarkable lengths to gain the support of the government and the courts before paying out £3.1m to help recover two stolen Turner paintings, it has been revealed. The new details come in a dossier of documents, dated April 2000 and released this week, which relate the moves taken by Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota to regain the paintings. The documents show that the Metropolitan police and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport were both involved in the planning. Mor...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comRolf Paints The Queen (20.12.2005, 01:50 UTC)
Television artist Rolf Harris has unveiled his portrait of the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The portrait, commissioned to mark the monarch's 80th birthday next year, is said to be an "impressionistic", rather than a "photographic", representation. "I'm not making any claims that this is the greatest painting in the world," said Harris, who trained as an artist, "I've done the best I can." Irish Art
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World Art News at IrishArt.comMunch Raiders Captured (19.12.2005, 18:49 UTC)
Six people have been indicted in the August 2004 theft of the still-missing Edvard Munch masterpieces The Scream and Madonna, a Norwegian national prosecutor said today. Masked gunmen grabbed The Scream and Madonna from the Munch Museum in Oslo on August 22, 2004, in front of stunned visitors. Despite an international search and promises of a reward the works have yet to be recovered. The paintings are among Munch’s best-known works. The four versions of The Scream have become 20th centur...
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World Art News at IrishArt.com2 Ton Moore Sculpture stolen (18.12.2005, 08:05 UTC)
A Reclining Figure - a giant bronze statue worth £3 million by the late British sculptor Henry Moore has been stolen from the Henry Moore Foundation near London, possibly for scrap value. Two vehicles entered the courtyard of the museum and three men then loaded the sculpture, measuring more than 3 metres and weighing 2 tonnes, on to the back of a truck using a crane. The theft was captured on CCTV, police say, but revealed that, despite the sculpture's high value, the melted-down metal mi...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comArt Expert "Chimped" (17.12.2005, 01:07 UTC)
A German art expert was duped into believing a painting done by a chimpanzee was actually painted by a respected artist. Dr Katja Schneider, director of the State Art Museum in Moritzburg, Saxony-Anhalt, suggested the painting was by Guggenheim Prize winning artist Ernst Wilhelm Nay. Dr Schneider said: "It looks like an Ernst Wilhelm Nay. He was famous for using such blotches of colour." But in reality, the painting was made by female chimpanzee Banghi, from Halle Zoo. According to zoo workers,...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comErotic Orgasm Art (16.12.2005, 01:30 UTC)
A video of a woman masturbating is going on display at the Tate Modern art gallery. Berlin-based artist Dorothy Iannone is said to "celebrate erotic love" in her work. She is the first artist selected for a new one-metre square art space at the flagship gallery. The video, entitled I Was Thinking of You, shows the face of the American-born artist masturbating. The Wrong Gallery, in which the video is being shown, is a tiny exhibition space which can only been seen through a locked glass do...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comMona Lisa Smile De-coded (15.12.2005, 11:37 UTC)
It's kept art lovers amazed for five centuries, but the secrets of Mona Lisa's famous smile have finally been decoded - by a computer. The painting, by Leonardo Da Vinci, was analysed at the University of Amsterdam using "emotion recognition" software. It found that the woman in the picture was 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful and 2% angry. The computer looked at features like the way her lips curved and crinkles around her eyes. The famous art work, which is on public display in the Lou...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comBiggest Art Fraud of 20th Century (13.12.2005, 01:06 UTC)
Between 1986 and 1994, Myatt churned out more than 200 new works by surrealists, cubists and impressionists, passing them off as originals with the help of an accomplice, John Drewe, an expert at generating false provenances. Despite the fact that many of Myatt's paintings were laughably amateurish (they were executed in emulsion, not oil), they fooled the experts and were auctioned for hundreds of thousands of pounds by Christie's and Sotheby's. It was, said Scotland Yard's art and antiques sq...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comSaatchi Art Swarms To Chelsea (12.12.2005, 01:20 UTC)
Art collector Charles Saatchi's new gallery, at The Duke of York's Building in Chelsea, opens in April with a Tessa Farmer collection entitled 'Swarm'. The appropriately named Farmer has harvested the wing parts from countless little beasties, and glued them to delicate twig skeletons to form 'evil fairies'. After being kicked out of County Hall a few months back, Saatchi has remained tight-lipped on possible new locations until recently announcing a move to Chelsea. Continuing his tradition fo...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comIrish Art Auction Records (11.12.2005, 01:20 UTC)
No one can doubt the continuing strength of Northern Irish art in the market place. Certainly not after Ross's, Belfast last art sale of the year. Top price at sale was £19,000 paid for a Basil Blackshaw while a small Wm Conor went under the hammer at £11,000. George Campbell, £7,000 and Colin Davidson (our top tip for collectors to buy in 2006) fetched £6,800.World record prices were achieved at James Adams' Irish Art auction in Dublin this week totalling £2.2million. ...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comTitian Fails To Sell (10.12.2005, 01:05 UTC)
A painting by the Italian master Titian failed to sell at auction Thursday, despite bidding that reached $6.5 million. Bidding for "Portrait of a Lady and Her Daughter" was less than the minimum price required. The Italian master began the painting, which is believed to show his daughter, Emilia, and one of his grand-daughters, but never completed it. After his death in 1576, one of his less-skilled pupils reworked the canvas to tell a biblical story. It was retitled "Tobias and the Angel" and...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comAunt 's £26m Van Gogh Gift (9.12.2005, 01:10 UTC)
An Italian man given a painting by his aunt 50 years ago has reportedly found out it's a £26 million Van Gogh masterpiece. The man, from Milan, who has spoken to media on condition that his identity is kept secret, said he only found out he had Van Gogh when a friend who is an art expert came round for dinner. The friend saw the painting hanging on the wall and immediately realised it was a Van Gogh. But the man has yet to reveal what the painting is other than to say it is "a painting of ...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comFound Titian to fetch $5m (8.12.2005, 01:13 UTC)
A rediscovered Titian painting is expected to fetch more than £5m when it is auctioned in London. Portrait of a Lady and her Daughter was not seen for more than 400 years before it was found in a London garage. The picture, which will be sold by Christie's tomorrow, needed 20 years of restoration work before it was displayed in public in 2001. Titian never completed the work of art but it was reworked by one of his pupils after his death in 1576. It is thought to depict Titian's daughter E...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comShed Art Wins Turner (7.12.2005, 01:09 UTC)
An artist has won the £25,000 Turner prize by dismantling a shed and putting it back together. Simon Starling’s art work, Shedboatshed (Mobile Architecture No 2), started life as a wooden shack in the Swiss town of Schweizerhalle. The 38-year-old Glaswegian took the shed apart, turned it into a boat and sailed it seven miles down the Rhine to Basel, where he rebuilt it. Bookies' favourite Starling said the work represented "the physical manifestation of a thought process". Curators a...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comBoss Art Award Spurns Painters (6.12.2005, 01:10 UTC)
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation announced the finalists for its Hugo Boss Art Prize this week. The $50,000 art award, named for the German men's wear company that sponsors it, is given every two years to an artist whose work represents a significant development in contemporary art. This year's finalists are an international sampling of today's trendiest artists. The group is heavily tipped toward performance art - none of the finalists are painters.For the full story - click the title Iris...
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World Art News at$12m Pollock Painting Stolen (5.12.2005, 01:10 UTC)
Artworks by Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol have been stolen from a museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the early hours of Friday morning. The 1949 Pollock oil painting, Springs Winter, was on loan from a private collector and is estimated to be worth about $11.6 million (£6.7m). Thieves broke a glass door at the back of the Everhart Museum, officials said. Surveillance cameras were not working at the time of the robbery and police said they had no immediate leads.For the full story - clic...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comHockney's Personal Art (4.12.2005, 12:07 UTC)
For five decades David Hockney has immortalized his friends and family on canvas and on paper. Yet while his portraiture has been the subject of an art book, it has never been brought together for a dedicated show—until now. The National Portrait Gallery in London announced yesterday that it was working with the artist on an exhibition designed as a highlight of its 150th anniversary celebrations next year. The show, in the second half of 2006, will span fifty years of the Bradford-born a...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comMary Cassatt Painting Record (4.12.2005, 01:10 UTC)
The work Mother and Two Children, oil on canvas, 1906 by Mary Cassatt sold for $4,272,000 at Christie's Important American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture auction in New York. This is world auction record for an oil painting by Mary Cassatt. The American modernist market has been gaining considerable strength in recent seasons. With the rapid growth in the postwar and contemporary market, collectors who traditionally have bought in this category are showing increased interest in American mode...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comEdible Art Exhibition (3.12.2005, 13:11 UTC)
A new art show at a Brighton art gallery gives visitors the chance to eat the exhibits. The Lost Apple Field at the Brighton Fringe Basement features 700 varieties of apples. It's part of an art exhibition funded by the British Council looking at how people have lost touch with traditional farming. Artist Andre Viljoen said: "It makes the point that although there is discussion about choice, the reality is that there is very little choice." He said there are 2,000 varieties of apple in the coun...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comTate Art Trouble (2.12.2005, 02:30 UTC)
These are troubled times for the Tate. Behind the scenes, the critically-acclaimed series of 13 paintings, said to be Ofili's take on the Last Supper, is at the centre of a row that has engulfed some of the biggest names in Britain's artistic establishment. At the heart of the affair is the fact that, when The Upper Room was purchased from him for £705,000 earlier this year, Ofili was himself a Tate trustee. This, critics say, represents a major conflict of interest. The matter is so serio...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comArt Creativity = Sexual Success (1.12.2005, 01:32 UTC)
Pablo Picasso, Lord Byron and Dylan Thomas had more in common than simple creativity. They also had active sex lives, which researchers said on Wednesday was no coincidence. Psychologists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Open University in Britain found that professional artists and poets have about twice as many partners as other people. Their creativity seems to act like a sexual magnet. But Dr Daniel Nettle, a psychologist at Newcastle University's School of Biology...
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World Art News at IrishArt.com9 Inch Art Worth A Million (30.11.2005, 17:53 UTC)
A diminutive sculpture by Henry Moore yesterday sold at auction for more than £1 million. Mother and Child, described by the iconic sculptor as "one of my best earlier pieces", was snapped up for £1,069,600 at Bonhams in London. It was sold to a private collector and smashed the world auction record for a carving by Moore. The sculpture was carved in 1931 using the finest marble - verde di prato - and is just under 9in tall. It was initially purchased soon after Moore's exhibition at ...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comMafia Informer Stole Caravaggio (29.11.2005, 02:07 UTC)
Art lovers in Sicily are appealing to a mafia informer serving a life term in prison to reveal the hiding place of a stolen Caravaggio worth an estimated £20m. They believe Francesco Marino Mannoia knows the location of the Nativity with Saints Francis and Lawrence, which was cut from its frame in the San Lorenzo oratory, Palermo, in 1969. Mannoia, a heroin refiner whose mother, sister and aunt were murdered by the mafia after he turned state's evidence, has admitted taking part in the the...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comTate Art Is Epoch Defining (28.11.2005, 02:06 UTC)
Walking into Tate Modern's Turbine Hall this winter is set to become an epoch-defining moment. It seems at first that the vast space has been filled with thousands of blocks of ice rising vertiginously above you - looking as if at any moment they might come toppling down. Welcome to Embankment, the latest large-scale sculpture by Rachel Whiteread. Walking into its corridors, between the towering whiteness, has the effect, so beloved of the Romantics, of making you feel microcosmic. It does not,...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comRussian Art Forgery Shock (27.11.2005, 01:37 UTC)
The discovery of forged paintings and the arrests last month of a Moscow art dealer and her husband are raising concern among collectors that fakes are inundating the profitable and fast-growing Russian art market. The couple denies the charges. They say they were framed by an organized crime group. Police are investigating 10 paintings considered forgeries that were together priced at more than $2 million. What is unnerving collectors is that one of the fakes has an authenticity certificate si...
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World Art News at IrishArt.comArt Collector Sues For Millions (26.11.2005, 01:13 UTC)
An amateur art collector is taking the Van Gogh Museum to court to challenge its verdict that a painting he bought for 2480 ($6149) in a flea market is a fake. The 47-year-old Frenchman, who believes the picture is genuine, is asking a court in Bordeaux to order the museum in Amsterdam either to confirm that Les Laboureurs is an authentic piece by the Dutch master, or to pay him damages of 4 million, the amount he claims he could have sold it for at auction. The battle between the school cante...
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World Art News at"Sex Slaves" Art Exhibited (25.11.2005, 12:37 UTC)
An art exhibition opened in Tokyo of paintings by former "comfort women," depicting the pain they suffered as sex slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army. The 24 art works, on display at the Women's Active Museum on War and Peace in Shinjuku Ward, were done by former sex slaves who live at Nanum House, which means shared house in Korean, near Seoul. They studied art under volunteer teachers. One painting,"Innocence Stolen" depicts a naked girl lying beside a Japanese soldier with her hands co...
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