caoimhebMichael Blowhard has some ruminations on the Scott... (9.1.2006, 11:35 UTC)
Michael Blowhard has some ruminations on the Scottish Enlightenment contra the French over at 2 Blowhards. His analysis, along with Himmelfarb and David Denby, is that the Scottish Enlightenment was great while the French was crap:Most of these men were "natural philosophers," taking on economics, science, aesthetics, psychology, politics, and philosophy itself. These weren't wacko poseurs or radical theorists. They were practical men who were respectful of everyday experience (even religion); m...
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caoimhebTime to say goodbye (31.12.2005, 22:23 UTC)
Ah who'd have thought the last post would come this ...late?There are a variety of reasons why the blog and I are taking our leave, some of which are personal and wouldn't be of interest to you and others that are fairly practical.Anonymity wasn't really an option for me when I commenced writing a blog. I was knee deep in literature on qualitative research all of which indicated to me that the best approach for my thesis was to be very upfront about who I was and what I was interested in studyi...
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caoimhebChristmas Gift (28.12.2005, 12:34 UTC)
A Christmas Gift from the ever inspirational Maya Angelou. Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem Thunder rumbles in the mountain passesAnd lightning rattles the eaves of our houses.Flood waters await us in our avenues. Snow falls upon snow, falls upon snow to avalancheOver unprotected villages.The sky slips low and grey and threatening. We question ourselves.What have we done to so affront nature?We worry God.Are you there? Are you there really?Does the covenant you made with us still hold? In...
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caoimhebBill Biggart (27.12.2005, 15:04 UTC)
Many may have seen this before, I hadn't. Bill Biggart was the only photo journalist to die on Sept 11th. The compact flash card in his digital camera survived despite all the rest of his equipment being destroyed. When Chip East was handed the bag containing Biggart's gear by his widow, Wendy, he was convinced that no pictures had survived. The avalanche of falling debris had blown off the backs of the two film cameras. There were several rolls of film in Biggart's bag; however, the lids o...
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caoimhebNeverending illness (22.12.2005, 17:09 UTC)
The Blog and I... are sick. Very. Like many this side of the equator we are suffering severe flu symptoms. We were suffering severe flu symptoms as we finished typing up our three essays last Thursday. We were suffering severe flu symptoms as we flew to London (vomiting in the airplane toilet on the way, classy chick!). We suffered flu symptoms as we visited here and here aswell as some fairly odd bars around Hoxton Square and Brick Lane which were chock full of artists who made us feel ho...
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caoimhebVirtual mourning (14.12.2005, 21:35 UTC)
I'm in virtual mourning... This is the problem with good blogs, they demand time and attention that so many people don't have. I don't have that problem with my little green ranting vessel obviously ;op Alive's blog was highly unique, the Limerick Leader should have snapped him up ;o(
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caoimhebDear Dr.... (14.12.2005, 19:25 UTC)
Dear Dr. X Please excuse the fact that my assignment is far behind schedule....some eejit sent me this and stole hours of my life!
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caoimhebViral Entertainment (13.12.2005, 12:37 UTC)
When I was doing my degree in Multimedia I saw some pretty zany stuff produced by students. Just like film students, multimedia students given enough freedom and the right tools can produce some weird and wonderful stuff. Tracking down some viral marketing campaigns make me inclined to think that many of them may have a bright future ahead of them. Virgin Trains Elf Zapper 42 Below Vodka via
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caoimhebGreatest Leader (12.12.2005, 23:35 UTC)
Greatest Business Leaders of the 20th century One woman : selling warpaint Who would get your vote?
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caoimhebI'd like to register my extreme pissed offness... (12.12.2005, 12:15 UTC)
I took Sunday off of work to concentrate on getting through some of the mountain of work that I have to clear by this Friday if I want to swan off to London with a clear conscience. What happens? The DCU site plays havoc for the entire day. Never in six years have I seen that happen for an entire day. As a result I had no access to any of the electronic databases and was, without wanting to be reduced to vulgarity without any good reason, screwed. I'm delighted that I can now transfer thous...
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caoimhebRacial feuding down under? (11.12.2005, 23:09 UTC)
Perhaps I shouldn't be as surprised as I am to read about the racial feuding being reported in Australia. Somehow I always thought the Aussies were a lot more laid back when it came to that sort of thing. Obviously they've long had serious issues when it came to their treatment of the indigenous aboriginal community but beyond that I thought they all considered themselves somewhat of an immigrant race? Seems all the more worrying given the recent events in Paris.. and we thought terrorism w...
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caoimhebIcy looks (10.12.2005, 18:35 UTC)
Sadly it appears I was destined to be a judge on the Miss World panel rather than a contestant. After giving Miss Iceland my vote on the highly scientific poll over at UI the girl went and proved me right by winning it! Further more, how cool is a Miss World blogger...check out Unnur Birna's weblog* I notice she includes a link on the site which allows you to vote for her. It'd be really something if you could gauge how many of her votes came via her weblog! *Cautionary note : you may need a...
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caoimhebChristmas with Sufjan Stevens (9.12.2005, 13:20 UTC)
I'm a Christmas Carol freak so its with great delight that I discovered Sufjan Stevens' christmas mix via the coolest Christian on the block. Worth downloading.
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caoimhebSome day I will learn to iron......I promise (7.12.2005, 21:38 UTC)
The feminist debate has been interesting for a few reasons. I was surprised to read Auds' perspective on it all, I wouldn't have expected someone my own age to be so anti feminist. She made some interesting points and convinced me that I personally should probably extend my feminist reading to include writers with an alternative perspective. I've read a vast number of feminist texts and yet never sought out any books that argued against feminism. Until I do though I remain unconvinced b...
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caoimhebEh..I need to stop going over the atlantic on holiday!?! (6.12.2005, 13:14 UTC)
So my numerous trips to the USA and Canada have evidently impacted on my sense of direction in my own continent. I'm mortified by how I did on this Europe geography game.......although oddly, perhaps having recently seen a documentary on the country's booming film industry, I know exactly where Lithuania is!?!.. seriously though, all the slagging I've given yanky doodles and I can't place a scary number of eastern europe countries. Slovakia, Moldavia, Latvia, my friends....I'm coming to visit ...
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caoimheban unlikely example to follow... (5.12.2005, 16:14 UTC)
from the l'equipe collection Originally uploaded by marsupialman.It's cold, I have far too much work on, my credit card has just been pushed to max thanks to those kind people at Aer Lingus and I fear I may have faired rather mediocre in a test I should have breezed through. The mood is not the best.I know nothing about football however I was moved like many people by George Best's funeral on Saturday. What struck me the most was the apparent unity of the people of N.I. Perhaps there were occ...
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caoimhebWho's bright idea was a masters? (30.11.2005, 19:57 UTC)
A marketing presentation with a heavy weighting, a finance essay on corporate social responsibility and a seemingly impossible group project in accounting.....these are some of the things standing between the blog and I... I promise to inflict more inane ramblings on cyber space this weekend...
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caoimhebAre you aware of your rights..........your digital rights? (26.11.2005, 19:32 UTC)
100% compulsory listening If you blog, if you email, if you host, if you download, if you browse or if you just would like to be vaguely aware of your must listen to Tom Raftery's interview with the chairman of Digital Rights. favorite quote "We're not a bloggers trade union obviously...."
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caoimhebTake That...oh dear (25.11.2005, 11:49 UTC)
I feel 13 yrs old again... How am I going to go to this and not loose any cred? Its a bit like going to a musical I guess ....hmmm... I used to spend my weekends camped outside BBC studios in London. I used to play truant from school so I could go to Earls Court and get the best tickets. I used to take trains throughout half of England to go to concerts all over the country. I used to be a dangerously hormonal 13 year old girl.
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caoimhebWhistling the message (22.11.2005, 12:14 UTC)
I'm up to my eyes preparing a presentation on Sector Marketing (yes, how bloody broad a subject could we possibly have landed!) However, it appears I still have time to work towards spreading the message of safe sex to the young people of Ireland. Having been at work for about 4 hours this weekend the girl sat next to me suddenly turned to me. 'WTF?' she said. 'Are you trying to ensure none of us get pregnant while we're on the beer later tonight?' More than a tad surprised and confused I sat...
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caoimhebViral Protection??? (18.11.2005, 12:13 UTC)
I'm writing an essay (another one) on viral marketing using blogs as examples. In my online search for articles on viral marketing I came across this this . Worth a look. Also if anyone could recommend some names of the more respected and well established marketing blogs I'd be much obliged, this is a field I know next to nothing about.
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caoimhebVintage Footage (18.11.2005, 11:55 UTC)
Vintage footage of Marilyn Monroe & Joe Dimaggio playing golf
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caoimhebThis post may change your life (16.11.2005, 18:23 UTC)
I keep trying to force Microsoft Word to spell the word aptitude as 'apptitude'. Why is my brain so convinced and unwilling to accept that the word aptitude only has one letter 'p'? Could I have some disability or mental impairment? More importantly could I use the said disability/impairment to get an extension. I think not. These are the type of thoughts that cross the mind of a girl who has been sumo- wrestling with an essay for hours on end.
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caoimhebHappy Birthday DCU (15.11.2005, 11:57 UTC)
Dear DCU For all the times I could scream at your seemingly endless attempts to empty my poor student pockets, I wouldn't be as content in any other Dublin university, and having done the rounds I can make that statement with some certainty. You're only one year older than me but lets hope you have a far longer potential lifespan...... back to bitching about Free Trade Coffee being replaced by Starbucks as the on campus coffee outlet!! p.s check out these pictures for President von...
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caoimhebOverheard..At the wedding (14.11.2005, 12:48 UTC)
The best man at the wedding I attended last week started his speech with the witty statement: 'Thank god, for a moment I thought we were at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis!'. The main reasons for that remark were the number of references to FF whether in the form of guest attendants or telegrams sent. Of all those attending the FF ex minister for Foreign Affairs was possibly the most high profile. I happened to be standing in front of him when a relation of one of the couple came charging o...
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caoimhebYou're beautiful, it's true..... (12.11.2005, 13:07 UTC)
Courtesy of SK....Another version of the perfect beauty... Bizarre skulls Paracas graves have revealed some strange practices. On the left is a Paracas skull deformed by binding the growing head of an infant. The resulting domed head was considered beautiful. On the right is a skull with a hole made by a primitive, but apparently often survivable, surgical technique called trepanation. Photographed in the Museo Regional de Ica. I was at a wedding for the past two days up in Cabra ...
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caoimhebSometimes being a gal sucks (7.11.2005, 14:11 UTC)
On one side of the world I see someone I care about crying from the trauma of a secret bulimia disorder that they've kept hidden for years and are desperate to recover from. On the other side of the world I see a girl crying from having her mother force feed her and prevent her from vomiting in a bid to see her fit the 'big is beautiful' concept of beauty that is valued in her society. I wonder is there or has there ever been any society where no woman feels the need to fight against her bo...
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caoimhebHeroin in a little red box? (4.11.2005, 14:32 UTC)
My prescription pain killers have run out and as I'm waiting on a repeat prescription I decided to buy me some solpadeine. I don't usually buy pain killers, that of course is discounting my huge Lemsip habit that kicks in most winters (not bad this year on that front, touch my wooden desk). I'd normally only buy solpadeine if I was suffering a nightmare of a hangover. Intrigued at the fact that I was told it contains codeine I decided to have a little look for it on the net. This the UK grou...
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caoimhebPaying for an unslept night (4.11.2005, 11:35 UTC)
Thinkingoutloud is raging over spam texting from Hotels. I hadn't realised this was a new trend, how awful. She goes on to mention a standoff between her and a hotel receptionist over her refusal to provide an email address on check in.!!!! What kind of business is this? If you want to use our hotel we first insist on your private details so we can try and force some warped version of consumer loyalty onto you? I never have wonderful experiences in Irish hotels. Almost invariably there'll...
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caoimhebBlog of the Golden Arches (3.11.2005, 14:56 UTC)
A weblog dedicated to the McDonalds' 'experience' :Mcchronicles Try to contain yourself Janine! Steve Rubel points out that whilst McDonalds might not be reacting publically, they are reading it! It'd be interesting to see one or two Irish companies followed on such a close basis... One of the main features of eating at McDonald's is that consumers receive consistent service, consistent menu offerings, and consistent good quality. I really need to invite this guy around for dinner.........
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