Something Interesting Happens Every Daydjing.. (11.2.2006, 21:49 UTC)
This DJing gig has had an interesting affect on the music I listen to, as I’m kinda forced to go seek out songs from bands and genres I wouldn’t normally be associated with by my friends (or indeed, by myself) and I do feel like I should be 14 sometimes with some of the music that I play - but then again, I don’t play anything that I wouldn’t dance to or don’t like, so I guess that’s a good thing. We’ve been dressing up too, and at the moment I’...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayAlternative Eden February 12th (10.2.2006, 23:26 UTC)
Alternative Eden rears it’s head again this weekend, and I’ll be playing some damn good music in celebration of my impending birthday. I’ve no idea what we’re wearing yet, but just in case you weren’t there last month, this is how myself and Anna looked by the end of the night. all packed up and ready to go home… Previous looks have included ClownPunk and a take on A Clockwork Orange.. . Someone suggested Bosco for this month, but I’m not sure I
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayIn case you’ve forgotten (10.2.2006, 01:58 UTC)
This is what I look like: I’ve discovered that I have a #1 fan : I live here: more or less anyways, somewhere behind those houses that are on the waterfront. But I see this view coming home every day, and some other spectacular views every morning going to work. I live there with Fiona and also Anna Lee: and we spend time together or by our lonesomes in places like this: and I have a secret love of staircases:
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayI feel a little famous (9.2.2006, 21:40 UTC)
I was in my local Super Value earlier, and the (rather cute) guy on the till recognised me from this very blog. How rather odd, yet oddly pleasing too. Maybe it was the way he snuck the question in between asking if I needed a bag and asking me to sign the card slip. It did make me good though. So Ian (well, that’s what the receipt told me your name was), if you read this, Hello! Thanks for reading. On the subject of paying for things by card - I’ve become quite a fan of my laser ...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayTori official bootlegs (9.2.2006, 13:22 UTC)
I have quite a lot of unofficial Tori Amos bootlegs, and I didn’t have cash for when the Official Boots were released, but I’m tempted just because the quality puts all the actual bootlegs to shame. Just saw the Manchester one up on iTunes Music Store which was the show that I had a ticket for, but ended up selling as I was rather broke. But honestly, I’m still not convinced that I want to buy the official bootlegs. Can any of you Tori fans out there convince me otherwise? e...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayAnd then there were six (9.2.2006, 12:28 UTC)
I appear to have just acquired another job, sort of as a favour for a friend. Raeny is currently the bar manager of Club Aras na nGael, and just rang to see if I’d be able to work one shift a week for her from March onwards. Which will be grand. As it is, I’m working 5 (ish) jobs, none of which are full time hours. But the teaching hours will dry up over the summer, obviously, so I’ll need a little extra cash in my pocket. It’ll be interesting to have to speak Irish at w...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayIrish Bloggers Meme (9.2.2006, 11:56 UTC)
There’s a meme doing the rounds of the Irish blogs, but since I’ve been pretty much out of action on the blogging front for the last while, I thought I’d do the meme as a sort of re-introduction. Oh, yes, this means that I have internet at home again, but for how long? Who knows. Anyways, here are the questions, and following the cut, my answers. Gender: Age: (1-18; 19-30; 31-45; 46-60; 60+) Nationality: Country of residence: Sexual Orientation: Do you have a disability...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayDisney “princesses” and female representation (9.2.2006, 00:52 UTC)
So tonight in the pub we got into an argument about Disney “Princesses” and Alex (a.k.a. Lesbian Misogynist) kept pushing for Jessica Rabbit (was she even Disney?) and myself and Dan (gay boys) were pushing for Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (only slightly prejudiced by thinking that Aladdin was the hottest Disney guy like, ever..) as she had personality, intelligence and beauty, and the straight girl was gunning f0r Ariel from the Little Mermaid. so, who’s your favourite and...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayAnna Lee - Cold Silver (8.2.2006, 14:58 UTC)
available for download from People In The
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayThe Boy Lacks Patience - Ill Advised. (3.2.2006, 20:34 UTC)
I got into The Boy Lacks Patience after Dan kept pimping him out on his LJ. After downloading one track I was hooked. This is a boy who knows how to write a catchy song: Cross The Border is simply fantastic, and is the album opener on this his first release. I must say, I was very impressed with the quality of the design and the packaging - it looks a lot better than a few CD’s I’ve bought from more established (not pointing any fingers at The Beekeeper, honest.) This quality is ref...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayBanaphoblacht 5th Birthday (1.2.2006, 18:36 UTC)
Banaphoblacht, uploaded by ebby it was the 5th Birthday of the wonderful Banaphoblacht last Monday. Anna was asked to be one of the performers for the night, and it was rather good. I have photos but they’re on a traditional camera, and the roll’s not finished. Anna’s playing tonight in deBurgo’s too - been getting a few gigs around Galway recently, which is good. I uploaded a very rough, unfinished version of the company website today - I just got sick of not having ...
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Something Interesting Happens Every Daycustomer feedback forms.. and the Value of X (27.1.2006, 22:05 UTC)
One of my workplaces is surveying our customers to assess various aspects of the service etc.. which is normal enough I guess, only they scheduled it over the same time period as introducing a new menu (mostly just new additions to the menu) and then this week, a whole new till system for us to contend with. Nice. Add to that, the fact that today - my first day since the new tills were put in - we were shortstaffed. Not a good work day all in all. That said, I did actually go and get my hair...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayAnna Lee 5 track EP (25.1.2006, 13:29 UTC)
I’m currently working closely with Anna on her debut release, which is going to be a 5 track EP, as yet untitled, with the rough tracklisting as follows: 1. Kiss 2. Lost In The Shadows 3. Raven 4. Wasted 5. Lullabye I got some samples from which I was very pleased with, so they’re going to be the people we go to for the pressing of this EP, and hopefully all will go well. They’re an Irish company, and Dry County used them for their Nothing Stays In Place EP. Dry C...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayIreland + Broadband = Headache (25.1.2006, 11:19 UTC)
Do you have any idea how hard it is for us to get broadband in our house? Seriously, it’s beyond a joke at this point. While I realise that we’re not making it very easy, what with not having a phone line at the moment (and none of us even thought to check for one or think about needing one as we’re all reliant on our mobile phones) and living in the Claddagh where the signal from Irish Broadband is so damn weak. .. Anyways, in detail: I wanted Irish Broadband, as they&#821...
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Something Interesting Happens Every Dayour late christmas at home (17.1.2006, 00:01 UTC)
We had a late christmas this year, and this photo is from our “christmas morning”
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Something Interesting Happens Every Daythe G hotel (8.1.2006, 11:48 UTC)
One evening over the Christmas period, my brother and my parents decided they were going to see the recently opened G Hotel here in Galway, as my brother studies interior design, and the G was reportedly stunning inside, and was designed by Phillip Treacy - the milliner. The place is absolutely stunning inside, and the prices of the cocktails are also rather stunning, but nevertheless, it’s well worth taking a walk around, and having a drink at the bar, just to feel like you really can af...
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Something Interesting Happens Every Daywhy why why (6.1.2006, 22:52 UTC)
why am I always surrounded by lesbians? It’s odd. I’ve had a really really shitty few days. But I got my laptop back today. (they’re talking about lesbian sex and complaining about bad experiences with people farting while someone’s going down on them. . charming) I had a whole long post in my head earlier. But, Irish Broadband were over testing to see if they could set up our broadband, and we’ve no good signal.. hmm shite. (now it’s about female ejacula...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayMy 2005 in review (3.1.2006, 17:21 UTC)
1)Was 2005 a good year for you? On the whole, no. 2) What was your favourite moment of the year? I dunno, there were a few times hanging with Ben and June. .. on the clifftop getting drunk for Echo’s birthday … 3) What was your least favourite moment of the year? There were a few, which I’ve nicely pushed aside. 4) Where were you when 2005 began? I was in Cardiff, visiting Kali and her girlfriend,. 5) Who were you with? I was hanging around with Kali’s girlfrien...
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Something Interesting Happens Every Day@forumz photography competition (3.1.2006, 17:10 UTC)
It appears that I’m in the lead in the first @forumz photography contest. I only entered one photo, when I could have entered 3 - but I only really entered out of the spirit of competition, never expecting to make the final, let alone do rather well. It surprised me yesterday when I came back online after a week off, to find my photo in the Final 3. The poll closes shortly, and is only for @forumz members, so there’s no need to go over looking for it unless you’re an @forumz m...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayOne Week to go (2.1.2006, 17:22 UTC)
This day next week we’re playing the Roisín Dubh in Galway. I’ve most of the week off work, after working a hell of a lot over Xmas and New Years, so we’ve a little bit of time to practice, practice, practice. Hopefully we’ll have a bass player and a drummer for the gig too, which would be splendid. There is a plan to record the whole gig, and if that does happen then you can expect the best of the night to be made available either as a live CD or for download. So...
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Something Interesting Happens Every Daylittle xmas post (26.12.2005, 20:05 UTC)
andy posted this photo of me amongst a lot of other photos he uploaded today. I’d forgotten it even existed. Anyways, Happy Christmas / Yule / Hanukkah / Non-Demoninational Holiday of your ChoiceTM Arron didn’t bring me back snow from Prague - I’m quite disappointed. He did, however, bring back a whole load of alcohol, including a family of absinthe bottles. Raeny took photos, but I didn’t quite manage to get them off her before my hard drive failed on my laptop. It...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DaySmells Like Queen Spirit (4.12.2005, 21:25 UTC)
here’s a gallery of (bad) photos from the Smells Like Queen Spirit night in Eden last month, which I was DJ for. I didn’t take the photos, just in case people are wondering. I only noticed them as I went in search of the photos from last wednesday Alternative Eden, which I was also the DJ for.
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Something Interesting Happens Every Dayhousemates from heaven (29.11.2005, 17:36 UTC)
I really really love my housemates at the moment. I was sitting in this here café (with free wireless with every purchase - nice) yesterday with Fi, helping her to buy herself an iBook. From there we went home, and lazed about having dinner listening to music and chatting with the third housemate Anna. Somehow this all descended into playing Hide and Seek for a good half an hour before bed. Hiding places included behind curtains, inside wardrobes, under tables, holding duvets in front of o...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayKAL Case - Katherine Zappone and Anna Louise Gilligan (26.11.2005, 21:58 UTC)
The KAL Case Dr. Katherine Zappone and Dr. Ann Louise Gilligan are both women and Irish citizens. They live in Ireland . Dr. Zappone is a public policy research consultant and member of the Human Rights Commission. Dr. Gilligan is an academic and works as a lecturer at St. Patrick’s College, Dublin. They have lived together as a de facto couple for 23 years, and are both salaried income earners and joint owners of a family home and one other property in Ireland. In April, 2001 Katherine...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayPeople In The Moon Records launch night (22.11.2005, 12:37 UTC)
Kevin emailed Gugai of the Roisín Dubh in Galway about the possibility of holding a launch night for our record label in the Roisín at the start of January, and Gugai responded saying he’d hold January 9th for us. So, put that date in your diary, and come along to the Roisín Dubh on that date to see Kevin Brett, Anna Lee, myself and possibly my brother David also performing. We will hopefully have a sampler CD with tracks by each artist available at the venue too. Anna Le...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayI’ve been busy. (20.11.2005, 21:31 UTC)
Aside from working (last count) 5 jobs, and getting the new house all sorted, I’ve had my mind on other things too (lots of things up my sleeve). Suffice to say, I’ve still not managed to sort out internet at home yet, but mostly because my landlord is on holidasy all month, and I can’t get it installed without his permission. natch. Anna’s been playing a lot of gigs here in Galway, and I’ve played a few gigs too, and have just started DJing a gay alternative m...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DaySleepytime (24.10.2005, 23:38 UTC)
   I’m back in Galway, after surviving a horrible 5hour bus journey - trust me to get the bus that’ll get caught in Dublin rush hour traffic and spend the best part of an hour trying to get down the quays to Heuston station. Typical. Nevertheless, these things happen. After noticing a post by Lindsey, I downloaded Flock, which I’m currently using to browse the net, and post this little bit. I’m gonna see if it works, then I’m going to bed. I kinda like th...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayStudio time.. (24.10.2005, 15:04 UTC)
This weekend was spent in Bournmouth again - well, more or less. I arrived late on Saturday, and went out for a few drinks with Lynne, and spent all of Sunday in a recording studio laying down the piano parts for that band. It’s coming together ok, and I think the guys are happy with it. As for whether or not the piano is very “me” - I’d say not really. But I knew that when I was approaching the project, and one of the reasons I said I’d do it was to diversify the ...
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayThe Guggenheim Grotto - Waltzing Alone (21.10.2005, 13:05 UTC)
I finally purchased the debut album by The Guggenheim Grotto, who’ve I’ve posted about previously, but believe me - the purchase of their album eclipses the joy of discovering the band. The CD packaging alone made me giddy with joy, which probably a good thing for them to hear, as the the first five pages of the enclosed booklet is a reprint of a discussion on CD Packaging posted on Speak Up, and online community devoted to Graphic Design, which debates the merit of the CD and it
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Something Interesting Happens Every DayKing of the Mountain Video Premier (14.10.2005, 18:58 UTC)
The video for King of the Mountain will premier on Channel 4 tomorrow evening, Saturday 15 October : 10:40pm - 10:45pm. Edit: The video is now available on Kate I’m not a huge fan of the video, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think it’s a patch on some of Kate’s previous videos, but it has a sense of humour at least.
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